Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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The doctor Há 3 horas 
this mod didnt need all the dlc once :( now u need too
trs325 Há 12 horas 
it doesnt work it just does the normal start help plz
DrunkChicken656 Há 20 horas 
It makes my game crash at the Bethseda logo screen
SPAC MAN! 24 Abr às 5:11 
I really want this mod, but I don't have all the dlc's. Can you please make a non-dlc version?
Retro/\Ronan 24 Abr às 4:32 
thank you for this mod, and may talos be with you kind sir!
jordan.brizendine 23 Abr às 21:50 
So, I downloaded the mod and it started up just like it should... Except that the statue of Mara ISN'T THERE. What am I supposed to do??
sonnyawan1 20 Abr às 19:04 
I got the old version off the nexus thanks for teh help doh.
sonnyawan1 20 Abr às 19:04 
Arthmoor  [autor] 19 Abr às 19:49 
If you don't have all 3 DLCs, the mod will CTD at the opening menu. No, I can't leave one out since it uses parts of all of them.
sonnyawan1 19 Abr às 19:34 
Is it just that some parts wont work or the whole mod will crash?
sonnyawan1 19 Abr às 19:33 
Is hearthfire really needed?
sonnyawan1 19 Abr às 19:32 
What happens if you don't have one of the dlcs?
CandyBadnit15 19 Abr às 16:37 
plz make a non dlc version, thanks :)
Mr. Doge 19 Abr às 14:30 
Aha! It has worked! Thankyou Arthmoor
Arthmoor  [autor] 18 Abr às 21:04 
Most likely the mod simply isn't activated. In your Data Files menu, make sure the box next to "Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp" is checked. Then use the arrow buttons to move it down to the bottom of the load order, right before the Bashed Patch if you have one.
Mr. Doge 18 Abr às 19:56 
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. Whenever I press New in the main menu it just brings me into carriage up to the chopping block, Please I want to make this mod work so please can someone help me
CandyBadnit15 18 Abr às 12:31 
why do i have to have the dlcs :(
General Ivan 18 Abr às 6:51 
whenever i load,i cant move because im stuck in the carriage animation!!!!!!
The Bladed Man 17 Abr às 17:53 
doesnt work fer meh
Kiffe 17 Abr às 9:55 
Yeah, i'd like a non-DLC version as well. Just saying
seanmalone123 17 Abr às 7:24 
Dracula approves
helen.bumblebee 17 Abr às 2:56 
For some reason I can't get the different storylines, I go to the bed after speaking with Mara, but I just end up waking up in the same prison cell
Oelric 16 Abr às 16:18 
Well, is it really that hard to make a separate mod for those of us that don't have all 3 DLCs?
SuperCrazyFlapjack 16 Abr às 12:44 
Could you upload a version that doesn't require DLC?
[Tunnel Snakes] Dagoth 15 Abr às 23:23 
Stonefight 15 Abr às 17:04 
Kinda wish there was a version with no DLC just for the people who can't use this version
Arthmoor  [autor] 15 Abr às 16:52 
No. The mod now uses things from all 3 DLCs. Asking to gut it at this point is akin to asking me to cut off an arm. Not happening.
Oelric 15 Abr às 16:30 
Is there a way to play this without having all 3 DLCs? Like change something in some folder, or whatever? Because if not, then that's pretty Goddamn preposterous.
Stonefight 15 Abr às 11:07 
Corp Just go to the caves in helgen (From the outside of the walls) and enter there, it will lead you to the quest
[6th] Josh 14 Abr às 13:35 
[6th] Josh 14 Abr às 13:31 
ok why do we need all DLC's now i have had this mod for a long time and never needed it why now?
CorporalKitten 12 Abr às 9:20 
I cant start the main quest. I have spoken to many inkeppers throughout Skyrim and yet i get nothing which leads me to the main quest. Help me please!
(90th) MattyMan 9 Abr às 2:38 
Okay, so we need to have all of the DLC's in order to use the mod?
The Almighty Hysterectomy 8 Abr às 10:19 
If it doesn't load, then it might be something you've done rather than the creator
Arthmoor  [autor] 8 Abr às 10:04 
"Fixed" implies broken. No such condition exists.
(90th) MattyMan 8 Abr às 10:01 
Looks like I am going to have to use the Russian version until this one is fixed
(90th) MattyMan 8 Abr às 9:56 
Why do I need the DLC now? I used to be able to use it just fine... :/ now it wont work. I am bored of the original game! :(
golden freddy 8 Abr às 8:21 
It wont work when i start up my game i go to new game and it just sends me to helgen,
Bojack 7 Abr às 13:15 
I'm having an issue with the journal.. went to helgan grabbed the journal off the corpse, but when i open the journal and close, the quest doesnt update it continues to say that i need to read the journal.
Sylendrian 7 Abr às 13:14 
Alright, my bad. I've not tested it and it isn't working for me.
Arthmoor  [autor] 7 Abr às 12:54 
No, it does require all 3 DLCs. No, it is not broken. No, it does not need to be fixed. False information hurts you Shepard.
Sylendrian 7 Abr às 12:21 
It doesn't require the dlc's. The mod is broken right now, and I have all of the dlc. Just calm down and I'm sure the maker will fix it somehow.
bipfosho 7 Abr às 11:15 
I enjoy this mod very much. I got very tired of the Helgen scene. Found myself not creating a character I really wanted to just because of that. This mod fixed that though. Once again, I love this mod. Though, I do not think it loves me in return. Just throwing me out in the middle of Solstheim butt naked, with now ay to deffend myself but my fists of fury and a summon familiar spell, it's jsut plain rude. However, it was the most fun I have ever had trying to start a character off.
Trebort 7 Abr às 7:27 
This has to be the single greatest Skyrim mod of all time for me.
Forkbomb 7 Abr às 1:52 
This didn't used to require the DLC :(
Clit Yeastwood 5 Abr às 19:17 
can you make a version without the dlcs? pl0x
Arthmoor  [autor] 5 Abr às 11:56 
Paying Nexus? They don't charge for membership.
Rasmus 4 Abr às 17:49 
Why do we need DLC? I like how you changed it to require it very sneakily.
psichicmonki 4 Abr às 12:49 
when i hit new it stays at loading screen
Kiffe 4 Abr às 7:10 
Yeah, i had it a while ago and it didnt required DLC too...