Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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Skaren 2 小时以前 
May I ask how do I get the mod in English???
Zmanzzaa 18 小时以前 
question if i chose to own a property can i start the main questline and can i dothe civil war
Jamma77 18 小时以前 
Bug report: If you decide not to rescue anyone at Helgen but go straight to Riverwood and warn Alvor or Gerdur, then the quest doesn't complete and just remains in your quest log.
Tojo 19 小时以前 
@eric Thanks for the help! Love this mod. 10/10
Itz_Toxy_ 21 小时以前 
Note: Do NOT Use Race Mods
Guilmon 8月30日下午10:41 
this mod is alright but when i select a ocupation then went tot the bed i wake up in the cell you started from
TheRatVendor 8月30日上午9:01 
What would happen if i uninstalled after I got through most of the main story? Would it do anything to my saved files? Great mod, just running out of storage :p
ericwu102 8月29日下午8:17 
If you chose to simply escape the cell you may start the war story by visiting Helgen or talking to any of the inn keepers, who will tell you about the raging war in one of their rumor gossips
The quickest way to start the civil war questline is naturally to tell Mara that you belonged in one of the armies---doing so puts you right into the action of claiming the Jagged Crown.

Sapphire Blue ^ 3 ^ 8月29日下午6:25 
i jsut noticed something if you put Slayer in your name it will add a new option or does this happen normally?
ryanpstephenson 8月28日下午9:17 
please respond soon lol. i really wanna try this, but i dont speak any russian
ryanpstephenson 8月28日下午8:38 
how do i telll steam it came up in russian?
Cry 8月28日上午6:35 
HUGE Change, Good Job Arthmoor! ;)
Tojo 8月28日上午6:17 
Quick question. If I just chose to escape from my cell is there anyway for me to start th civil war questline?
Demon Cat Lord 8月27日下午5:16 
So what does this mod do? Just let you do start somewhere else?
ericwu102 8月27日上午9:10 
HUGE immersion boost. I cannot explain how huge this boost can be. Try it and you will know why.
One of my new playthroughs is a Dark Elf and without spoiling too much~the racial choice is glorious (requires Dragonborn DLC) and gives a lot of headcanon-ish connection to Morrowind. Other choices like guild members, property-owners, oversea travelers, and Thalmor embassy are equally boss. Damn it seems I have spoiled them anyway. But I only have spoiled part of it. I dare say that all the options offered by this mod seamlessly blend into the world and will hit the spot for hard-core roleplayers.

But on a side note, I do not understand the need to manually move that "live another life.ini" file. Did not do it at all and the game works perfectly fine. Maybe somebody can enlighten me on the subject?
FallenAngel 8月26日下午8:32 
i downloaded the russian one but corrected my mistake and downloaded the english one. but its still in russian. how do i fix this?
Nano_Ranger 8月25日下午5:29 
i downloaded this version of the mod but the language is not in english
Mikasa 三笠 8月24日下午1:50 
I dowloaded the russian one by mistake and its still in russian. how do i fix it?
k0nichiwah 8月23日上午1:36 
i get a crash everytime i click on the statue to start the mod. Is there a mod or something that conflicts with this. should i start a fresh install?
Souperzombie 8月21日下午12:15 
I found a minor glitch: I started as a vampire and went vaguely west from the starting area and fed on someone along the way, and found the abandoned prison where you start. While I was going through it, as soon as I aproached the cell where you start it teleported me back to the starting area, reset my vampirism and re-equipped all my items. I fast travelled back to the prison and it didn't happen a second time.
No other errors to mention, but it did mean I had to feed again which was annoying.
Gaming ghost 8月20日下午10:29 
so this is the ENGLISH version to the alternet start....yes?
lisabean1963 8月20日下午2:10 
IBACOM.... at menu,not main menu but startup menu. you gotta select i think data files and select it
lbacom 8月20日上午7:59 
i justsubbed and made a new character and im in the cart to helgen
bucklesmclucky 8月19日上午6:53 
This is a marvelous mod and at the top of my list for essentials. It removes that "I want a new character but can't bear to slog through Helgen" problem altogether, and it even adds new interest with the alternate beginnings. Great work!
Kexyl 8月19日上午12:39 
I knew that I would be going through the Helgen intro (ONCE AGAIN) for my newest character, so I started searching for a mod like this, so I didn't have to put myself through the trouble of running around beneath Helgen.
I found this mod, noticed it had EXACTLY what I was looking for, and downloaded it. I was NOT disappointed! Truth be told, I had NEVER gotten to the battle for Whiterun, not at all. But as I had decided to take the path of an Imperial Legionaire, I felt it was time to actually do it.
If anybody feels like getting a fresh start with a character that is already where you would like them to be, download this mod! It's an amzing way to start your new builds!
lizchambe 8月18日上午7:42 
i had accidently downloaded the russian version of this mod and deleted it and now when i download this one it is still in russian. Any Solutions?
[][Papaco Rachacuca][] 8月18日上午4:13 
When i use the "Trying to Escape the Border" option, i get stuck in the Helgen Keep the Character keeps running but immovable.
The Hot And Sexy MaMa 8月17日上午6:23 
can i have the older version of your mod?
Braveheart 8月16日下午10:54 
It Looks Awsome I'm tired of the vanilla start so i'l try it
GoombaGamer 8月15日下午9:23 
Ima try it without Ske thingy and I hopw it works 0_0
[SPO] Hirschmann 8月15日下午7:47 
i'm having a weird problem. I have used this mod before with no problem, but i tried it today and no matter what option i pick when i use the bed it does the escape the cell option. Anyone else having this problem?
Rebellious Hefer of Mordor 8月15日上午10:23 
I have the same problem. Should I unsubscribe and subscribe again?
Spyderactive 8月15日上午6:18 
I'm having an odd issue with the starting cell - I was updating some of my mods in NMM, and accidentally shuffled Live Another Life around in the load order (easily done, right?). Now the cell doesn't seem to be loading and I only get some static objects floating in the Void. As soon as I exit the race menu I start to fall.
mineguypete 8月14日下午3:26 
sorry to bother u, but i get steam error 15 when it tries to load (failed to get details for subscribed file) i do not know if i did something wrong or if its on ur end, please respond, thanks. ( great mod btw)
daburgess606 8月14日上午7:07 
.zool las svarhin dovah nok dovahkin

Captain Leeяox 8月13日下午12:36 
Can't find Ralof or hadvar HELP
devinf 8月8日下午9:31 
Swanhilde 8月8日下午5:09 
In one of the previous versions of this mod you described the steps you need to take in order uninstall this mod. I was wondering if you could tell me what I need to do to uninstall without causing any problems. I am concerned that if I just unsubscribe something might go wrong because it was mentioned in an earlier version that you had to uninstall manually.
brackal 8月8日下午1:38 
can you add an option to be a thane
Arthmoor  [作者] 8月7日下午8:26 
Look up - bottom of the description. Since Valve denies fault, you need to take it up with them before they'll believe a word of it.
anderskrab 8月7日下午2:14 
why is it russian
robotking 8月7日下午12:46 
My game is only in what looks like German. Can someone help me with this issue?
neiltownsend001 8月7日上午11:35 
Arthmoor  [作者] 8月7日上午11:11 
@CenturionFlaviusAqulia: If Helgen Reborn is installed at the same time, you can't pick that option. HR cannot be used to start the game - says so in that mod's own readme.
TheNoodle 8月6日下午9:07 
Temple313 8月6日下午7:29 
thanks for making a english kind
devinf 8月6日下午2:45 
L0N3-DR4C0 8月6日上午11:28 
keeps coming up as Rus no matter witch 1 i down load
Sg Autumn Redd 8月6日上午11:19 
anytime i start more then 1 game per session, the game crashes
CenturionFlaviusAqulia 8月5日上午8:23 
The option "caught crossing the border illegally" doesnt show up on the list when speaking to the statue of Maria. When I uninstall to get the default start the script is broken and the carriage doesnt move. How do I get the option "caught crossing the border illegally" to show up on the list to get the default starting?