The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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do I need to make a new character?
Arthmoor  [készítő] 20 órája 
It's especially difficult to find people who can impersonate the vanilla actors.
Zahnrad Stæmpunk szept. 30. @ de. 10:19 
LaserBorn, a lot of mods do that because the authors would need to get the voice actors to do additional dialog solely for the mod, it should give you the option but you won't hear anything as there's no dialog to be "spoken"
LaserBorn szept. 30. @ de. 3:03 
when i reasoned with delphine she didnt make a sound luckily i had subtitles on.
can anyone tll me why this may have happened
cobra6282 szept. 30. @ de. 1:26 
i remeber the first time the blades asked me to kill him i was like what the heck! he helped us
dxcg.eks szept. 29. @ du. 6:40 
More lore friendly than the actual game xD. Agreed, if you make a decision, the Blades should respect that decision!
juniper5334 szept. 29. @ du. 5:32 
btw i ment desc
juniper5334 szept. 29. @ du. 5:31 
i dont need no protecters after all i am dragonborn
juniper5334 szept. 29. @ du. 5:30 
after all i can banish daedra ther so why the heck not banish the blades
juniper5334 szept. 29. @ du. 5:29 
juniper5334 szept. 29. @ du. 5:26 
you didint put spoiler alert i red comments and i have to kill paarthurnax NUUUUUUUUUUUUU NOT MY TEACHER XD
Jonocat25 szept. 29. @ du. 2:29 
So this makes the Blades talk to you again without having to kill good ol' Paarthy?
Buuboo szept. 22. @ du. 5:50 
The Blades were way cooler n Oblivion.
ethan1218 szept. 19. @ de. 7:31 
for some reason,(i think its a bug) arngeir sill acts like i killed paarthurnax
SearingStar szept. 18. @ du. 9:13 
Thank you so much, I dislike the idea of leaving the blades or Killing Paarthumax, thanks for giving an option C, and only text dialogue, but still thanks :)
\DawnBreakeR/ szept. 17. @ du. 8:28 
@ Commander Dylan heh too ez. Satisfying but easy. Wanna know about a dragon fight that was challenging? The red-blue twin dragons that ambush you in the frozen lake and hid beneath the icy waters in the main Dawnguard storyline. That was so epic and nearly freaking impossible, especially in the legendary difficulty! XD
Zoron246 szept. 17. @ du. 4:18 
@ DawnBreakeR how was it fighting mario XD
Arthmoor  [készítő] szept. 17. @ du. 2:23 
Did you at least enjoy the fight with him and his students? :P
\DawnBreakeR/ szept. 16. @ du. 9:25 
Killed the sunova bitch. Worth it. Like that group of old religious cocksuckers would know any better. I am supposed to be the Dragonborn. I have the ability to kill dragons. Why would i spare that green winged hypocrite that turned on his own kind? Those old farts had me run around skyrim just because the dragonrend shout went against their stupid religious beliefs. At least the Blades gave me a whole set of weapons and dragonslaying blessing to fight.
Zoron246 szept. 13. @ du. 8:01 
i find it funny, it just proves the greybeards were right all along and that the blades are just using you to their own means. got it off nexus cause of the steam mod limit, awesome, but still hate that bitch delphine.
Icewolf szept. 12. @ de. 9:05 
Thank you so much for this mod! When the blades told me I had to kill Parthunax...... I would have shouted at them! XD
xenaever szept. 12. @ de. 2:44 
I cant seem to get it to work, I have the quest Kill Paarthurnax and have installed the mod. Have listened to Paarthurnax and the head Grey beard and then gone to talk to Emben and the other chick in Sky Haven. It wont give me the option to challenge them about him...what am I missing? It lets me ask About Paarthurnax but its the standard thing as to why he has to die, nothing else
Saker82 szept. 7. @ du. 8:44 
I know this might seem like an odd question but will this mod conflict with any of MadFrenchies' fight against the Thalmor mod series?
alixir szept. 2. @ du. 4:56 
Thank you so so so much !!!! I didn't want to kill him since as he said is it better to be born good or become good but i didn't want to never deal with the blades again. <3
Mirriepir aug. 30. @ de. 7:39 
Awesome, I was a little confused because there wasn't a '(Lie)' option, but I just clicked 'I have decided to spare him' and the ongoing conversation was very interesting. Good writing!
etrexler aug. 28. @ de. 12:45 
No,Wait! Wow! I went ahead and subscribed to this mod anyway after posting(below)about my concerns whether it would still work stacking on the "Paarthurnax Fix"mod that I'd used a couple of years ago. worked! I saw a new quest in my Quest Journal "Ask Esban about dragon lairs". I hadn't seen that before,so I thought what the hell,I might as well go over to Sky Haven and ask him. The dialogue with him opens the same way as before,me saying "About Paarthurnax..." but then an entirely different dialogue script opens up(unvoiced)allowing me to challenge the Blades about Paarthurnax! That's your mod,isn't it!!? Yay! Double Yay! How great are you?!! So,now I've done all the heretofore unavailable Blades Radiant Quests,picked up Dragonsbane(which I otherwise would have to steal),and killed a Dragon with my three Blade recruits. Marvelous. Thank you so much Arthmoor!
etrexler aug. 27. @ de. 12:37 
O.K. Thank you so much for the info Arthmoor! I guess I just have to let the Blade Radiant Quests go. No loss,really. I'm sorry I missed your mod when I was looking for help!
Arthmoor  [készítő] aug. 26. @ du. 10:53 
No, Paarthurnax Fix edits the same quest I do and they're fundamentally incompatible with each other because of it.
etrexler aug. 25. @ du. 9:40 
Does anyone know if this mod will stack with the Paarthurnax Fix mod? Which I had downloaded last year so that I could finish the MQ without killing Paarthurnax. If I subscribe to the Paarthurnax Dilemma now will it cause any problems?
DovahDog aug. 24. @ du. 4:51 
Etrexler- This mod is supssed to make you assert your authority as dragonborn over the blades. Once that's done Paarthurnax should be spared and the Blades will bend to your desire so you can continue their radiant quests. Also Paarthurnax gets some students to teach. I've never had any sort of problem with this mod. The earlier you download it for your game the better.
Angry Porto aug. 24. @ de. 8:33 
While I found Delphine's threat to kill the Dragonborn if he spares Paarthurnaxx a bit audacious, nevertheless, this mod is a fantastic and much needed slap-in-the-face for the otherwise stubborn Blades. Well done, and thank you.

Oh, and the Dragonborn's threat coupled with the thu'um shaking was perfect!
etrexler aug. 24. @ de. 2:19 
So,my question here is,does this mod help with post MQ problems with Esben and Delphine? I got a mod to change the dialogue with Esben and Delphine so that I could spare this dragon and finish the main quest with him still living. I have established the Blades in Sky Haven. I've brought three new recruits to the Blades. But when I ask Esben for the "Dragon Research" quest,or ask Delphine for the "Dragon Hunting" quest the only response I get from either one of them is "Paarthurnax must die". Is this mod a fix for that or not?
an actual bear aug. 22. @ du. 9:35 
I wish I had seen this mod before I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to kill and then resurrect him just right to make everyone happy >_>
Fox aug. 21. @ du. 9:15 
Lmao *ground shakes* nice touch, although, it clearly states in the main quest line that the dragon born can not actually speak the language of the dovah.
Fox aug. 21. @ du. 9:08 
@Niksan You are told to kill Paarthurnax after the main questline, you are still in the middle of it.
Dayison2 aug. 15. @ du. 6:48 
I had this mod pretty early on becuase I knew from the beginning I wouldn't want to kill him. Unfortunately, afterward I couldn't continue the dragon hunting quests. Esbern and Delphine won't take any reqruits. Suggestions?
Niksan aug. 12. @ du. 4:51 
So I found about this mod by doing some research. I realized that P would die by my hand, I saw it coming waaaaay before I even finished talking to him, but anyways when I talked to P and then the game told me to meet either the Greybeard or Esberen... I stopped and downloaded the mod. Then I opened Skyrim and loaded where I left off. I went to talk to Esberen because I thought he would tell me to kill P and I could say no to that. So the question is... did the mod work? I'm told to go to the Collge of Winterhold and Esberen can teach me a blessing, Dalphine was with him when I began talking but then left and I can't find her. So what is going on? I thought after talking to P, I would be able to talk to Esberen, Dalphine and the Greybeards... Please help so I would know if the mod is going to work or not.
donna.mahoney aug. 12. @ de. 9:34 
hmmm this mod doesn't seem right... oh wait you can already choose to let parthurnax live in the vanilla game but the blads hate you.
-[FF]- TheOnlyDovahkiiin aug. 11. @ du. 6:02 
I hated this SO MUCH thank you so much I just didn't like teh greybeard hating on me
кнαιנιιт aug. 9. @ du. 6:01 
XD First I shall save Paarthurnax, then i shall sentence Delphine and Esbern to death by beheading.
Rin aug. 7. @ de. 8:13 
Paarthurnax he meh dragon buddy love this mod
Spoiled Milk aug. 4. @ du. 1:43 
I had a small glitch where i had to reload my save because the quest wouldnt even show up
ROFLMAOmatt aug. 2. @ du. 9:09 
I wish I knew about this two years ago
Evan, cshazlett aug. 1. @ du. 6:29 
*slaps delphine* Bad, no candy for you!
Д. С. Дохтуров aug. 1. @ de. 10:19 
Does this mod in Russian?
A Question Mark júl. 30. @ de. 10:04 
I played console before PC and back then i got REALLY PISSED when the blades acted like 4 year olds an i had to sever all ties with the greybeards.But now i can have 200+ mods and save paarthurnax. thx man!
SlushieDee júl. 30. @ de. 8:11 
Yes. Just yes.
infernalkitty216 júl. 29. @ du. 9:02 
dude... i love u forever for this!
[IA] Nicholas júl. 29. @ du. 3:18 
I just killed those 2 jerks. LOL
lxMattAranxl júl. 28. @ de. 11:42 
I have a epic reason why NOONE should kill him: The voice actor!

No joke... THE Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and Luigi (and a few others), was also the voice of this very dragon! WHO would've thought?!?