Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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Kain Fayiar 1 timme sedan 
This is Great !!
Breaded fish 2 timmar sedan 
when I and Hadvar gets out of the cave he just stands there and I cant continue the quest
leannaray 12 timmar sedan 
Hi! Live Another Life is wonderful, isn't it! But you often start without things you need, don't you! Personally I would like each alternate beginning to start with a torch, a Clairvoyance spellbook, and a pickaxe. These are important things that you can get from the Embershard Mine at the beginning of the game, but you can't get them when you have an alternate start. I wonder if we could have them added to our inventories when we click on the bed at the start?

Until they are added, we can use a bat file with the text:
player.additem e3c16 1
player.additem 1d4ec 1
player.additem ff7d1 1
TieroBattleheart 18 timmar sedan 
I really like how one of the properties you can choose to own is a farm just outside of Rorikstead. I have two questions about it though... 1: Is there a way I can own it if I don't start there? 2: Was it part of the original game or is it added by this mod? 1st question I really want to know because I'd like to have some of my characters start elswhere and then eventully buy/aqquire the farm. 2nd question is just curiosity because I never really hung around Rorikstead before installing this mod.
mopakano12 19 timmar sedan 
Redid a playthrough, started like usual but once i went to ulfric but i was just floating in the air not able to move. Any fixes?
totktonada96 30 jan @ 11:47pm 
I have followed through the quest right to Helgen, but somehow Alduin isn't there.I tried reloading my game and aproaching Helgen from different directions.I don't use any other mods affecting start of the game,dragons as whole or Alduin in particular,have latest BOSS and SKSE running.Please help me.
XxNYANCAT51xX 29 jan @ 3:52pm 
when ever i load up skyrim it shows the bethesda logo and then goes back to the work shop. Are there any mods that conflict with tis one?
Le Black Lotus 27 jan @ 5:28pm 
i cant buy breezehome.......
Kapiut 27 jan @ 1:40pm 
This one has a problem. This one picked a starting point, and this one went to sleep. When this one woke up, This one was still in the prison cell, except with the quest journal updated to do the quest this one has to do depending one the start this one picked. This one can only use the "I want to escape this cell" option now, and this one does not want to use that option. This one would be happy if someone told this one a fix for this bug.
The Bibliophile 27 jan @ 11:16am 
Re: Leaving Jorvaskrr and waiting for 24 hours fixes the bug.

Lol now i look like an ass after writing a two thousand word dossier on a bug that didn't even exist in the first place
The Bibliophile 27 jan @ 10:57am 
While all this is happening (In vanilla Skyrim) Skjor goes down to Aela's quarters and begins a conversation witth her. This conversation is still going on when you give Aela her shield.

However, in the modded version, Skjor never has an opportunity to start his conversation with Aela, due to the scripted event of Athis and Njadi's brawl (with Skjor's commentary) that is triggered when any player first enters Jorvaskrr.

I suggest that for the companions alternate start that you spawn the player just outside Jorvaskrr, with no companions quests started. This basically means that the player just has a different spawn point, and a very small variation too the original mod.
The Bibliophile 27 jan @ 10:57am 
Just some constructive critiquism.... If I start with the companions the game bugs out when I need to return Aela the Huntress' shield. I say "I have your shield" and then she says her bit. The shield is not removed from my inventory and I need to restart the dialogue and it goes around in a loop like that.

I think this is because when you first enter Jorvaskrr in the vanilla skyrim, Athis and Njadi Stonearm are brawling around, and Skjor is giving a running commentary. Typically (In vanilla Skyrim) you then go down into the quarters and speak to Kodlak, then Vilkas leads you to the courtyard for training. Subsequent to this you go to Eorlund to have Vilkas' sword sharpened, and you receive Aela's shield.

(Please continue above)
Jamma77 27 jan @ 9:11am 
Been meaning to ask this for a while: Won't starting the game as a Stormcloak and oplaying through the civil war as a Stormcloak beofroe the main quest break the main quest, since the Stormcloaks replace the Jarl of Whiterun during their take over.
Arthmoor  [skapare] 25 jan @ 9:30pm 
@TheWarrior2387: With either of the civil war options the MQ is already started. Those two starts assume you have been to Helgen and were there to see it happen.
ronniotempleton 25 jan @ 11:50am 
I Cant get it to run in english...
TheWarrior2387 24 jan @ 8:27pm 
100/10 ABSOLOUTELY LOVE THIS MOD! It is just glorious, totally amazing. I LOVE how you made the little descriptions in the quest log for each start, relly gets you into it! But on thing: how do i begin the main questline when i have chosen the civil war option?
Murderous Cake 23 jan @ 12:14pm 
there should be a door to your left in the Helgen Keep dungeon. If it didn't then I don't know
2802723 23 jan @ 6:19am 
There is falled stones in the Helgen keep
I can not go and pass quest !!
minecraftstar03 22 jan @ 5:16pm 
the sound is english but the subtitles and everything else is russian
giannisgiannis007 22 jan @ 5:27am 
this is fucking awsome
D.P.S.S 21 jan @ 7:51pm 
this works though i wander how you get MCM?
C.M.C Imagine 33 21 jan @ 7:26am 
For me no and as soon as you click new game it takes you to the prison for character creation and choosing your story
warzone 20 jan @ 6:59pm 
Two questions is SKSE required for this mod and do u need to restart the game in order for this mod to work
¤Grahamster VII™¤ 19 jan @ 2:06pm 
I have this mod but the vampire one wont work!
Mecha_Bandicoot 19 jan @ 1:25pm 
Also is there a way you can show people how you did it :D
evilgnomeboy1997 19 jan @ 1:24pm 
Hi I'm a modder and I was wondering if I could make a little update to this. It's like the starting spell choice mod update for this, but since that one does not work I was hoping I could just add the spells in the book case you had added in the cell. I'll be adding a few extra spells like maybe an actual priest-like starting build with holy attacks. I hope it's a good idea and that you will give me permission to do it. I'll of course give you credit for everything.
Mecha_Bandicoot 19 jan @ 12:44pm 
This looks cool I am wondering can you do it for other parts of the story not just the start ?
Anonymous 18 jan @ 2:38am 
can i do unbound after i have downladed the mod?
Foxy The Pirate Fox 16 jan @ 8:10am 
:( Cant get mine to work was gonna show freddy and bonnie Guess i cant :(
Kirby 14 jan @ 9:34am 
@TheWarrior2387 its the same as any other steam mod -.-
tigerblessing 13 jan @ 3:49pm 
it is still in russian
tigerblessing 13 jan @ 3:48pm 
steam fix it
TheWarrior2387 13 jan @ 2:18pm 
is there anything i need to do to uninstall, or do i just unsubscribe? I want to know the uninstall method before i subscribe in case i want to get rid of this mod.
jamesllewellyn74 13 jan @ 10:31am 
Yeah its still in russian
Shiney M ツ 13 jan @ 10:17am 
try opening the launcher, and wait for the mod to finish downloading. then check again. I had this problem and this is how i fixed it
georgedawsonward 13 jan @ 8:30am 
i have a problem, i dont know how to fix it, i looked where the mod should be and where steam puts it and in both places i cant find the file. it boggles my mind a swift reply would be most appreciated
Foxythapiratefox1987 11 jan @ 6:48pm 
i found eeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Fluffy The Wolf 11 jan @ 9:02am 
@T5 Daud I have the same problem, when select new game it just shows the skyrim logo forever wih music playing in the background :(
T5 Daud 10 jan @ 8:52am 
I installed the mod a few days ago without putting the ini at the right spot. It ran just fine. After a while I decided to unsubscribe to it, so I did. I was confused why when pressing "new" it still went to the abandoned prison start.. obviously I understand now, because I didnt delete the files after unsubscribing. So when I tried to start a new game with this mod (while still unsubscribed, but thinking it would work cuz it did before) it didnt work at all. So this time I tried to do everything the proper way, subscribed again, put the ini in the data map etc, but now when I press new it just shows the skyrim logo eternally and it won't go to the alternate start. Do you have any idea what might cause this?
IkiHara 10 jan @ 12:07am 
I think I have found a bug or something. When I choose anything other than vanilla start, I am stuck in the air with animation as I am sitting on the vanilla beginning carriage, I can switch to 3rd person and I can't move whatsoever.
Shogunninja 9 jan @ 8:16pm 
Hearthfire version maybe? This mod is awesome :) 7 jan @ 12:50pm 
Okay, I'll def give this one a try then. Thank you!
Arthmoor  [skapare] 7 jan @ 12:42pm 
No, that can't be done. You can only use one alt-start mod in the game. 7 jan @ 10:47am 
Can you have this AND the random start mod? I'd really love it if when you go to start you get to choose either this one, the normal skyrim opening, or random mod. Is that a thing?
Im Gone 4 jan @ 5:26pm 
Finnaly its back on the workshop!
xCLOUDx7 4 jan @ 4:53am 
Pretty great :)
landers4000 4 jan @ 12:47am 
emma unsubscribe
landers4000 4 jan @ 12:45am 
are you allowed to have two skyrim worlds cause i do not want to completly start over?
Emma 3 jan @ 6:04pm 
Or do I have to keep it in for the rest of my character's days?
Emma 3 jan @ 6:04pm 
At what point can I uninstall this mod?