Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
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jack 26. heinä 4.18 
treebear16 25. heinä 13.53 
@{Hv0k} After hitting the subscribe button, the files should be automatically downloaded. Check the bottom of the steam screen for a blue progress bar, or go to your downloads page.
mrmanlyheartguy 25. heinä 10.18 
that music at beginning and end O.O
gabrielckc 24. heinä 17.49 
You didn't mention the reactor in the mzulft storeroom.
[MxD] XILEXHD 24. heinä 10.30 
TheOneTrueVlad 24. heinä 1.53 
@Shadow Assassin - when you next run the game it will download and install automatically
Shadow 24. heinä 0.56 
im subscribed and im on windows 8 but i cant find a download button. This mod looks awesome and i really want to try it out.
Shadow 24. heinä 0.55 
how do i download this there is no download button?
Palinois 21. heinä 11.55 
Awesome mod, but my one complaint is that the Midas Tardis doesn't have a swimming pool!
JK, would be funny to have but not needed at all. A garden and library would be much appreciated though.
Kura 21. heinä 8.11 
Is it normal that the haste spell cost 397 magicka/ sec? i can't even use it :/
Thats not chocolate 20. heinä 23.05 
Where is the Riverwood trade one
[SLAM] Slaire 20. heinä 12.06 
OMG, I've always thougth the skyrim spells were a bit bland, and redundant, but this mod adds a whole lot more to them, thanks soooooo much. P.S. Love the Oblivion Midas Magic ;D.
Lonewarrior 20. heinä 9.31 
what one is the summon house spell?
PooCz 20. heinä 9.29 
Will using these spells increase my destruction level say I was using a Midas destruction spell?
diepie241 20. heinä 6.24 
diepie241 20. heinä 5.50 
i installed the mod where yo find the spells
diepie241 20. heinä 5.09 
mod not md
diepie241 20. heinä 5.09 
is there a md that we can spawn npc's
Sgt.Lusty 19. heinä 23.55 
i cant find the reactor at the trader! Plz help me!
Nikolaidima 19. heinä 19.26 
Nice mod although...a bound greatsword would be nice.
Maximan1112 18. heinä 12.47 
TalonFlame 17. heinä 11.22 
@Maximan1112 just subscribe and steam will do it for you, you can check data files in the skyrim launcher to see if its successfulling installed
Maximan1112 17. heinä 9.25 
how do you download the mod?
MS-DOS 6.22 15. heinä 21.17 
@Benyed It actually was a curse, because who would want to turn EVERYTHING they touch into gold? He couldn't control it, that's why the myth implies it was a curse. And it turned out to be tragic when he accidentally turned his living, healthy daughter into dead solid gold.

Before you want to come off as Mr. Smart Guy at least know the subject first.

Anyway can anyone answer my question on whether this mod is gamebreaking OP or not?
Mr. Diddles 15. heinä 12.03 
Midas touch would be a cool texture pack though.
TheGman 15. heinä 11.03 
I'm guessing there isn't a "turn things to gold spell" but it seems like there should be one seen as king midas that had the power (not curse) to turn everything he touched to gold.
Jawsbreaker🌊 14. heinä 17.42 
the cannon makes me crash.....
MS-DOS 6.22 14. heinä 13.09 
is this game breakingly OP?
Qwertopchicken 12. heinä 4.15 
i am having trouble with the summon shade lilch i have put everything in there and made shure the staff was at full charge but when i pull the lever it doesn't do anything all other spells i have tried have worked
Duntron_Awesome 10. heinä 10.46 
Erunai 9. heinä 17.04 
This mod is AMAZING! tysm for making it!!
mattquinn100 8. heinä 12.40 
this is great
dlaekdnlt123 8. heinä 10.39 
Ionicstorm95 7. heinä 14.01 
How do i craft the spell books?
Nick_Is_Moist 4. heinä 14.46 
how do you get more than just the novice spell book?
Mr.bombaclart 4. heinä 4.11 
where do i find rectoplasm
Kawai 3. heinä 0.09 
is there any mining spell?
Cayote Bongwater 2. heinä 10.59 
Idk if it's with this version or the updated 250+ spells one, but the unlimited souls perk doesn't work, i've unlocked it and tried restarting.
apocalypseMafia 1. heinä 23.27 
Amazing mod, a must-have for wizard lovers!!!
Azel of Ratonera 1. heinä 9.55 
is there a reason why the books appear as stoen in the riverwood trader?
where can i find all of these spelltomes can i buy them somewhere ? for a price ?
straycatslover45 30. kesä 9.24 
sweet mod thanks xilverbulet
Hoihe Dacino 29. kesä 13.20 
At last, it migrated to Skyrim from Oblivion.
Trout_Face 27. kesä 1.40 
i mean such

Trout_Face 27. kesä 1.40 
suck an amazing mod
Pyrosalsa 26. kesä 18.22 
☻/ Bob
/▌ Lives,
/ \ B******!!!
SmauG 26. kesä 17.45 
Best magic mod, it's a must have if you plan to play a wizard.
Sylar 26. kesä 5.09 
Can you somehow re-obtain the first "Midas Magic" book (the one located in the Riverwood trader)? I don't know how I lost it, but I don't have it anymore.
warzone 25. kesä 11.10 
whats a reactor version?
lumpyone55 24. kesä 18.57 
Such a great mod!