The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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Jakecreator97 17 hours ago 
I talked to both the greybeard and Paarthurnax, and i still have no option to convince Delphine or Esborn to not kill him. Is there a fix?
nicnac98 21 hours ago 
Best part is you get to tell off Delphine.
Comrade Obvious Mar 22 @ 3:52pm 
da tovarishch
TH4T1R4GER Mar 18 @ 1:41pm 

(if you couldn't already tell i am really happy i found this mod )
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 17 @ 11:02pm 
Odd, because your journal is supposed to be telling you to do this already.
FilthyCasual Mar 17 @ 10:07pm 
You may want to put in a note that you have to talk to the Greybeards and Paarthurnax, even if their dialogue options are greyed out, before the quest will kick in. Took me an hour and a half of troubleshooting to figure that out
Ronan620 Mar 15 @ 12:49am 
actually, what happens if I play Skyrim in offline mode, do mods still work? Havent tried it yet tho
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 15 @ 12:48am 
No. That will simply break everything. NEVER uninstall a mod you're using on an active save. For any reason.
Ronan620 Mar 15 @ 12:47am 
What happens if i finish it and unsubbed to the mod? does it still maintain both of the relationship of Greybeards and Blades?
Schatten Mar 12 @ 2:07pm 
Hello and Thank you very much for this mod!
Lion Doge Mar 12 @ 12:00pm 
THANK YOU for creating this mod.
Thorvald Ulfr Thjodwitnir Mar 12 @ 8:38am 
I'd love to be able to kill blades as his bidding, in Skyrim they (especially that b*tch Delphine) were nothing like they used to be. Arrogant, self-righteous idiots who claimed they serve Dragonborn, yet it would seem that it is more like "the Dragonborn should serve them" :<
s_m_2011 Mar 8 @ 5:47am 
спасибо большое автор ))
nicnac98 Mar 7 @ 5:58pm 
Well, I am glad I finally got Skyrim for Pc.
panchat5001 Feb 24 @ 11:50am 
hello, i have a question for you. i subscribed to this mod a while back and am now at the end game for the main quest line. as predicted the blades are pressuring for paar's death and no matter what i do i can't get them to back off. i talked to the grey beards and openly stated i would not kill the scally bastard then go back to the blades and no new dialog opens. i then go talk to paar and hear him out, back to the blades and same thing. one thing i notice is asside from one dragon flying arround there are no disciples freezing themselves on the cliffside. any ideas on how to fis this?
secreature Feb 12 @ 3:33pm 
Thanks for sharing an option to not kill the one who changed how things were going in the time of the dragon rule! I liked Paarthurnax in the whole storyline and I never wanted to kill him, but I still like the perks of the blades, so this is just perfect.
Schwarze Katze Feb 6 @ 2:51pm 
It seems to be no permanent problem, in the meantime, I've sucessfully called Odavhiing.
Lucas Feb 5 @ 11:12pm 
no effect calling Odavhiing.. the one thing I have noticed is I still have the quest to get followers for Delphine but she doesn't do the dialogue when you bring eligible NPC's to her
Arthmoor  [author] Feb 5 @ 1:18pm 
It shouldn't have any affect on him. The shout's been working fine for me.
Schwarze Katze Feb 5 @ 11:15am 
Could this mod possibly interfere with the "Call Dragon" shout? I completed the main quest, saved Paarthurnax, but now Odavhiing won't turn up when I call him.
Lucas Jan 30 @ 10:37pm 
downloaded it and used it and worked just fine, thanks! Yes you do need the subs on to see what Esbern is saying but who cares it works!
/(Weber)\ Floyd Jan 29 @ 6:02pm 
I'm a ruthless savage then. And that's fine with me.
48 year man from somalia Jan 28 @ 11:17am 
Well working and nice dialogue. Subscribed!
Arthmoor  [author] Jan 27 @ 7:16pm 
Yes, it does.
Un Gato Jan 26 @ 9:51pm 
Does this require subtitles to be turned on?
Maxhydro Jan 21 @ 10:30am 
i'm really far in the game so ...i'll do it in my next playthough
Arthmoor  [author] Jan 16 @ 2:52pm 
Or find a save from before you killed him and go from there.
Maxhydro Jan 16 @ 12:04am 
oh... so then i have to start over
Arthmoor  [author] Jan 15 @ 11:44pm 
Technically speaking, yes, but he'll still be dead and the Greybeards will still hate you.
Maxhydro Jan 15 @ 2:19pm 
will this work if you already killed parthanaxx
Good Gimmy Jan 14 @ 8:04am 
Хороший мод, ведь жалко дракончика. Клинки должны слушаться довакина, а не наобарот)
Hadrian Jan 12 @ 7:55am 
Could you make a mod which improves the experience of being a blade or an ally of the greybeards? I feel that all it's doing by killing him, reasoning or whichever option all I'm getting is very minute perks.
Camper@Work™ Jan 10 @ 4:14pm 
Yes, I've talked to both, like I mentioned. Also, the journal doesn't mention anything about talking to them, it just says the vanilla stuff how Blades want help me unless I kill Paarthurnax etc.

Even though the mod is active, the game acts like it doesn't exist :/

Well nevermind, I gave up and just used the good old console to skip the quest. Whether the problem is in the mod or at my end, I can't say for sure. But since it seems to work for most people, it might be at my end, but lord knows why :/
Arthmoor  [author] Jan 10 @ 3:46pm 
Have you gone to go talk to Arngeir and Paarthurnax? Your quest journal should be telling you to do this.
Camper@Work™ Jan 10 @ 8:27am 
I have the latest nexus version of this mod, and it doesn't work. I've been moving it all around the load order, I've tried talking to all parties in different order (delphin, esbern, greys, paart) and I've tried turning off all the mods to see if something conflicts with it.

But nothing, I'm not getting new dialogue options from either esbern or delphine, and it seems I'm not only one. So what could I do?
Archmike Jan 7 @ 1:14am 
This isn't working for me :(
GojiraGodzilla Jan 5 @ 3:09pm 
I've never wanted to kill Parthumax so that quest has been sitting in my quest thing for like, ever. So i decided to kill him to get that thing out of my quest thingy and for the spot on my map. I kept on using mods and messed up on a marrige mod ._. shut up..... so i had to restart my skyrim saves and made a new account. I'm gonna use this mod now.
Victoryguard Jan 5 @ 5:07am 
Agreed Parthunax helps you out big time and he's been working hard to rehabilitate himself
leannaray Jan 1 @ 10:52pm 
I've always felt bad about killing Paarthurnax, so I've never done it. But I think this mod will help a lot. Downloading now.
factualdonkey6 Dec 22, 2014 @ 1:38pm 
This is why I'm switiching from Skyrim on.. ugh.. "consoles". These mods are what I dreamt of doing in the console version. Thank you for allowing me to spare Paarthurnax, so I can finally end this quest the way I, the dragonborn, wanted to.
kasselman3 Dec 21, 2014 @ 9:24pm 
thanks for saving Paarthurmax; thought i was going to have to kill him.. Worked without any bugs but still do not know what good it did me in the game overall. already taken one follower to the blades but now want another.
Shadow.mane2001 Dec 21, 2014 @ 5:42pm 
Hey THANKS for this Mod, I enoyed it greatly. I felt betrayed when they demanded I kill on their command. They approached The Dragon born (ME), Came to me offering to guide (advise) and guard. Not issue commands. And commanded me to obey them?

Oh no, that doesn't fly with me.
Chronicl3 Dec 17, 2014 @ 3:49pm 
Does this work if you've already made your choice?
SirRachaOfChile Dec 16, 2014 @ 8:46am 
YES!! I was so mad at Delphine when this happened. As if the Dragonborn was the one lost in the dark without the Blades! I wanted to do more to tell her off or be given another choice in the matter instead of just being told what to do like a Blades servant. Thank you for making this!
Zombi3 Dec 12, 2014 @ 2:04pm 
o kk thx! but... the problem is i dont know how to turn subtitles on ;w;
Arthmoor  [author] Dec 11, 2014 @ 5:08pm 
You need to turn the subtitles on to see it. There is no voiced audio for it since it would be next to impossible to find someone who could mimic Delphine or Esbern properly.
skaldtorvaldr Dec 11, 2014 @ 3:01pm 
Sorry, my screw up. I missed a step. It did work. Although there was a differrent bug, after I initiated the dialogue with Delphine I could not hear a word she said. I only say my responses and nothing of hers.
skaldtorvaldr Dec 11, 2014 @ 2:29pm 
Just to let you know I tried removing this version and downloaded the Nexus version and it still did not work. I also double checked which version of Syrim I have at it is the most recent version with all the current upgrades.
Zombi3 Dec 11, 2014 @ 2:02pm 
yea same can someone pls fix this
skaldtorvaldr Dec 11, 2014 @ 2:00pm 
It is not working for me either. I have turned off other mods, I have changed the load order moving this mod up and I still get no other options. Not sure what else to try.