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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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Bruno 27 de Jul às 5:37 

Turn the subtitles on.
Sethkasketch 26 de Jul às 8:42 
Are the Blades supposed to be completely silent when I tell them I'm not killing Paarthurnax? They don't seem to respond to what I'm saying.
Dart Wing 21 de Jul às 1:22 
Thank you. You are like the cool older brother I never had. The one who would have tricked me into doing something stupid on my first playthrough, The one who would eventually help and take tips from me. Only this time, you returned the favor.
Mah Boi 22 de Jun às 18:39 
@ark play without armor
Ark 11 de Jun às 11:12 
I play in legendary and I am one shotting dragons left and right. No mods that increase my power or anything. I think this games gets to be way to easy once you reach level 90.
Bill Suckington 10 de Jun às 16:27 
i never wanted to kill paarthurax i am really glad some one thought the same :-)

NexUz 殺伐 31 de Mai às 14:48 
Thank you so much for this mod, it really was necessary. ;)
Yeazzel 26 de Mai às 17:54 
I always wanted to join the blades since I seen how awesome there armour was, but I could never bring myself to kill my Dragon Master and friend, now thanks to yee- I finally can! Thank you, you are my favorite author!
Qahnaarin 20 de Mai às 14:50 
Qahnaarin 20 de Mai às 14:49 
Qahnaarin 20 de Mai às 14:48 
I am sorry to say but I sadly had to unsub from this. The very first boss was kicking my ass! He was too strong and I couldn't kill him. It was like I did no damage to him at all. Sorry dude. I wouln't have unsubbed if I could actually do damage
Shairen The Wolf 12 de Mai às 23:34 
ah, I didn't realize that I was going to do something that bad D: thank you so much !!! really!
Arthmoor  [autor] 12 de Mai às 17:06 
Well I think in Skyrim's case they could be excused for being paranoid because the Thalmor DID wipe them all out. They were the only organization that could be any threat to them.

Delphine's fanaticism about resurrecting the Dragonguard was beyond all that though. The Blades hadn't been about that for centuries and it really didn't make a lot of sense to insist they go back to that, especially once Alduin was gone.
Victoryguard 12 de Mai às 5:02 
Is it me or did the Blades become worse with successive games, in Morrowind you had to play along but, in Oblivion they made a bad first impression which was never really appologised for and then by Skyrim they're genocidal maniacs? Shadows preserve us!
Arthmoor  [autor] 10 de Mai às 19:28 
Don't do that. Removing mods from an active playthrough is a great way to corrupt your save.
Shairen The Wolf 10 de Mai às 16:20 
QUESTION: if i remove the mod after this conversation is done, is everything alright or the blades will have bloodthirst again? XD (extra question not -really- related to the voice quest: I don't know what happened, but even if i went to visit the old dragon my charachter has forgotten the 3 words to walk fast foward exception for the very first one, any advice?
BlitzStriker 6 de Mai às 12:59 
yay, now i dont have to kill poor old Paarthurmax anymore.
shanK 2 de Mai às 0:08 
This mod works perfectly for me. Great job, Paarthurnax lives!
ender788 24 de Abr às 14:01 
i just killed them im so sick of how ruthless they are towards paarthurnax do they not know that hes the one who tuoght the three nord heros the way of the voice are they that blind?
jffyt 19 de Abr às 17:14 
I must be stupid, because I can't get this to work. I subscribed to this mod before I started a new character. The Blades tell me to kill P. I talk to P, use all the conversation options he has, leave him and go back to the Blades. There are no new dialogue choices for either Delphine or Esbern. The author says "you may need to be forceful" so I tried whacking Delphine. She's unkillable. Eventually she becomes hostile and attacks me on sight.
I weep. Any advice?
bob77088 8 de Abr às 13:17 
i downloaded this mod before i got the kill paarthurnax quest and now when i go to the throat of the world for the first time paarthurnax is not there. help me.
Connorama 23 de Mar às 19:54 
I have an issue. right after i say "we spare him" and i ask esbern for a dragon location, i go to the location and there is no dragon to be seen. help
Fort 21 de Mar às 12:50 
I have spoke to the grey beards and paarthurnax but when i go back to Esbern he doesnt say anything after his "about Paarthurnax" lines. i downloaded this mod after i started the "kill Paarthurnax" quest so i was wondering if this had anything to do with the fact that i cant go any further
Darkreed 19 de Mar às 4:57 
I really want this mod as I just reached the said stage of the quest, will it still work even if I install it now? (just tried convincing the blades with little success in vanilla)
Arthmoor  [autor] 17 de Mar às 14:03 
I would imagine it's because people like this one more? :P
Little Beast 17 de Mar às 7:50 
I'm wondering why this mod has almost 3k votes, while the "Paarthurnax Choices(+3)" mod, with 3, almost 4 choises of actions only have 112... It even beat this with 4 months.
TheMicronemesis 14 de Mar às 21:46 
Thank the gods! Finally I don't have to kill my own dragon buddy who helped me beat Alduin in the first place.
Captain MarthExer 9 de Mar às 8:39 
Paarthurnax is my friend he help me defeat Alduin =D
Hallowench 7 de Mar às 10:16 
Thank you so much for this!
Smooty 6 de Mar às 15:27 
After talking about how Paarthunax should die, there is no option. I talked to Esbern, and Delphine, and Paarthunax and i dont get another dialogue option...
Am I doing something wrong?
Der Harryge 23 de Fev às 10:38 
wow very nice work
Gboy193 21 de Fev às 18:48 
Oh, ok, I thought I was missing some sound files. Thanks!
Arthmoor  [autor] 21 de Fev às 15:42 
There is no audio, you need the subtitles on for that.
Gboy193 21 de Fev às 15:05 
So, am I the only one who didn't have any audio for the Conversation with Delphine to put your foot down, or is there even any audio?
BloodgodArmor 12 de Fev às 20:32 
I got it now.
The objective came later for some reason
Arthmoor  [autor] 10 de Fev às 12:14 
You didn't also go talk to Paarthurnax like the objective said to :P
BloodgodArmor 9 de Fev às 21:41 
I told the greybeards that I won't kill mPaarthunax, but when I went to Delphine and Asbern they don't respond after I say "About Paarthunax."
What's going on???
Shou 7 de Fev às 23:55 
I (try to) slay Delphine for fun. I hate her, she has a grudge against dragons that isn't hers. She did not experience the tyranny of Alduin. It was Paarthurnax who taught the men (and maybe mer) to shout. Without Paarthurnax's way of the voice, Alduin would have ruled until Paarthurnax did what he did.
Arthmoor  [autor] 7 de Fev às 11:56 
You should be fine. It'll just sit and wait patiently until it's time for Delphine to confront you.
SteelPhoenix78 7 de Fev às 9:28 
Is there any potential for problems if I have this set up to load well before I get to that point in the main quest? Or is it okay to go ahead & load it up now so it's ready when I get to that point? (My current game is at the point in the main questline right before I talk to Delphine about infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy.)
Evil 6 de Fev às 16:51 
Cenobite30 6 de Fev às 10:47 
Will I still be able to rercruit new members into the Blades after I choose not to kill Paarthurnax?
hylianfishfood 27 de Jan às 16:25 
no no he's fine...i got the quest to kill him but i've been ignoring it. now i don't have to..ican just reason w/the blades :P
Arthmoor  [autor] 27 de Jan às 16:10 
Nope. If you killed him, your decision has already been made and this mod will be useless to you.
hylianfishfood 27 de Jan às 13:24 
Thank you so much i have been putting off killing him for ages. My sweet dragon friend shall live to see another day. and several. and i can actually advance in Blades quests
Phoenix 24 de Jan às 10:04 
i feel that the Civil War questline was very unrealistic. i mean you wouldn't just take over one fort, and suddenly, you took over the city. And hte fact that they never tried to take them back was completely unrealistic. It should be more like if you took the fort, you would need to go into the city and take that over too. And if the enemy tries to take it back, a courier brings a letter saying that an army is marching onto X fort or Y city, and they give you a few days to get there in defense or, if you don't make it, they take it back over and you would need to go and take it back, but it would be harder to do than it was than the last time you took it over. Also, it would be cool if you didn't join a side, but made you own side in the war, or made a treaty that ended it without taking over everything without a war.
stonetomcat 24 de Jan às 9:31 
In vanilla, the blades were nothing but selfish, childish, and just generally insufferable. Bethesda has a habit of beginning engaging plotlines, but never "finishing" them. The Civil War questline was also pretty streamlined, but it at least gave the illusion of choice, even if the most prominent difference is your flag. They didn't flat-out end the questline right then and there for choosing the Imperials. In vanilla, this whole quest was a kick in the nuts. The undone quest for sparing him was just the icing on top.

I might sound mad, but I'm glad. I thank you for creating this mod, it fixes one of my main issues with Skyrim. It's just a shame that you had to program a mod for what should already be there.
cyka blyat [team heavy] 24 de Jan às 7:20 
the blades are cool but not paarthunax-level cool
DeadMaster 23 de Jan às 12:13 
cool just what i needed to save paarthanax
An option to kill Delphine instead would be nice....