Realistic Ragdolls and Force
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If i dicapitate someone in the normal version the head is really HARD to lift if i wanted to hide it does this mod make the head less heavy?

Zarcy_1 14 saat önce 
At that current time I made him go flying I was using a simple Steel sword. Unenchanted, my follower, the one from Solitude doesn't use storm magic, he had his armor and wolf out though and my target definately flew like.. 50ft, the killmoves I can understand though
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 23 saat önce 
During a killmove whenever the victim hits a object or on a uneven surface they will just fall to the to the ground. It has nothing to do with this mod. There should be no problems removing the mod. Check if you are using a other mods that change skeleton of characters. It could also be caused by a game bug with lighting enchantments launching bodies when they die.
Zarcy_1 9 Tem @ 12:25am 
Why I want it gone though is because with certain killmoves their body hits the floor before I even get to kill them. I don't like that. I want to kill them then they fall xD
Zarcy_1 9 Tem @ 12:23am 
Hey... So.. I try to remove this mod and my ragdoll force goes to hell. I hit someone with a sword (no other ragdoll force mods), he dies and is shot 80ft away at a rather high volocity.. Any clue how to safely remove this mod and the downfall affect given with removing it?

geIophee 8 Tem @ 3:31am 
Dat video though LOL so dramatic
Sylar 6 Tem @ 7:43am 
Watching all those dudes in the video be blown away and die is just so satisfying. It always makes me smile.
Lourens 6 Tem @ 2:13am 
Just love the video... made me smile
Wollowon 4 Tem @ 11:45pm 
Hawokki 24 Haz @ 9:26am 
It's amazing how this community makes so amazing modifications! So much better mods than relased games these days
Mr. Derp 19 Haz @ 2:22pm 
[EIG] Shogun YogKnightDiamond 19 Haz @ 12:25am 
Will this keep the funny glitch forces? WLike unrelenting Force and the Giants but add new volicity so... FASTER! FASTER FLYING! FASTER WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
babyghetto 14 Haz @ 2:42pm 
it seems this mod doesn't work with the new Cyclone shout, however I thought it used to!
BlAZINGscout2.0 14 Haz @ 1:22am 
I hated how vanilla ragdolls where stiff but now i sometimes see them do splitsXD tx great mod
Serega ZH 9 Haz @ 6:36am 
Повлияет ли этот мод на "добивания"?
Nick 8 Haz @ 2:56pm 
I'm having a tiny issue with keeping the new ragdolls yet keeping the vanilla force. I unchecked the box in data files but it seems to not let me keep the new ragdolls. So it's either new ragdolls and new force OR vanilla ragdolls and vanilla force. Thank you.
Timesplitter 5 Haz @ 11:26pm 
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thecenturion13 2 Haz @ 5:39pm 
My only problem ever with skyrim was the less than the best ragdolls awesome mod and awesome vid
Birdy 31 May @ 9:29am 
Thank you very much, this really is a must have.
kjhdocter(같이하실분?) 22 May @ 1:20am 
Tom 20 May @ 2:07am 
great mod, great song
Pwrcat252 17 May @ 5:53am 
Im gonna ty fus ro dah cause this sounds awesome
OldSKoolGamer1985 12 May @ 7:46pm 
10/10 amazing really realistic
dirkstrider 11 May @ 10:15am 
10/10 mod and 11/10 video. rated and subscribed.
M4RC05_V1N1C1U5 27 Nis @ 1:31pm 
Nearly impossible NOT to load this...
JimClarke 26 Nis @ 5:49pm 
Lmao at the test footage xD

Seriously...after watching that video, who could say no to this mod?

(oh and it works and really stops the sort of floaty, 'falling underwater' feel of collapsing victims in vanilla, for those who are thinking of trying this mod)

Thanks a lot for this one, BakaKemono!
FlexxMOB[gldn1]Ag4ever 26 Nis @ 2:38pm 
iav bin having problems with cheskos belt quivers and is it because of this?
reddoge 18 Nis @ 11:36am 
unrulenting force just got 10 times better
jwadland 17 Nis @ 3:13am 
Nort 6 Nis @ 1:54am 
Одна нога всегда уходит назад, другая выпрямляется в сторону. Офигеть как реалистично. Всегда падать назад...
corvo attano 5 Nis @ 1:51am 
jason.primary 2 Nis @ 6:36pm 
does this mod make the horses in the intro sequence glitch and walk off path?
comrade cat 29 Mar @ 3:22am 
found the name of music :3 it's Nocturne by Brian King
vitek-cher 28 Mar @ 8:58am 
В каком месте ЭТО реалистично?
wolfgang.a.snyder50 5 Mar @ 10:45am 
you know that feeling of a chill going down your spin when you hear someone is able to sing really well that is the feeling i got when i listened to that piano play in the video
~[MG]~Rainbow Turtle 2 Mar @ 8:53am 
I want Skyrim Its Looks Beautiful
bloodstone000 1 Mar @ 9:45am 
long way down from 1:18 all the way to 1:41
Techno Brownie 28 Şub @ 10:07pm 
I dont know if its just me but when I whare outfits that alter the body tipe (Changes cbbe body into SevenbasE body) The *ehem* brest "bones" get deformed and become seprated from the body untill I go back into regular standing. I dont know what causes it outside of the spechel outfits I whair
nikolai_k1 26 Şub @ 11:17am 
name of music please)
Juanka 25 Şub @ 1:25pm 
I want the title of the song!!!!
Jarl Ballin' 22 Şub @ 3:33pm 
the music made me cry...
StarCaptain 9 Şub @ 2:01pm 
Great! Works fantastic.
GeneralChaos 7 Şub @ 1:46pm 
@Drexll, If you start the skse loader first, without starting your steam app, it should bring up your skyrim launcher where you can check your data files. Let all mods download/update/load first. Click on your Data File link, and check to see what mods are set to load. Check/uncheck desired ones. Then, close the Skyrim launcher, and launch the Steam app, and then start the skse loader again to play your game. Thats how mine is set anyway.
NoxV ' Fukushima 6 Şub @ 5:03am 
in my game the ragdoll works but the force dosnt make them fly..
MrWumpus 3 Şub @ 6:18pm 
Anyone actually using the mod...most comments are about the video.
GeneralChaos 2 Şub @ 2:15pm 
I love this mod, too funny. I love watching npc's/enemies fly throutgh the air even better with unrelenting force. Totally hilarious. Awesome mod. Love it!!!
Frenderbro 1 Şub @ 2:39pm 
I Lol'd too hard at the video xD fantastic mod :)
Snips 30 Oca @ 6:58am 
@Drexll are you allowing them to load before you press play? In the initial menu there will be something on the bottom that says when a mod is downloading
Drexll 30 Oca @ 12:57am 
hi guys. im new to this, ive subscribed but nothing is downloading. its the same for all the other mods ive subscribed to, what am i doing wrong?.
Melv 27 Oca @ 10:53pm 
hire this person in the next TES game! ))