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Realistic Ragdolls and Force
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Lostlake 9月9日 7時54分 
I have used this fantastic mods for a number of years, and I still find it to be one of the best ever. Way to go ... and Thanks!
bubba 8月18日 7時05分 
you're doing gods work.
FireflyKnight85 8月8日 8時37分 
the video looks like a vast improvement on vanilla Skyrim. should this mod be at the top or bottom of load order?
not a Nazi 7月10日 8時33分 
boi, ragdolls that bounce on the ground are so realistic
Chure 6月24日 8時54分 
@kamil15 have you ever seen one get shot in the back? they'll probably fall on their knees then on their back
Chure 6月24日 8時52分 
the song is so beautiful, but sad since there's no information about it...
Genesis 6月14日 14時49分 
sinistar, open skyrim. data thing, then uncheck the mod. Then unsubscribe.
sinistar 4月17日 7時45分 
Where can I find proper Uninstall guide? Unsub just crashes any save game.
kamil15💔 4月10日 6時49分 
Good point ;p you got me ;p
BakaKemono  [作成者] 4月10日 5時29分 
This mod doesn't change fall damage. NPC will take the same amount of fall damage as the player.

Not if they are wearing armor
Mr.Yep 4月9日 19時43分 
I got information that npcs take fall damage with this mod, is that true?
kamil15💔 3月20日 7時47分 
Is not so real , if sameone get shot from beheind he supoust to fall on face , not on back...
Gravity is enemy of live...
BakaKemono  [作成者] 3月19日 21時15分 
Both mods work with each other. You can try disabling the plugin file or use the more force option on the Nexus.
DavidTheGayCheetus 3月15日 15時19分 
im confused, when i enable the no spinning death mod no one flies when i use unreleting force. are ther any mods that are not compatible with this mod that you know? i can try to find it and disable it
BakaKemono  [作成者] 3月14日 22時25分 
@Darius, DavidTheGrayGremlin
This mod doesn't remove the spin death thing. You can use both if you want.
Darius Hunter 3月14日 21時07分 
They still spin and came into you when you kill. I though that would have been fixed just like another mos, more aimed at doing that. Which achieved it.
DavidTheGayCheetus 3月10日 16時18分 
thanks for the help, i forgot i have a mod that disables the body twist when someone dies, that might be it. ill let you know if it works
BakaKemono  [作成者] 3月10日 13時12分 
1) You probably have the mod's plugin deactivated
2) You can use high force plugins found on the Nexus version of this mod
3) Might be a conflicting body mod
DavidTheGayCheetus 3月10日 11時57分 
people just slump over when i use unreleting force on them during combat, how do i fix this?
BakaKemono  [作成者] 3月10日 5時42分 
@The Angel of Death
Your playing the game above 60 FPS. This will cause issues with the physics of the game. This isn't a mod issue.

This is a normal behavior of the giants.

Conflicting body mods may causes this.
Nekrofilon 3月9日 23時12分 
Whenever I open a door, items are thrown all over the place.
Static items make constant sounds,
traps now instantly kill you;
teleporting through doors.
Rage 2月28日 16時04分 
Makes giants ridiculously overpowered. I can't fight them even at a really high level. I fought one and he did one stomp attack. I'm not exaggerating with this, it sent me so hight that I could see the Throat of the World below me. Also it seems any ragdoll physics now kill me instantly. This is crazy dude
TNTCgaming 2月4日 16時43分 
whenever i go into dragonsreach with this mod my game crashes. It might be a conflict with my mods but just wanted to let you know.... Great mod by the way
Hekudan 1月28日 18時53分 
it sure is fun to see bodies falling from the mountain
Kureiji_Kyodai 2016年12月22日 18時53分 
I love the music as we watch random people ragdoll
Psicotrópico 2016年12月19日 10時50分 
The video that thrilled steven spielberg
[Benis] OG SWAGGERDICK 2016年12月17日 17時42分 
that last video clip down the mountain tho

DOGCRACKER 2016年12月9日 13時21分 
Unless it was an another mod? It's the only mod for physics I have though. Welp anyways cell reset really helps. Great mod anyways
DOGCRACKER 2016年12月9日 13時19分 
I had a problem that I entered different houses/taverns etc and almost everything was scattered on the ground. A cell reset helped and it doesn't happen at all anymore so if someone has that problem it's a really good fix
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月28日 1時55分 
I'm using the Legendary Edition, without special mods or so. Will this run properly?
Because, ESPECIALLY for the arrows hits, the bodies pushed so far away (from the blow's power) is ridiculous!
AK 2016年11月19日 18時52分 
Thank you for talking about how the games physics can't handle over 60fps! I've been running uncapped for years having physics issues. No longer a problem though!
Deviston X 2016年11月3日 17時00分 
It's nifty. I just find myself sitting on the ground until loading screen if I ever get hit in melee. Maybe it's just not for me.
OnyxSevai 2016年10月19日 18時33分 
I seriously cannot stop laughing at the video... Such peaceful music while watching bodies flop puts an odd smile on my face xD
helgar62 2016年8月26日 14時55分 
Tekky if that force shout is during a quest like the grey beards, you ll need to unclik the box before load then redo what you have undone so grey beards can feel your shout ...if its other then that your on your own

Tekƙƴ 2016年8月13日 4時32分 
I have a issue where the force shout dosent push npc, would this addon fix that?
ruether16 2016年7月27日 13時14分 
this is a really great mod and ive had it for a long time, however i figured out that if you are on one of the quests (At the Summit of Apocrypha) a glitch will occur, which will not allow you to ride a dragon in order to complete the quest. just thought you should know.
Timesplitter 2016年7月13日 17時23分 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at .
jjstuec 2016年6月26日 18時32分 
I know this will be good cause your other 2 skyrim mods i just loved soo much!
jjstuec 2016年6月26日 18時30分 
If i may ask...This has no change to normal fight gameplay right no buffs at all? they just get more force when death. I hope so cause I want this mod but not if it makes gameplay easier.
Quirky View 2016年6月25日 22時09分 
Can you make a version that only changes the ragdolls, but not the force?
Can Of ForTuna 2016年6月16日 22時22分 
but... I like watching bodies fly 500 feet when I shoot them with an arrow... :D
Thoroolf 2016年6月16日 9時45分 
nice Music !
Alaril 2016年6月13日 8時50分 
Wtf is this mod hah?
pepperoni soup 2016年5月25日 19時15分 
What is the name of the music in the video?
Trimix 2016年5月23日 23時59分 
This mod is terrible because it doens't have the song in the video when I kill someone.
Big Mcthankies from Mcspankies 2016年5月18日 16時37分 
I have a request: make a mod the exact opposite of this. I wanna fus ro da someone across the world
Geralt of Rivia 2016年5月6日 15時15分 
Don't get me wrong, the mod is great, it was just crashing my game, I'll give it another go.
Geralt of Rivia 2016年5月6日 15時12分 
All I know is that when I unsubbed the crashing stopped.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年5月5日 20時17分 
These types of crashes are caused a mod that changed something at a location or a general issue in that location. This mod only changes body meshes and some values.
Geralt of Rivia 2016年5月5日 13時29分 
I don't have any other mods that affect the NPCs other than a retexturing mod, and an eye retexturing mod.