Realistic Ragdolls and Force
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amogamogamog 12 січ о 16:31 
Thank you very much for a well thought out mod, I myself enjoy proper physics. 10/10 love math
call1800roadkill 3 січ о 18:27 
I have a modded weapon that ragdolls (don't ask) will this cancel or apply to that ragdoll whatsoever?
Forte 23 гру 2014 о 2:29 
I'm gonna miss how NPCs are sent flying from Destruction spells...but it's worth the trade-off.
PR PUNISHER 15 гру 2014 о 21:43 
Wait, i read your instructions but one question is this a subscribe and play mod or do you need to tweak the folders to get it to work..... thanks
Sgt. Snow 8 гру 2014 о 10:24 
Good work. What about the physics with the arrows and blows from weapons?
gothgeek9966 8 гру 2014 о 7:43 
Hey, sorry to bother you, this mod bugged my game pretty badly, I couldn't start th game becauseit messed with the cart in the opening. I think it's something I did wrong, because I've only seen one other comment talking aout it, so I just wanted to know, does this mod require anything, like SKSE or something? Does it need to be in a certain spot in the load order?
ΌċeļoŤ 3 гру 2014 о 14:57 
Dude...first of all...the mod rules. The ragdoll physics improves a LOT.
Second and most important...That video man...That video is the most beautifull thing i saw this whole year...the combo of deaths + soft romantic guitar music...Your sir deserve an Oscar.
FatuM72 27 лис 2014 о 5:37 
NaughtiusMaximus 26 лис 2014 о 0:06 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Brezlon 25 лис 2014 о 20:59 
The video sold it. Good going with the soft guitar, even if that wasn't your original choice.
j_zavo 21 лис 2014 о 9:37 
I'm just saying, it was the music that really sold it.
djpon53 21 лис 2014 о 3:39 
Now i can finally move rabbits and not bears
Gervleth 15 лис 2014 о 21:47 
LMFAO at the ending!
Madd0x 15 лис 2014 о 1:37 
love it :) love the song XD
Riaz 12 лис 2014 о 3:22 
dat song makes the vid sad.
Bird Patriot 11 лис 2014 о 12:44 
dat song...
Meteo 11 лис 2014 о 8:42 
xD. Bandit's
TheDarkDoor 8 лис 2014 о 12:16 
The perfect music for watching someone fall to their death, smashing limbs off of rocks, trees. etc.?

peaceful acoustic guitar

RoersRoyce 5 лис 2014 о 17:56 
t dog the tree frog 4 лис 2014 о 18:55 
good mod
Ardebit 2 лис 2014 о 10:30 
the perfect video for the perfect mod
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤSilent Storm 26 жов 2014 о 14:19 
Happy music and people dieing. What else can you ask for?
the drunk shpee 16 жов 2014 о 11:44 
finally. when i sneak attack someone they don't just stand there frozen.
NinChatDow 13 жов 2014 о 4:49 
bug with this mod, when i start game the cart at start, bug realy hard, they have some blocked issues, when they move, they are blocked by invisible things, turn around themselves or try to move forward with the blocked issues, another bug : in the first city and near it, some items and dead animals move without reasons to the same way ....
☠Pirate✪King☠ 12 жов 2014 о 23:08 
That video was so inspirational
Zak 9 жов 2014 о 15:01 
Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song in that video?
thorleif-adler 8 жов 2014 о 8:10 
that video made me wanna play black and white 2 again. thanks
おおうっちゃん 4 жов 2014 о 3:28 
LFOB 1 жов 2014 о 13:35 
Skyrim now sometimes crashes when I save. I unsubsribed from this and it's still there.
k.krytin 1 жов 2014 о 9:23 
и какая польза от этого мода
Meta_ 30 вер 2014 о 17:51 
killkount 29 вер 2014 о 16:41 
hitting someone with a two handed axe to watch them just slump right where they stand is a tad boring. It like you think there is zero force behind anything...
WaterCat 29 вер 2014 о 7:06 
to be perfectly honest i wasen't sure if i wanted this mod or not- however, the video was probably the best mod video i have ever seen. totally subbing.
fcbcobos 28 вер 2014 о 10:56 
Citizenfunk 21 вер 2014 о 1:26 
I came for the mod, I stayed for the music.
Stitched 12 вер 2014 о 17:34 
Get error when launching Skyrim when this mod tries to load.
NicoLatte 2 вер 2014 о 2:28 
DeW4rd 19 сер 2014 о 16:54 
Awesome mod, great job
Leahzar 16 сер 2014 о 23:49 
That video was strangely beautiful... Subbed :P
Erscruffsalo 14 сер 2014 о 22:00 
Does this mod hurt FPS?
【Evilzonne】 13 сер 2014 о 20:03 
Video was definitely an amusing watch. Subscribe
Jordan Walton 11 сер 2014 о 12:50 
I didn't think I would need this until I used the Unrelenting Force on a few people, and all they really did was slide across the ground by a few yards.
Molag Bal 11 сер 2014 о 10:08 
@ SirKillawatt
Hey bro, I had this happen to a few time. I don't believe this mod is causing it, because when it happened to me I was playing on the console version. Happened on The PS3 alot. Not as much on the X-Box 360, but it still happened.
Big Brother 9 сер 2014 о 19:15 
Big Brother 9 сер 2014 о 19:15 
does the steam version require SKSHIT? I really need to know.
SirKillawatt 6 сер 2014 о 12:14 
I'm experiencing an issue that I believe this mod is causing. When I use Unrelenting Force on an enemy, sometimes when I go to loot them, the option simply won't be there. They cannot be mvoed or looted, they are in a static position in the world. Would this be an issue with Realistic Ragdolls and Force?
Mr.Dr.Prof. Patrick 5 сер 2014 о 15:55 
This mod is amazing. Just beautiful
Epathos 4 сер 2014 о 12:22 
I think my head just exploded
wii7272 4 сер 2014 о 10:20 
Now I ahve a Q dose this mode and radom Sormclocks to the game because a not sure what mod I got just now that has Elite Stormclock every F*%king place and you can move through the game out side the city without them shouting and shooting dragon arrows at you and some how they can shout over end over again none stop and I just started so I don't even have the first unrelenting force yet I can't even get to Whiterun to even start the first quest to get the shot myself because they just spon everywhere you go be the first 7 then move on and again more 7 pop out of nowhere bull s*%t.
I'm just asking if any one Know where the F%k the Elite Stormclocks come from and how so how are they all DOVAKIN TOO what the hell AGAIN JUST ASKING NOT BLASING ANYONE
gazwel 1 сер 2014 о 10:18 
jack, click subscribe