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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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johndelamar1776 5 timer siden 
I cant start the game with this mod.
linitka.030783 13 timer siden 
Gimli 7. okt @ 4:48am 
I dont kan sart a ny game :(
Ode2Order 4. okt @ 5:47am 
Hey Arthmoor, does picking the Alik'r option make all bandits non-hostile? This is annoying me. :(
Carter woods 3. okt @ 3:03pm 
have played often but I dont know how to proceed in the storyline
Arthmoor  [skaper] 3. okt @ 1:02pm 
Someone already has... if you'd just take 3 seconds to read.
GreekPotato 3. okt @ 9:47am 
can someone plz link me to the no dlc version?
i don't have it and i can't find the other version
Archmage Ivan 3. okt @ 6:23am 
um,so i chose camping in the woods,and when i went to helgen..............BOOM! alduin was sitting there infront of teh gate.He did not attack,just watched me.After i got hadvar out of the cave,he did the thing were he crouches and says wait,but because alduin is still in helgen,he is stuck crouching.Please help
Dinomite |Kawaii is here!| 2. okt @ 4:17pm 
Do i need the DLCs to play the game or will it mess me up? (?_?)
kurt.reid 2. okt @ 1:44pm 
When i choose an option and 'begin my new life' my character automaticly sits down and i cant get them to stand up, i believe this is the game thinking that i am sitting in the cart, as happens in the vanilla start. I have not waited to see how it plays out due to lack of patience. Any help would be appreciated.
Arthmoor  [skaper] 2. okt @ 11:57am 
Actually, no, they don't require the scrolls to start. It's entirely possible to run the DLC quests before you do the parts of the vanilla main quest that ask you to get the scroll for defeating Alduin. Serana doesn't give you hers until a bit later than where this mod would place you in the startup. Which leaves the last one that Valerica has, which she still has.
wolf14vargen14 2. okt @ 7:45am 
this mod breaks the immersion when you pikc the dawnguard or the vampires since both sides require both the elder scrolls to begin
Arthmoor  [skaper] 30. sep @ 8:06pm 
Because the mod requires all 3 DLCs.
Dinomite |Kawaii is here!| 30. sep @ 2:58pm 
Why do i need the DLCs?
Arthmoor  [skaper] 30. sep @ 12:01pm 
You really need all the DLCs.
Mr. Mad Hatter 29. sep @ 10:10pm 
Do you really need all the DLC or can you launche it without them
Arthmoor  [skaper] 29. sep @ 12:07pm 
You need to make sure the file is activated in your launcher, otherwise simply putting the mod in the Data folder won't do anything.
Millerclan 28. sep @ 11:20pm 
Yeah same for me it uses the vanilla beginning i and for some reason its the only mod i have but it still makes my game crash idk what to do i like to it this way but i might haved to use the vanilla beginning
EnderEquinox 28. sep @ 1:22am 
Hello. I have a problem with AS-LAL, when i start up skyrim, it uses the vanilla beginning instead. I downloaded the old no dlc version manually.
Mr Tiny Zen Dragon 27. sep @ 9:35am 
Hi, I have this problem that it doesn't matter what I pick for start, like getting a home, or some camper, I will always end up in my prison cell to escape. I tried to move it up in the loadorder, get an older version, new version and so on. Any idea?
Arthmoor  [skaper] 26. sep @ 8:07pm 
I always look at it this way. If you can afford to buy the game, you can afford to take the time to save up for the DLC too. Especially with sales.
Scourge Is Teh Word 26. sep @ 5:20pm 
I'm to young to have a job, it would take me weeks to save up for it, not mentioning the deadly type of work I would have to do for my family. Skyrim is my favorite game of all history (Might be a close cut when fallout 4 comes out)
Arthmoor  [skaper] 26. sep @ 4:47pm 
Not going to put up a no-DLC version (hint: read, and know). But tell me something. Why the staunch opposition to DLC? Exactly what is the problem?

If it's some kind of odd principled opposition to DLC, Bethesda is not like other companies. Their DLCs actually have substance to them and are generally worth the asking prices. Plus the Legendary Edition of the game is regularly on discount sale either here or at other legit sites that sell Steam keys for like $12 - which is pretty damn cheap.
clamcg 26. sep @ 3:21pm 
Arthmoor repost the non DLC version of this mod. I really enjoyed playing this mod, but i'm not about to pay money for DLC.
The Dragonborn 26. sep @ 12:30pm 
@hempel913 that doesnt sound like a bad idea
Scourge Is Teh Word 26. sep @ 10:53am 
Please no DLC this mod saved my entire skyrim experience! Now the game is extremely boring, and I must watch the whole intro every time I start a game. Please, make a no dlc version.
(Also I do not wish to pay for Nexus's stupid fees to download theirs.)
Blackscreengamez 25. sep @ 6:41pm 
can you make another one but, no DLCs needed
hempel913 25. sep @ 11:33am 
I have started brainstorming a mod that I would like to work on. The idea is you begin the game as Mehrunes Dagon's champion at his shrine, the goal to be to settle the Alduin crissis in his wake while he works to restore his power because a mortal ruled world would be far easier to overtake than to let the dragon situtaion get out of hand. That being said, I was wondering if I could use this mod as a template and starting place for me to begin working? Of course if you say it's okay you will recieve credit in my mod.
Propz 당신 씨발 23. sep @ 4:06pm 
i dont know what to do i accedntly deletet all mods and start the game up without the mod on so now i cant start the main quest line what do i do ?
TheCrimsonHunter 22. sep @ 1:04pm 
I have a slight problem. When I boot up the game everything works ok. I have the mod load last as recomended, and also have all DLC installed. Then when I try to start a new game, it plays the sound(the one that plays when you start a new game) then just sits at the main menu playing the menu music. The menu it self is gone and the only way to exit is to restart my computer. I have tried loading without this mod and it works fine, so I assume that this is the problem. Any ideas?
Arthmoor  [skaper] 22. sep @ 11:15am 
And who is Anamnesis? That's not a vanilla NPC so it seems you may have a conflict of some sort to resolve.
fedini872 22. sep @ 4:29am 
starting as fornsworn won't work, after I speak with Anamnesis and dismiss them, all the other guys will attack me.. :/
A Random Noodle Cart 19. sep @ 8:10am 
Mine just starts normally... I get the sounds of the character on the carage xD
L1LBlades 18. sep @ 9:34pm 
im still stuck in cuffs and thinks im in the wagon and im stuck FOREVER!
Sc0rch 17. sep @ 12:17pm 
This was an awesome Mod but i was thinking it would have been even better if you could start another life without being the Dragonborn and while an NPC Dragonborn did the main Storyline.
[T.C.B] Ragingpanda112 16. sep @ 2:18pm 
Shylok, remember that gate you run through with Hadvar in the vanilla start to chose what faction to join? Well go through that gate and immedietly take a left behind some straw. Behind said straw is a corpse, press E on it. then you cna do the main questline :D
Shylok583 14. sep @ 6:24pm 
I chose a Khajit, and picked a random start. Luckily, the game dumped me in the Thieve's Guild :P However, i decided to start the main quest line at level 10. Upon my arrival at Helgen, the area has already been decimated, and there is no sign of Alduin coming back. I've run around the area for about 15 minutes to see if there was a certain spot i had to pass through to 'summon' Alduin, but nothing has worked so far. Is this a bug of some sort or am i doing something wrong?
Kurou 13. sep @ 3:07pm 
i chose boat to solitude and i want to join the imperial
army, but tullius is not in casle dour, help
Overpowering 12. sep @ 5:55am 
Do you guys know how to fix the language for this mod for some reason the language is just gibberish or another language im not aware of do you guys know a way to change it back to english?
Rezalon 9. sep @ 9:50pm 
I have a mod suggestion. Hopefully it's really simple: when you're in Solstheim pre-Main DLC Quest and you sleep, you may appear at one of the many All-Maker Stones, hammering nails into it like the other hypnotized people. I would really like a mod where you don't appear at any of them and you sleep normally like on mainland Skyrim.

This may be a good compliment for the Solstheim start in your Alternate Start mod.

Thanks for all your dedicated work. I appreciate it :)
Arthmoor  [skaper] 8. sep @ 12:00pm 
Do you have all of the DLCs? Cause if not, crashing is what would happen.
Atomics MQ-1 8. sep @ 11:17am 
my game too!! sir war
Sir War 8. sep @ 1:36am 
Help my game keeps crashing...
Lord FatMan 6. sep @ 1:15pm 
perfect for immersion lets plays on youtube and it even has a way to strait up do the MQ without having to make your character :D
Cpt. Orange Juice 5. sep @ 5:19pm 
even when theres only this mod and the DLC active
Cpt. Orange Juice 5. sep @ 5:18pm 
i have all DLC but it still CTD's
Arthmoor  [skaper] 4. sep @ 2:06pm 
Yes. This is an alternate "start" mod. Not a "blow up the MQ" mod :P

Though part of its function does allow it to double as an MQ delayer, so if you don't want to be Dragonborn, don't go to Helgen. Though, it'll be more like if you don't want to KNOW you're Dragonborn, since word walls and stuff will still work like they always do.
FreshCoconuT 4. sep @ 12:55pm 
@Arthmoor, when i start as something diferent , i will still be the dragonborn?
Arthmoor  [skaper] 4. sep @ 12:33pm 
There's an addon module on Nexus that does a city guard start. May not be the exact thing you want, but it's there. It's what was used as an example of how to produce addons for the mod using its API.
newman-ren 31. aug @ 9:15am 
I think you should consider adding a start were you are a city gaurd.