The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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itsaiah Há 5 horas 
Why does this require all the DLC :/
TheWill 24 Mai às 18:41 
any fix on why it keeps spawning me in the cell after i sleep in the bed
Haus The Plague Doctor 24 Mai às 4:33 
wheres the non dlc version?
Arthmoor  [autor] 22 Mai às 16:26 
That CTD situation is covered in the readme.
Ghostxpredator 22 Mai às 15:58 
OliviaBarbara 21 Mai às 14:05 
since when does it require dlc. poopy
Mirage 21 Mai às 13:59 
Its not loading it just goes to the normal start.How do I fix it to get to the jail cell
KNIGHT SOULSWORD 17 Mai às 23:53 
hey its fix
NavyTexan 16 Mai às 9:55 
^you are the author
<you are kewl
v it worked
BraynCel 15 Mai às 14:03 
I only have one complaint about this mod, and that's the lack of unique start for Wood Elf characters.
Otherwise one of the best Skyrim mods on Steam.
General Grievous 15 Mai às 13:24 
Is there an old version of this mod that dosen't require dlc, and is on the Steam Workshop?
tristan10121 13 Mai às 18:00 
please make one that dose not need dlc
Kenji-chan 11 Mai às 3:19 
is there maybe some Consoles Parameter that solves the Problem? or is there something else what can be done ?. If not I start the Game again from scratch but it would at least to know .....
TheKingOfTrollz 10 Mai às 18:23 
Help.....Im stuck in a odd third person mode.....
it was the go back arrow then go there again
btw it was a bug
Kenji-chan 10 Mai às 4:06 
it's a bug. As in this video is not for me and apparently I have to bite the sour apple and to start again. And Tullius also had missed me and have added him.
Kenji-chan 10 Mai às 3:53 
Should not normally an arrow will appear to the mission?
Arthmoor  [autor] 9 Mai às 18:04 
@Kenji-chan: Nothing I see wrong there. The choice between which one to commit to doesn't happen until after you finish the first mission for one of them and take the oath.
Arthmoor  [autor] 9 Mai às 17:59 
They don't look very deleted to me....
your deleting my comments aren't you
tell me now or i'll tell on you and everyone will know they need to pay about 20 english pounds or something
where is the link to no DLC
Kenji-chan 8 Mai às 6:15 
Hi Arthmoor,

After the last latest Patch I have the Problem still. I once created a Video where you can see what I mean. But it is in German language'm sorry.

daedricking101 7 Mai às 10:07 
can u create one of these were u dont need dlcs
なかの22 7 Mai às 8:09 
Skyrim's intro grows old the more you play it, this mod makes so you does not need to pass through all that, and all events certainly connects to Helgen's attack, resuming the story from the part where you and Hadvar leaves Helgen caverns and run to Riverwood.

A tip, if you actually go to Helgen, be sure to enter the Helgen Dungeon (forgot the name) to get some loot, there have some equipments to allow you making any build you want.

Just please, do NOT pick the Necromancer beggining.
marcusjsmith88 6 Mai às 16:39 
When I tried to be a Vigilant of Stendarr it spawned me above a chair and unable to do anything
jesseyk2 6 Mai às 16:04 
arthmoor why won't you respond to my questions i want answers and i can't find the NON-dlc version on nexus!!!!!!!!!
Kenji-chan 6 Mai às 13:59 
Hi Arthmoor,

I have been to the last current patch is still the problem that Ulfric missing. Is it possible that I you the savegame send that you can watch it you where the problem is ?. In the first mission "Joining the Legion" Rikke says that I should clean the Fort Hraggstad and after the they told me will not displayed arrow to the Fort.
(。◕ ⊖◕)。 6 Mai às 7:04 
where can I download Polish version?
Pandadox 3 Mai às 19:29 
Too bad. If you want, you can download the non-dlc one from nexus, but it's an older version.
Frisk 3 Mai às 19:14 
Why add dawgruad! i can't use it anymore
Flamethrower77 2 Mai às 18:49 
is there a quest id?
mycastlecellar 1 Mai às 12:54 
I can see the alternate start as I hate having to go through all that crap each time I start a new character. This journal to be found was simple enough as you had the arrows leading to it. However; the other two arrows lead to nothing, not a damn thing and I'm sick of looking for what isn't there. So where or what are the other two things that are supposed to be there inside the cave and why can't I find them? When I get to the arrows they simply move away and there isn't a thing there. OK!? So enlighten me. Thank you.
TorquevonThorne 1 Mai às 6:59 
Starting in Blackreach with a Dwraven Sphere welcoming you as your first enemy is a nice challange! There was a bunch of new charachters I wish to try but I couldn't bear the boring vanilla introduction. Thank you!
pss7265 29 Abr às 20:51 
well i ran into a problem wiith this mod it only lets you escaape th eprison cell otherwise you just wake back up in the cell bed weh you try other options
Fuzzy 29 Abr às 20:14 
@TrueExpo Praise Talos!
Nova 27 Abr às 11:23 
can you make a no dlc version plaz
i have hearthfire so you can include that
seith_leonhart 24 Abr às 12:25 
When going from Riverrun to Whiterun, the quest to go talk to Alvor fails out; even after I talked to him.
Talos Stormcrown 24 Abr às 11:27 
its the 9 divines not 8 you heathen
Swim Doggo 22 Abr às 15:35 
How do I install the version that does not require DLC?
nitro7979 21 Abr às 21:06 
or maybe that is just another conflicting mod cuz everything is russian.
nitro7979 21 Abr às 21:05 
is there an english version??
HappyGruntGaming 21 Abr às 6:55 
i have its dumb
Kajub 19 Abr às 16:08 
Great mod if you have played the beginnig of skyrim too many times
crazy_singing_lady 18 Abr às 2:38 
When I start the game I end up in the dungeon cell, I assume that I'm supposed to do something with the mara statue but when I click on it nothing happens. Can you please help me fix this?
ReimBowz 17 Abr às 16:25 
I downloaded this mod, opened a fresh skyrim game and it loaded in the normal start?
Lord Vlad 17 Abr às 15:04 
So I went to helgen, went up the burnt corpse and when it fell to ash, I didn't get the journal and it didn't appear in my inventory