Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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heart0fink 21 Out às 15:09 
Have a weird but where all the text is unreadable. Just look:

Can you fix?
Darknesskills 21 Out às 14:10 
Not sure where to put this, but the 'Imperial Deserter' in redwater den (dawnguard vampire questline) references Helgen
Sam B 19 Out às 10:49 
Does it need dawnguard
stitch20002011 19 Out às 9:49 
I used this mod before but now every time i use its in russin why is that.
veta.romanenkova 18 Out às 11:18 
I think there's a glitch. Whenever I start a new game, in the prison, a bunch of orcs are in the cell. And whenever I fast-travel, they fast-travel with me. Is it possible to fix that? Thnx for reading. :D
keeziia31 18 Out às 10:53 
I had dl'd this before and while the mod worked, I didn't get any rumors or even alduin at helgen to be able to start the main quest. I had the unofficial skyrim upate (with others) loaded but they caused more issues that it was worth so I uninstalled them and dl'd this mod again and oddly enough - it worked! So perhaps for those having issues, it could be a conflict or problem with the unoffical skyrim update. (/shrug)
I'm With Stupid 18 Out às 10:43 
Instant CTD when i click on the statue
Philsco 17 Out às 16:13 
May I ask what changed in this latest update?
faolanthehedgehog 17 Out às 15:16 
I wish we could choose the location on the "Attacked and left for dead" scenario. I mean, we get to choose the inn we start at with the "inn patron" scenario.
(Ducky) PotatOS iPod 17 Out às 11:10 
In the cell room
(Ducky) PotatOS iPod 17 Out às 11:09 
So... When I choose ANY of the opportunities, and use the bed, I just wake up there, not like in the video.
Shinji Dai 17 Out às 10:57 
Best alternate start mod I've tried. I was Harbinger of the Companions before I even started on the main quest. Just a great mod, got tired of always doing Helgen to start a game.
Whip the Beast. 16 Out às 17:11 
Thx bb luv u
grannysboyt 16 Out às 12:29 
love this mod but it wont work for me
ManOnFire 14 Out às 18:32 
i would go check it myself but my game has a problem around riverwood which i will get into fixing eventually
ManOnFire 14 Out às 18:31 
does this mod conflict with the lore? like who survives helgen hadvar or ralof
chocotacomatthew 12 Out às 21:13 
mine is in some weird luanguge that i dont know ive tried to fix but to no avail i cant help anyone please
dguywiedrich 11 Out às 18:39 
I have dawngaurd but when i try to make a new character it gives me an infinit loading screen please fix this
Frodo 11 Out às 14:40 
Okay, I downloaded from the Nexus and moved it to the bottom of my load order, made sure the plugin was checked and all that, but I'm getting the vanilla start in Helgen. What is going on? I used it before and it worked.
Frodo 11 Out às 14:27 
Lately I've been getting an infinate loading screen when trying to start a new character. I noticed that one of the tags on this is Dawnguard. Do I need Dawnguard for this to work?
Stallord 11 Out às 8:23 
I have an idea for another start multiple actually first is an additon to an already existing start the im a new member of the guild when you select theives guild you get an extra nightingale option when yu slect comanions a circle option db listen nothing extra for college because your only option would be to become arch mage and for dawnguard volkihar vampire option. For my other suggestion i think you should have the option to start in prison but not like the one ur in i mean ike cidna mine the chill etc.
Morwania 11 Out às 3:25 
Will there be more alternative starts in this mod? I love this mod :)
GoldenDragon 10 Out às 11:08 
i cant find the ini file!
Takehitsu 8 Out às 8:49 
Ah I will apologize I could not find a readme when I subscribed for this mod. It took me a little bit but I just now found it. My apologies.
deisine 8 Out às 5:41 
Is there a reason why all dragons are disappeared in Skyrim? I went to Helgen and I didn´t see Alduin flying over me. Do I have to go back all the way to Helgen? Does that even help?
The Chief 7 Out às 21:12 
hey when I get into bed after choosing any of the starts I CTD any advice?
Arthmoor  [autor] 7 Out às 18:30 
Did you even think to read the readme? :P

Just use the fast travel marker to get off the island.
Takehitsu 7 Out às 11:32 
So Arthmoor are you going to work on a fix for Solstheim or is my game just somehow bugged. The bartender does not activate the guest to allow me to leave Solstheim. I am thus stuck on the island.
katrinasieber 6 Out às 20:01 
Everytime I talk to the statue then choose a place and when I use the bed just lose all my cloths and stay in the room.. It has worked before please help!
Khaoz 6 Out às 9:29 
I have a few ideas. One: Maybe on the campsite one we could have a dog as a starter companion? Like a hunting dog? Two: Is there a way to have the character automatically level up baised on where you start? For example: I think it would be a little easier to start at a level 10 or 12 when you pick the Dawngaurd since you skip quite a bit of the quest. Players would just have to pick thier stats to 'catch up' to the natural flow of the game so its not so hard to start as a level 1 in a tough area. Three: Wouldn't it to be cool to start of in a Kahjiit caravan in the middle of a bandit attack? Then you save your buddies. Overall: good work on the alternate start. I think its a great idea for people who want to start over but are tired of the same intro over and over again.
Charlemagne 5 Out às 18:00 
Does this mod alter character creation? I wonder if it is compatible with Character Creation Overhaul? Specifically, without Random Alternate Start which is frequently used alongside it; I mean just CCO.
The_Savior_J 4 Out às 14:32 
how do i get fix it so it is not in russian?

Sam Suphit 4 Out às 12:40 
c'est bien,mais tu as pensé à ceux qui ne connaiisent pas bien l'anglais,quel lien,où et comment,merçi d'avance!
Input witty comment here 4 Out às 12:33 
It works now! not a lick of russian! c: thanks
psyckosama 4 Out às 4:13 
Would it be possible to allow players to buy the Shoal's Rest Farm even if they didn't start as a farmer?
jacobwagner13 3 Out às 19:31 
how come its in russian
Input witty comment here 3 Out às 17:25 
I contacted steam and they did not help.
midori 3 Out às 13:24 
can you add a beggar?
Arthmoor  [autor] 2 Out às 14:52 
No, SKSE is not required for this.
schicksteven679 1 Out às 23:38 
I had this mod before, but then I had to put my computer in the shop and had gotten it back, forgot to back up my files. Now I cannot remember if I need SKSE for this mod. Do I need that for this mod. I love the fact that I didnt have to sit through the Default opening sequence.
Forcer96 1 Out às 18:51 
...Ehm, The Statue of Mara was invisible for me, took me forever to realize it!
keeziia31 30 Set às 23:51 
Had a problem with getting the main storyline to start; went to helgen and no alduin - went to three different innkeepers and asked about rumors and I got everything but the rumor of helgen. Kinda sucks - was enjoying the alternate start :)
FaithfulGamer 30 Set às 14:25 
every time i start a new character it stays on the same screen with the skyrim logo and all that comes up is the compass :( i really hope you can fix this because i cant ever play a new character therefore until i can i am just going to use the random alternate start mod
epiczander 30 Set às 10:06 
how do i download it
Joey 29 Set às 18:55 
Thanks Arthmoor but I have no alternate start mods I have never downloaded one before.
Scp_Agent 29 Set às 15:25 
I got the english version and its in russian XD to lazy to contact steam
Takehitsu 29 Set às 14:59 
Alrighty I'm having a problem. I started in Solstheim and am nable to finish that quest because I am do not have dragonborn quest going not a big deal. But I am unable to leave Solstheim. Talking to the bartender does not further the new beggining quest he just say he hopes the nords leave their civil was in Skyrim.
Hawk of Light® 26 Set às 19:43 
the mod won't activate, I have let the game load the mod and when i start a new game it goes straight to the imperial carrage ride plz help
PlasticGeezer 26 Set às 13:55 
Great mod! I've ben playing the shipwreck varient, which led me to another mod, the Helljarchen (sp?) mine. Second time I've played Skyrim, nice alternate start! Thanks for a good mod.
Raen 26 Set às 4:55 
Good work, thanks.