Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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Arthmoor  [автор] 4 ч. назад 
Only thing I could suggest is one that edits the Abandoned Prison. Usually moving this mod down more in the load order will fix that.
EpicPwner 11 ч. назад 
Floor's vanished. As in non existent. Could be one of my other mods, but any know conflicts so I know what I need to disable?
xxdjroccostylesxx 18 ч. назад 
.....eheehehehhehe.....I just noticed that the bottom of the pre game screen says downloadin x of xxx files... Now I play the waiting game... Thanks anyways people!
xxdjroccostylesxx 18 ч. назад 
Let me start off by saying HOLY SHIT THANK YOUUUU! Modding is the single greatest pinacle of gaming ever... Even if I initially fried my comp through nexusmods I have delved into the work shop non stop subscribing to sooooo many mind altering options. Again thank you modders, your time and efforts make the world go round. This mod is by far the coolest due to its simplistic unhinging of the confines of the original game. Pure genius. That said after subbing I have scoured my files and have no records of any alternatestart ini file to redistribute to my data file. Im going to try some moar things but if anyone has advice Ill listen with open ears. Thanks everyone!
bnut98tx 15 сен @ 14:36 
ya the text is read by mara as english but the text that you choice is not
killerrainbowdash 14 сен @ 20:30 
how do i switch the texts to english
Hershey Squirts 13 сен @ 22:56 
The bed won't spawn for me whenever I make a new character. Is there anyway to fix this?
Pierce 13 сен @ 21:46 
By eney chanse do you know if i can fined one that dosen't need DLCs?
*Snuffels is maybe a bear 12 сен @ 19:59 
When I choose the Vampire start, I spawn in a cave and death hounds start to attack me. is there a way to stop this?
Secretly Chuck Norris 12 сен @ 17:24 
I cannot believe someone did this!!
Nipa - 尼帕蜥蜴 12 сен @ 13:20 
Why i can't use normal start! pls help :(
(sorry my bad english)
Fancy Hoovyturtle 12 сен @ 8:53 
ulfberth war-bear mentions dragons when asked about whos in charge of whiterun
jrok72 11 сен @ 10:23 
Skaren and Anti-Bunny. He has noted in the description if it only comes in Russian and English is not available report to Steam. Plus he has also provided Atl links in the description that contains the english version. This location like Nexus only gives an author a limited space to post their work. I know of several other locations for the files no-longer avaliable here and Nexus from the Authors I follow here in Workshop. They are posted with the Authors permission in those locations, Google is very good for finding things.
HybridPanda 11 сен @ 9:56 
cubsfan79924 10 сен @ 14:52 
mine is just coming up in russian even after i installed the english version? anyone else having that? :L
Daglez 8 сен @ 1:18 
i can mot enter helgen keep!!!
bold0727 7 сен @ 11:28 
Riften's inn is also missing, just thought I'd let you know.
bold0727 7 сен @ 10:54 
I would like to report two game breaking errors:

1. While doing the Campsite startup, it doesn't register you reading the journal (Only happens sometimes)

2. When you choose the original startup, Alduin won't come in and break the wall down.

And one minor issue: The Silver-Blood inn isn't availible on the patron of an inn list.

And two requests: Could you make it so there is a 'Adventuring" startup, where you choose what city your adventuring to, and it plops you right outside of the city a few meters outside of the place? And a start where you work for a mine, I was planning to have my character work in the Markarth mine, but there isn't a startup for mining, adventuring or patron-ing for it.

These are just requests, and not demands. They don't have to be implemented; I would just like to have them implemented. Thanks in advance (If you don't get to it, thanks anyway for reading it... You did read it, right?), ~Bold
GuitarChainGun4 7 сен @ 1:20 
So, I also can not absorb any souls, nor can i start the dragonborn quest line (and i can not learn words of power). This puts a big hold on the civil war...
bhuelsman93 6 сен @ 14:32 
For some reason after downloading this mod, I cannot absorb any dragon souls. is there a command or mod of some sort that allows for manual soul absorption?
cmthegamer 5 сен @ 11:26 
Got a bug to report. Since 2.5.2, the tool to check for new updates to Live Another Life and add them to old files keeps going off when I load any file, telling me that it failed to update and I'd have to start a new game. This applies even to game files I saved since 2.5.2.

Since I didn't have this problem prior to 2.5.2 (I know that particular feature was introduced in 2.5.0) and my mod setup is unchanged (no other updates, no new mods), it's probably an issue with the 2.5.2 update itself. You might want to look into this.
zergvsgenin 5 сен @ 10:32 
The vanilla Helgen start should be available for all races now, right? Last time I tried it, it was only available to Redguard characters.
HawkHD21 5 сен @ 7:20 
gotta love dis mod
Olliopoppo 4 сен @ 12:15 
Can you make it that ralof/the other one will be back, I <3 this
Mod, but was sad when I discovered Ralof wasn't going to fight by my side :<
SMURG 3 сен @ 7:47 
Right, okay.

Well anyway, I already just used the console (setstage MQ02 30) to manually get the "talk to Jarl of Whiterun" quest objective, since I assume you're supposed to see the dragon and get that task at Helgen.
Arthmoor  [автор] 2 сен @ 17:58 
@Cat, Smurg: You need to go around to the opposite side of the cave and come in from the back.
Carnage3xx 2 сен @ 17:49 
So everytime I go to start my new life I make my choice go to sleep and I wake up with no gear in the cell still with no statue and lockpicks ive tried everything I removed recently downloaded mods ive unsubbed and resubbed removed redownloaded still the same thing any ideas?
SMURG 2 сен @ 12:11 
Turned all mods off (except alternate start and the DLCs), still having the same problem as Demon Cat Lord. What exactly is supposed to happen? Is it meant to be that you just walk into Helgen and the dragon shows up/flies over or what?
HybridPanda 2 сен @ 9:28 
it not working
fix it plz
Demon Cat Lord 2 сен @ 9:23 
I'm having the same issue as @SMURG , I go in helgen keep and i walk so far then its just a dead end. I've tried using the noclip command to walk through the cave in spot and i make it to the quest marker but it doesnt do anything when i get there.
elcamaron 2 сен @ 8:29 
@Guilmon Yes i have the same problem!!!!WHY please!!!??,
Arthmoor  [автор] 1 сен @ 15:55 
Then you have some conflicting mod installed that's blocking the event from taking place.
SMURG 1 сен @ 14:07 
As far as I can tell, with this mod installed I flat out cannot start the dragonborn questline. I can run around Helgen all I like, nothing happens there at all, nor are there any enemies (no bandits like there used to be) or anything to interact with at all really. Just a burned down village with locked gates.
Skaren Blodhrafn 31 авг @ 22:21 
May I ask how do I get the mod in English???
Zmanzzaa 31 авг @ 7:06 
question if i chose to own a property can i start the main questline and can i dothe civil war
Jamma77 31 авг @ 6:51 
Bug report: If you decide not to rescue anyone at Helgen but go straight to Riverwood and warn Alvor or Gerdur, then the quest doesn't complete and just remains in your quest log.
Tojo 31 авг @ 5:27 
@eric Thanks for the help! Love this mod. 10/10
Itz_Toxy_ 31 авг @ 3:48 
Note: Do NOT Use Race Mods
Guilmon 30 авг @ 22:41 
this mod is alright but when i select a ocupation then went tot the bed i wake up in the cell you started from
TheRatVendor 30 авг @ 9:01 
What would happen if i uninstalled after I got through most of the main story? Would it do anything to my saved files? Great mod, just running out of storage :p
Veloric 29 авг @ 20:17 
If you chose to simply escape the cell you may start the war story by visiting Helgen or talking to any of the inn keepers, who will tell you about the raging war in one of their rumor gossips
The quickest way to start the civil war questline is naturally to tell Mara that you belonged in one of the armies---doing so puts you right into the action of claiming the Jagged Crown.

Sapphire Blue ^ 3 ^ 29 авг @ 18:25 
i jsut noticed something if you put Slayer in your name it will add a new option or does this happen normally?
ryanpstephenson 28 авг @ 21:17 
please respond soon lol. i really wanna try this, but i dont speak any russian
ryanpstephenson 28 авг @ 20:38 
how do i telll steam it came up in russian?
Cry 28 авг @ 6:35 
HUGE Change, Good Job Arthmoor! ;)
Tojo 28 авг @ 6:17 
Quick question. If I just chose to escape from my cell is there anyway for me to start th civil war questline?
Demon Cat Lord 27 авг @ 17:16 
So what does this mod do? Just let you do start somewhere else?
Veloric 27 авг @ 9:10 
HUGE immersion boost. I cannot explain how huge this boost can be. Try it and you will know why.
One of my new playthroughs is a Dark Elf and without spoiling too much~the racial choice is glorious (requires Dragonborn DLC) and gives a lot of headcanon-ish connection to Morrowind. Other choices like guild members, property-owners, oversea travelers, and Thalmor embassy are equally boss. Damn it seems I have spoiled them anyway. But I only have spoiled part of it. I dare say that all the options offered by this mod seamlessly blend into the world and will hit the spot for hard-core roleplayers.

But on a side note, I do not understand the need to manually move that "live another life.ini" file. Did not do it at all and the game works perfectly fine. Maybe somebody can enlighten me on the subject?
FallenAngel 26 авг @ 20:32 
i downloaded the russian one but corrected my mistake and downloaded the english one. but its still in russian. how do i fix this?