Realistic Ragdolls and Force
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| Citizenfunk | 21 вер о 1:26 
I came for the mod, I stayed for the music.
Stitched 12 вер о 17:34 
Get error when launching Skyrim when this mod tries to load.
NicoLatte 2 вер о 2:28 
DeW4rd 19 сер о 16:54 
Awesome mod, great job
Leahzar 16 сер о 23:49 
That video was strangely beautiful... Subbed :P
Erscruffsalo 14 сер о 22:00 
Does this mod hurt FPS?
Tagger Flore 13 сер о 20:03 
Video was definitely an amusing watch. Subscribe
*-_Spider-Manzilla_-* 11 сер о 12:50 
I didn't think I would need this until I used the Unrelenting Force on a few people, and all they really did was slide across the ground by a few yards.
Molag Bal 11 сер о 10:08 
@ SirKillawatt
Hey bro, I had this happen to a few time. I don't believe this mod is causing it, because when it happened to me I was playing on the console version. Happened on The PS3 alot. Not as much on the X-Box 360, but it still happened.
Swagabond 9 сер о 19:15 
Swagabond 9 сер о 19:15 
does the steam version require SKSHIT? I really need to know.
SirKillawatt 6 сер о 12:14 
I'm experiencing an issue that I believe this mod is causing. When I use Unrelenting Force on an enemy, sometimes when I go to loot them, the option simply won't be there. They cannot be mvoed or looted, they are in a static position in the world. Would this be an issue with Realistic Ragdolls and Force?
Mr.Dr.Prof. Patrick 5 сер о 15:55 
This mod is amazing. Just beautiful
Epathos 4 сер о 12:22 
I think my head just exploded
wii7272 4 сер о 10:20 
Now I ahve a Q dose this mode and radom Sormclocks to the game because a not sure what mod I got just now that has Elite Stormclock every F*%king place and you can move through the game out side the city without them shouting and shooting dragon arrows at you and some how they can shout over end over again none stop and I just started so I don't even have the first unrelenting force yet I can't even get to Whiterun to even start the first quest to get the shot myself because they just spon everywhere you go be the first 7 then move on and again more 7 pop out of nowhere bull s*%t.
I'm just asking if any one Know where the F%k the Elite Stormclocks come from and how so how are they all DOVAKIN TOO what the hell AGAIN JUST ASKING NOT BLASING ANYONE
gazwel™ 1 сер о 10:18 
jack, click subscribe
jack.c.bacon 1 сер о 8:00 
how do you download and install it?
LukasCK 26 лип о 20:08 
Anal Fighter 26 лип о 18:27 
Explosive Muffin 26 лип о 18:13 
love it
Forte 22 лип о 0:26 
I actually liked it when Icy Spears sent them flying back. Oh well. Good mod, nonetheless.
EsKerMan 21 лип о 18:33 
Jacabob 21 лип о 11:55 
The music makes the video more relaxing to see people die
U_know_Y 21 лип о 11:01 
should have used "let the bodies hit the floor' for the song
_sky_ 21 лип о 1:58 
чет я не понял че он делает
Destructech_01 17 лип о 6:51 
Perfect for my Fus Ro Dah'ing, added effect
Warrcan 12 лип о 7:59 
android4eva82 11 лип о 18:08 
hilarious vid!
SpooderMen 11 лип о 14:48 
Can u make a mod but the opposite of this one? Ill laugh my ass of playing it!!!!
If i dicapitate someone in the normal version the head is really HARD to lift if i wanted to hide it does this mod make the head less heavy?

Zarcy_1 9 лип о 12:20 
At that current time I made him go flying I was using a simple Steel sword. Unenchanted, my follower, the one from Solitude doesn't use storm magic, he had his armor and wolf out though and my target definately flew like.. 50ft, the killmoves I can understand though
BakaKemono  [автор] 9 лип о 3:26 
During a killmove whenever the victim hits a object or on a uneven surface they will just fall to the to the ground. It has nothing to do with this mod. There should be no problems removing the mod. Check if you are using a other mods that change skeleton of characters. It could also be caused by a game bug with lighting enchantments launching bodies when they die.
Zarcy_1 9 лип о 0:25 
Why I want it gone though is because with certain killmoves their body hits the floor before I even get to kill them. I don't like that. I want to kill them then they fall xD
Zarcy_1 9 лип о 0:23 
Hey... So.. I try to remove this mod and my ragdoll force goes to hell. I hit someone with a sword (no other ragdoll force mods), he dies and is shot 80ft away at a rather high volocity.. Any clue how to safely remove this mod and the downfall affect given with removing it?

(- -) 8 лип о 3:31 
Dat video though LOL so dramatic
Sylar 6 лип о 7:43 
Watching all those dudes in the video be blown away and die is just so satisfying. It always makes me smile.
Lourens 6 лип о 2:13 
Just love the video... made me smile
Wollowon 4 лип о 23:45 
Hawokki 24 чер о 9:26 
It's amazing how this community makes so amazing modifications! So much better mods than relased games these days
Mr. Derp 19 чер о 14:22 
Will this keep the funny glitch forces? WLike unrelenting Force and the Giants but add new volicity so... FASTER! FASTER FLYING! FASTER WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
babyghetto 14 чер о 14:42 
it seems this mod doesn't work with the new Cyclone shout, however I thought it used to!
BlAZINGscout2.0 14 чер о 1:22 
I hated how vanilla ragdolls where stiff but now i sometimes see them do splitsXD tx great mod
Serega ZH 9 чер о 6:36 
Повлияет ли этот мод на "добивания"?
Nick 8 чер о 14:56 
I'm having a tiny issue with keeping the new ragdolls yet keeping the vanilla force. I unchecked the box in data files but it seems to not let me keep the new ragdolls. So it's either new ragdolls and new force OR vanilla ragdolls and vanilla force. Thank you.
Timesplitter 5 чер о 23:26 
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thecenturion13 2 чер о 17:39 
My only problem ever with skyrim was the less than the best ragdolls awesome mod and awesome vid
Birdy 31 тра о 9:29 
Thank you very much, this really is a must have.
Tom 20 тра о 2:07 
great mod, great song