The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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Commander Dylan 13 Σεπ @ 8:01μμ 
i find it funny, it just proves the greybeards were right all along and that the blades are just using you to their own means. got it off nexus cause of the steam mod limit, awesome, but still hate that bitch delphine.
Icewolf 12 Σεπ @ 9:05πμ 
Thank you so much for this mod! When the blades told me I had to kill Parthunax...... I would have shouted at them! XD
xenaever 12 Σεπ @ 2:44πμ 
I cant seem to get it to work, I have the quest Kill Paarthurnax and have installed the mod. Have listened to Paarthurnax and the head Grey beard and then gone to talk to Emben and the other chick in Sky Haven. It wont give me the option to challenge them about him...what am I missing? It lets me ask About Paarthurnax but its the standard thing as to why he has to die, nothing else
Saker82 7 Σεπ @ 8:44μμ 
I know this might seem like an odd question but will this mod conflict with any of MadFrenchies' fight against the Thalmor mod series?
cheap lipstick 2 Σεπ @ 4:56μμ 
Thank you so so so much !!!! I didn't want to kill him since as he said is it better to be born good or become good but i didn't want to never deal with the blades again. <3
Mirriepir 30 Αυγ @ 7:39πμ 
Awesome, I was a little confused because there wasn't a '(Lie)' option, but I just clicked 'I have decided to spare him' and the ongoing conversation was very interesting. Good writing!
etrexler 28 Αυγ @ 12:45πμ 
No,Wait! Wow! I went ahead and subscribed to this mod anyway after posting(below)about my concerns whether it would still work stacking on the "Paarthurnax Fix"mod that I'd used a couple of years ago. worked! I saw a new quest in my Quest Journal "Ask Esban about dragon lairs". I hadn't seen that before,so I thought what the hell,I might as well go over to Sky Haven and ask him. The dialogue with him opens the same way as before,me saying "About Paarthurnax..." but then an entirely different dialogue script opens up(unvoiced)allowing me to challenge the Blades about Paarthurnax! That's your mod,isn't it!!? Yay! Double Yay! How great are you?!! So,now I've done all the heretofore unavailable Blades Radiant Quests,picked up Dragonsbane(which I otherwise would have to steal),and killed a Dragon with my three Blade recruits. Marvelous. Thank you so much Arthmoor!
etrexler 27 Αυγ @ 12:37πμ 
O.K. Thank you so much for the info Arthmoor! I guess I just have to let the Blade Radiant Quests go. No loss,really. I'm sorry I missed your mod when I was looking for help!
Arthmoor  [Δημιουργός] 26 Αυγ @ 10:53μμ 
No, Paarthurnax Fix edits the same quest I do and they're fundamentally incompatible with each other because of it.
etrexler 25 Αυγ @ 9:40μμ 
Does anyone know if this mod will stack with the Paarthurnax Fix mod? Which I had downloaded last year so that I could finish the MQ without killing Paarthurnax. If I subscribe to the Paarthurnax Dilemma now will it cause any problems?
sparklingflow 24 Αυγ @ 4:51μμ 
Etrexler- This mod is supssed to make you assert your authority as dragonborn over the blades. Once that's done Paarthurnax should be spared and the Blades will bend to your desire so you can continue their radiant quests. Also Paarthurnax gets some students to teach. I've never had any sort of problem with this mod. The earlier you download it for your game the better.
Angry Porto 24 Αυγ @ 8:33πμ 
While I found Delphine's threat to kill the Dragonborn if he spares Paarthurnaxx a bit audacious, nevertheless, this mod is a fantastic and much needed slap-in-the-face for the otherwise stubborn Blades. Well done, and thank you.

Oh, and the Dragonborn's threat coupled with the thu'um shaking was perfect!
etrexler 24 Αυγ @ 2:19πμ 
So,my question here is,does this mod help with post MQ problems with Esben and Delphine? I got a mod to change the dialogue with Esben and Delphine so that I could spare this dragon and finish the main quest with him still living. I have established the Blades in Sky Haven. I've brought three new recruits to the Blades. But when I ask Esben for the "Dragon Research" quest,or ask Delphine for the "Dragon Hunting" quest the only response I get from either one of them is "Paarthurnax must die". Is this mod a fix for that or not?
an actual bear 22 Αυγ @ 9:35μμ 
I wish I had seen this mod before I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to kill and then resurrect him just right to make everyone happy >_>
Fox 21 Αυγ @ 9:15μμ 
Lmao *ground shakes* nice touch, although, it clearly states in the main quest line that the dragon born can not actually speak the language of the dovah.
Fox 21 Αυγ @ 9:08μμ 
@Niksan You are told to kill Paarthurnax after the main questline, you are still in the middle of it.
Dayison2 15 Αυγ @ 6:48μμ 
I had this mod pretty early on becuase I knew from the beginning I wouldn't want to kill him. Unfortunately, afterward I couldn't continue the dragon hunting quests. Esbern and Delphine won't take any reqruits. Suggestions?
Niksan 12 Αυγ @ 4:51μμ 
So I found about this mod by doing some research. I realized that P would die by my hand, I saw it coming waaaaay before I even finished talking to him, but anyways when I talked to P and then the game told me to meet either the Greybeard or Esberen... I stopped and downloaded the mod. Then I opened Skyrim and loaded where I left off. I went to talk to Esberen because I thought he would tell me to kill P and I could say no to that. So the question is... did the mod work? I'm told to go to the Collge of Winterhold and Esberen can teach me a blessing, Dalphine was with him when I began talking but then left and I can't find her. So what is going on? I thought after talking to P, I would be able to talk to Esberen, Dalphine and the Greybeards... Please help so I would know if the mod is going to work or not.
donna.mahoney 12 Αυγ @ 9:34πμ 
hmmm this mod doesn't seem right... oh wait you can already choose to let parthurnax live in the vanilla game but the blads hate you.
<[FFC]> TheOnlyDovahkiin 11 Αυγ @ 6:02μμ 
I hated this SO MUCH thank you so much I just didn't like teh greybeard hating on me
кнαιנιιт 9 Αυγ @ 6:01μμ 
XD First I shall save Paarthurnax, then i shall sentence Delphine and Esbern to death by beheading.
Rin 7 Αυγ @ 8:13πμ 
Paarthurnax he meh dragon buddy love this mod
Spoiled Milk 4 Αυγ @ 1:43μμ 
I had a small glitch where i had to reload my save because the quest wouldnt even show up
ROFLMAOmatt 2 Αυγ @ 9:09μμ 
I wish I knew about this two years ago
Evan, cshazlett 1 Αυγ @ 6:29μμ 
*slaps delphine* Bad, no candy for you!
Wisp 1 Αυγ @ 10:19πμ 
Does this mod in Russian?
A Question Mark 30 Ιουλ @ 10:04πμ 
I played console before PC and back then i got REALLY PISSED when the blades acted like 4 year olds an i had to sever all ties with the greybeards.But now i can have 200+ mods and save paarthurnax. thx man!
SlushieDee 30 Ιουλ @ 8:11πμ 
Yes. Just yes.
infernalkitty216 29 Ιουλ @ 9:02μμ 
dude... i love u forever for this!
[IA] Nicholas 29 Ιουλ @ 3:18μμ 
I just killed those 2 jerks. LOL
lxMattAranxl 28 Ιουλ @ 11:42πμ 
I have a epic reason why NOONE should kill him: The voice actor!

No joke... THE Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and Luigi (and a few others), was also the voice of this very dragon! WHO would've thought?!?

Fudgesticks 27 Ιουλ @ 11:27πμ 
Paarthurnax was a total bro, thanks bud!
Knightquinn 26 Ιουλ @ 4:34πμ 
when i saw this i was all like: and then i played it, i was like:
DarkRise 26 Ιουλ @ 1:55πμ 
Finally! a mod what helps with the blades. i don't like them wanting me to kill paarthurnax, and now i can save him.
Velocistar 25 Ιουλ @ 9:18πμ 
THANK YOU! I always loved paarthurnax and thought the blades were idiots wanting to kill him thank you!

CrazyCrux 24 Ιουλ @ 8:16μμ 
This is possibly the BEST elder scrolls mod I have EVER come across. And this is coming from someone who has been modding since Morrowind!
FainterBread678 24 Ιουλ @ 1:25μμ 
When i was talking to delphine all of a sudden i talked dragon launguage, that really caught me off guard but nevertheless im thankfull you made this mod
2 Para-UK 23 Ιουλ @ 4:03πμ 
so what do i have to say to the blades?
Reticent Gleam 22 Ιουλ @ 7:03μμ 
Thank you for this. It always annoyed me that I couldn't tell Delphine to shove it when she demanded I kill the NPC who was MOST helpful in defeating Alduin, and that Esbern would go along with that illogical, vindictive stance.
Dipper Pines 20 Ιουλ @ 9:02μμ 
Or. you can just use console commands to make them non-essential npc's and slaughter them. After putting the blades to the sword, I hid their bodies in the slave quarters of castle draco to use as dead thralls
forgotten being 19 Ιουλ @ 7:57μμ 
I really like the dialogue you used, especially what the Dragonborn says, but I wish it was voice acted. Oh well, at least Paarthurnax isn't dead, and I can recruit people into the Blades!
typhoondiving 19 Ιουλ @ 2:06μμ 
I loved Paarthurnax as he was teaching me on my quest to save Skyrim. Since in the game you don't have any parents or older relatives, he kinda felt like a really wierd, scaly, oversized father... :-/
I kinda wish that he had other things for me to do after the quest line is completed cause he just fades into the background after you're done. Instead of having only things to chat about, he should have things that lead me on adventures.
[HCE] Cpt. Headcrab 18 Ιουλ @ 7:56μμ 
@TheGman Destroying everything would be fun.
The Boss 16 Ιουλ @ 11:54πμ 
first I don't think the blades truly care about the dragonborn I think they just want to kill every dragon and they use the dragonborn as their puppet and the only reason they protected the others before the dragon's return was because if they came back they would have their pinocioe at the ready!.
but that aside you should make a different version of this when paarthurnax and the greybeards convince you that the blades are evil in truth and you and them kill all the gavered blades and new recruits (added in by you) and after lots of tracking down small bands, taking there equipment, taking over forts they control (added in by you) and finding your own recruits (added in by you.) You storm to the blades fort place where you find out about how the dragons were gone in the first place, to kill all the blades. I know the greybeards are mainly peaceful but everyone has a dark side!
rbull 16 Ιουλ @ 7:46πμ 
This mod made so much sense to me since you had the choice to destroy the Dark Brotherhood or join.
I wish I had the choice to destroy the Theives Guild and that Black-Brier B-tch, Mabon and her son. You could make her non-essential and it would make my day! I'd like to take a shot at that Imperial Yarl in the Blue Palace also if someone could make a Clean-up Tamriel mod.

Me and Mjoll would be a great team to save Rifton and the rest of Tamriel from the evils that plague Tamriel.
Is there missing dialogue for Delphine and Esburn? I see character conversation options but I don't hear the NPC talking.
GhostNappa585 15 Ιουλ @ 1:58μμ 
What kind of open world game would this be if you couldn't choose the other road?
Benyed 15 Ιουλ @ 11:29πμ 
I was so annoyed when I saw that you can't not kill Paarthurnax, frankly, i would rather kill Delphine and Esbern instead. You know what? call me a villan but i'd rather side with Alduin and end the world with him, that would probably be more fun.
faithk9 14 Ιουλ @ 5:36πμ 
thanks for making it : )
faithk9 14 Ιουλ @ 5:36πμ 
this looks pretty cool i like that you can have more of a choice now
jsherman0018 12 Ιουλ @ 8:07μμ 
@ Arthmoor I agree