The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Realistic Ragdolls and Force
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Ryan 8月11日下午10:02 
finally the ragdolls wont do the risky buissness slide when they die anymore! thanks :3
Jarl ƤƩƮ the Dank 8月3日上午7:52 
I love dis music I'll r8 not h8 and I'll give you good f8s on your d8 with k8
Adrawn 7月29日下午4:10 
oh, dont mind me. im just here for the song in the video... again.
Lusty Argonian Maid 7月8日下午12:23 
This makes me able to pick up mammoths n shit lmao
Papa Smurf 7月2日下午8:30 
Haha, the part where you used unrelenting force to blow them off the rail. Epic video, music name?
A Tapir with a PC 6月30日上午6:03 
Does this affect performance in any way?
Magz 6月30日上午3:40 
what is the song in the video?
kenttROG 6月28日下午10:25 
its funny bec the music is so relaxing and the video is pure destruction XD
TehnukulearDarker 6月14日上午7:51 
alright just checking
Pootie Wienerfish 6月13日上午9:35 
What's the fun in ragdolling if it's realistic?
jk cool mod
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 6月8日下午6:20 

BakaKemono  [作者] 6月8日下午4:18 
It does nothing to the FPS.

I'm not sure what it was suppose to be anymore. Youtube changed the song of the video 3 times on it's own.
TehnukulearDarker 6月8日下午12:34 
quick question will this decrease lag and improve fps?
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 6月2日下午7:20 
hte video. XD
u tried to make it "serious and sentimental"
but it was THE OPOSITIVE! great mod


mc_polako 6月1日下午8:27 
hahaha the video
JJMaginnis 5月24日上午7:11 
@BakaKemono Ah, my mistake, sorry :)
BakaKemono  [作者] 5月24日上午6:14 
It's the same version. The only difference is that you get to choose the different force values.
JJMaginnis 5月24日上午4:54 
Get the Nexus Mods version instead, same author but it's updated
784524 /b/ 5月23日下午11:49 
music very nice
MrNotSuspicou5 5月21日上午7:15 
Dat video though... I loved it watching everyone fall over XD 5月12日下午10:05 
video is the best thing ihave ever seen
hurricane tortila 5月6日下午5:00 
*sad music as dead bodies float to the earth
j-lokiatoukaysy 5月4日上午7:39 
If i put this mod in will it take away saurons mace power?
AndrewTheRed 4月28日下午6:58 
Looks like the Youtube preview video was flagged for copyright and replaced by a black screen and crappy soundtrack.
BakaKemono  [作者] 4月18日下午6:47 
@sirpunchwood1, daredezizz
Install the different force options on the Nexus version.
saalistaja (fin) 4月18日下午2:49 
good mod
BeornTheBoss 4月2日下午8:04 
Great mod, the physics are really realistic, but I uninstalled cause I love the way people go flying back when you hit them in vanilla ;)
yrmama 3月13日上午1:33 
They should have made the game this way to begin with. Great mod. No glitches or crashes.
daredezizz 3月6日下午3:38 
I Wonder if there is a mod that is the oppisite of this mod?
blevious 3月5日上午1:51 
I love how the video is just of people falling
MeatKat 3月3日下午3:42 
Im subscribing b/c I like the concept, but mostly b/c that is the best promotional video for an add-on I've ever seen. It was poignant, violent, sublime, and -in its own way- beautiful.
[NT] Solly 2月18日下午7:03 
Some say he is still falling down the mountain
thebigtiger 2月8日上午6:25 
do you have to download it at the website?cuse i cant make an account?
Amogamogamog 1月12日下午4:31 
Thank you very much for a well thought out mod, I myself enjoy proper physics. 10/10 love math
call1800roadkill 1月3日下午6:27 
I have a modded weapon that ragdolls (don't ask) will this cancel or apply to that ragdoll whatsoever?
Forte 2014年12月23日上午2:29 
I'm gonna miss how NPCs are sent flying from Destruction spells...but it's worth the trade-off.
PR PUNISHER 2014年12月15日下午9:43 
Wait, i read your instructions but one question is this a subscribe and play mod or do you need to tweak the folders to get it to work..... thanks
Lt. Snow 2014年12月8日上午10:24 
Good work. What about the physics with the arrows and blows from weapons?
gothgeek9966 2014年12月8日上午7:43 
Hey, sorry to bother you, this mod bugged my game pretty badly, I couldn't start th game becauseit messed with the cart in the opening. I think it's something I did wrong, because I've only seen one other comment talking aout it, so I just wanted to know, does this mod require anything, like SKSE or something? Does it need to be in a certain spot in the load order?
BeerPoolio 2014年12月3日下午2:57 
Dude...first of all...the mod rules. The ragdoll physics improves a LOT.
Second and most important...That video man...That video is the most beautifull thing i saw this whole year...the combo of deaths + soft romantic guitar music...Your sir deserve an Oscar.
FatuM72 2014年11月27日上午5:37 
NaughtiusMaximus 2014年11月26日上午12:06 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Brezlon 2014年11月25日下午8:59 
The video sold it. Good going with the soft guitar, even if that wasn't your original choice.
j_zavo 2014年11月21日上午9:37 
I'm just saying, it was the music that really sold it.
trash 2014年11月21日上午3:39 
Now i can finally move rabbits and not bears
Gervleth 2014年11月15日下午9:47 
LMFAO at the ending!
MaddeMahardk #GiveMeGTAV 2014年11月15日上午1:37 
love it :) love the song XD
Adrawn1.0 2014年11月12日上午3:22 
dat song makes the vid sad.
Shylocke 2014年11月11日下午12:44 
dat song...
Regal 2014年11月11日上午8:42 
xD. Bandit's