The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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monsuNz =D 19 mai à 6h53 
yeah, same here, was just browsing when just read what is the end of blades questline...
NS.Titan 18 mai à 10h20 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add spoiler alert, i kinda ruined it for myself, its a sick mod but just warn people
[DUBSTEP] Pyromaniac 13 mai à 18h53 
thanks m8, i want to make my followers blades, but at the same time i want to be told shout locations :3
Mecha-Godzilla II (ARGUS) 9 mai à 20h22 
I tried to follow as it says and the option to concince the blades isnt working...and i even talked to PAarthurnaxx and the
Adendron 2 mai à 9h44 
is the mod supurting german?
Arthmoor  [créateur] 25 avr à 13h26 
No, you can install it after you're told to kill him.
[DG]TheMuffinMan 25 avr à 8h14 
Never mind, all i did was reload skyrim and it worked fine! I recommend reloading skyrim
[DG]TheMuffinMan 25 avr à 8h03 
do you have to have thsi installed before you get the quest??
OMEGANAVIE 24 avr à 20h35 
I still want to kill Delphine and Esbern...
[420]X2Kush 20 avr à 0h22 
I would love to see voices added to the dialogue. Extremely well written, though. Maybe someday you will add more blades quest lines now that they are chill with it? :)
mercuris27 17 avr à 23h18 
sweet i did not want to kill him
Foner_Thunder 14 avr à 19h17 
I have the same problem as Jakecreator97, i talked with Arngeir and Paarthurnax, but cant convince Esbern nor Delphine. What am i doing wrong? :S
darksiren22 14 avr à 15h39 
It appeared back randomly in my journal and worked great. Thanks for this mod :) .
Ecthelion 11 avr à 17h48 
The dialog with Delphine is awesome. Did you make the words up, or are they "real" dragon tongue?
Vice 8 avr à 11h48 
sagittarius 5 avr à 6h29 
Bethesda was Lazy. Thinking : the "Dragonborn" is Only a Puppet on the Strings,
he has to Do and Not To Ask, and the Dragonborn has Nothing to Say.
He get a Order and has to do wot the Blades Say.
Dragonborn as a Slave.

This MOD give the Player his Own Way.

The Dragonborn is the Boss, not the Slave.

With this MOD the Player is not the footboy of the Blades.

Not the Slave of - 2 Peoples - they are the last "Blades".


Who Playes without this MOD, is an Idiot and no own Will. Sorry.
etrexler 2 avr à 22h17 
Long ago I subscribed to this great mod and it did all as promised. However,since the Great Mod Screwup of March 17,Delphine still keeps ragging on me to kill Paarthurnax. Everything else works great in this mod,and I did everything I wanted with it a year or so ago...spared Paarthurnax,delievered three new followers to the Blades,got Esben's Potion,everyone behaves beautifully. Except now Delphine is still a hardass about the Dragon. It really shouldn't matter to me since I don't need any of them any more,but it still is annoying. Have you got any ideas why there's this glitch? Or perhaps I should just leave it.
darksiren22 2 avr à 10h37 
The Paarthurnax quest has varnished from my journal. I tried talking to the greybeards, paarthurnax, Delphine and Esbern to try to get it back. But nothing happens and no options to convince Delphine and Esborn appear.
Doke 27 mar à 21h06 
I can't tell delphine either.
Jakecreator97 26 mar à 19h04 
I talked to both the greybeard and Paarthurnax, and i still have no option to convince Delphine or Esborn to not kill him. Is there a fix?
nicnac98 26 mar à 15h02 
Best part is you get to tell off Delphine.
Comrade Obvious 22 mar à 15h52 
da tovarishch
SABRE GAMING 18 mar à 13h41 

(if you couldn't already tell i am really happy i found this mod )
Arthmoor  [créateur] 17 mar à 23h02 
Odd, because your journal is supposed to be telling you to do this already.
FilthyCasual 17 mar à 22h07 
You may want to put in a note that you have to talk to the Greybeards and Paarthurnax, even if their dialogue options are greyed out, before the quest will kick in. Took me an hour and a half of troubleshooting to figure that out
Ronan620 15 mar à 0h49 
actually, what happens if I play Skyrim in offline mode, do mods still work? Havent tried it yet tho
Arthmoor  [créateur] 15 mar à 0h48 
No. That will simply break everything. NEVER uninstall a mod you're using on an active save. For any reason.
Ronan620 15 mar à 0h47 
What happens if i finish it and unsubbed to the mod? does it still maintain both of the relationship of Greybeards and Blades?
Schatten 12 mar à 14h07 
Hello and Thank you very much for this mod!
Lion Doge 12 mar à 12h00 
THANK YOU for creating this mod.
Thorvald Ulfr Thjodwitnir 12 mar à 8h38 
I'd love to be able to kill blades as his bidding, in Skyrim they (especially that b*tch Delphine) were nothing like they used to be. Arrogant, self-righteous idiots who claimed they serve Dragonborn, yet it would seem that it is more like "the Dragonborn should serve them" :<
s_m_2011 8 mar à 5h47 
спасибо большое автор ))
nicnac98 7 mar à 17h58 
Well, I am glad I finally got Skyrim for Pc.
panchat5001 24 fév à 11h50 
hello, i have a question for you. i subscribed to this mod a while back and am now at the end game for the main quest line. as predicted the blades are pressuring for paar's death and no matter what i do i can't get them to back off. i talked to the grey beards and openly stated i would not kill the scally bastard then go back to the blades and no new dialog opens. i then go talk to paar and hear him out, back to the blades and same thing. one thing i notice is asside from one dragon flying arround there are no disciples freezing themselves on the cliffside. any ideas on how to fis this?
secreature 12 fév à 15h33 
Thanks for sharing an option to not kill the one who changed how things were going in the time of the dragon rule! I liked Paarthurnax in the whole storyline and I never wanted to kill him, but I still like the perks of the blades, so this is just perfect.
Schwarze Katze 6 fév à 14h51 
It seems to be no permanent problem, in the meantime, I've sucessfully called Odavhiing.
Lucas 5 fév à 23h12 
no effect calling Odavhiing.. the one thing I have noticed is I still have the quest to get followers for Delphine but she doesn't do the dialogue when you bring eligible NPC's to her
Arthmoor  [créateur] 5 fév à 13h18 
It shouldn't have any affect on him. The shout's been working fine for me.
Schwarze Katze 5 fév à 11h15 
Could this mod possibly interfere with the "Call Dragon" shout? I completed the main quest, saved Paarthurnax, but now Odavhiing won't turn up when I call him.
Lucas 30 jan à 22h37 
downloaded it and used it and worked just fine, thanks! Yes you do need the subs on to see what Esbern is saying but who cares it works!
/(Weber)\ Floyd 29 jan à 18h02 
I'm a ruthless savage then. And that's fine with me.
48 year man from somalia 28 jan à 11h17 
Well working and nice dialogue. Subscribed!
Arthmoor  [créateur] 27 jan à 19h16 
Yes, it does.
Un Gato 26 jan à 21h51 
Does this require subtitles to be turned on?
Maxhydro 21 jan à 10h30 
i'm really far in the game so ...i'll do it in my next playthough
Arthmoor  [créateur] 16 jan à 14h52 
Or find a save from before you killed him and go from there.
Maxhydro 16 jan à 0h04 
oh... so then i have to start over
Arthmoor  [créateur] 15 jan à 23h44 
Technically speaking, yes, but he'll still be dead and the Greybeards will still hate you.
Maxhydro 15 jan à 14h19 
will this work if you already killed parthanaxx
Good Gimmy 14 jan à 8h04 
Хороший мод, ведь жалко дракончика. Клинки должны слушаться довакина, а не наобарот)