Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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ShikenNuggets 1 tunti sitten 
Why would you change it so you need to have the DLC? I've spent the last hour trying to figure out what was causing my game to crash and I never would have thought it would be this. I've been using this mod for years without issue and I have no intention of buying the DLC.
Zander 1 tunti sitten 
Are you joking? This was my favorite mod of all. Idc about the others I have - this made the game so much better for me. :( Will you be uploading the mod that didn't require the DLCs? Please? :( <3 ?
a small Nigerian village 7 tuntia sitten 
Crashing for me as well, any chance of another version coming out with no more dependencies?
Terr 7 tuntia sitten 
Began crashing for me today. Is the DLC-needing part a new change?
[STLGL]Eralock 18 tuntia sitten 
youve updated it to include dawnguard and now i cant play my save without the game crashing. when i unselect it i cant start the main story can you upload a file that doesnt require DLC
Fives 20 tuntia sitten 
There's no bed in my cell. I see other people reporting this problem but no answer from Arthmoor or further discussion by other players. I've tried restarting several times and there simply is no bed for me to activate after speaking to Mara, just an empty spot atop some stairs where it looks like it should be. None of my mods should be conflicting, they're all just audio/video upgrades and equipment add-ins.
fasttony64 21 tuntia sitten 
uh is there a way i can get this to work without the dlc
NaveedLife 27. helmi 17.07 
I don't even know what bins you are talking about, haha. Thank you for your response!
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 27. helmi 15.59 
You should be fine as long as you make sure you clean out any stuff you might have in one of the safe storage bins added by the mod, or the farmhouse if you used that.
Tнє Fяєncн Tαcσ :D: 27. helmi 15.12 
NaveedLife 27. helmi 10.26 
What happens if I disable this mod after being well into the game (with just the hearthfire DLC)? I love the mod, but I don't have Dragonborn or Dawnguard DLC yet, so I cannot play with the mod still active. Will it even matter if I disable it once I am already into the main quest?
TheDestroyer 27. helmi 9.44 
How do i start the dragonborn questline?

JustBullshit:P 27. helmi 4.08 
i am stuck on second quest first objective
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 26. helmi 21.28 
I have no idea what to tell you here. You've clearly got another mod that's messing with the leveled lists. LAL is not capable of doing so since there are none that are edited in the mod.
TheRambleBee 26. helmi 13.07 
Do you know of any way to remove them from spawning so early in my game? Something has definantly caused them to spawn every new game I start, and on my pc version I don't have any character over level 46. They are all 22 and below on the pc version.
TheRambleBee 26. helmi 13.05 
I promise you they do show up as soon as I start my game. I can record it for you if you like, I just played as the "i'm an outlaw in the wild" Was running toward Whiterun and ran into 2 Arch Electromancers that were killing deer, they both aggro'd onto me, and instantly 1 hit me with the lightnight attack they use.
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 26. helmi 12.44 
Hmm. So these things do exist. Thing is, this mod doesn't edit leveled lists. It's not possible for it to have caused the problem you're seeing. According to UESP they start appearing at level 46. So even if this mod DID somehow introduce them, it would be impossible for them to show up at level 1.
TheRambleBee 26. helmi 11.37 
Arthmoor, an Arch Electromancer is an AI that I have never seen in the years i've played skyrim, not even my level 81 has ever seen it. Though now that I have this mod they are everywhere. Idk if it is a bug caused by the mod or not but when I take this mod off, they aren't around, if it's on, their everywhere, and they 1 hit everything.
Dutch Thunder 26. helmi 8.35 
Shit... now my game crashes after the automatic update... Don't own Heartfire DLC :-((
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 26. helmi 3.59 
The heck is an electromancer? :P And no, whatever they are they're not from this mod.
TheRambleBee 26. helmi 0.40 
I love the mod, just not the arch electromancer's that come with it...hard to roleplay at all when you click to own shoar's rest and theres 3 electromancers right over the wall
TheRambleBee 26. helmi 0.39 
Does anyone else get Arch Electromancers because of this mod? When I disable this mod I never have them, when I enable it, they are fucking everywhere! Literally, run 10feet from where I start, 2 electromancers, insta-dead. Everytime. Anyone else?
jackthepwn 25. helmi 22.29 
It might be nice to have a second version without dlc required. This makes the game unplayable for me for now.
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 25. helmi 16.49 
It was necessary to allow the mod to continue to advance. If that's not something people want I can always just pull the download entirely and pretend it was never here.
TheDancingSousa 25. helmi 14.13 
No, no. It'll just require oblivion. They have to work their way up to requring Arena
RyTide 25. helmi 13.53 
I assume the next patch will require you to have every game back to Arena installed?
sullybhai 25. helmi 9.12 
that last patch is a joke crashing the game every time now. i have all the dlc's tho i dont put them on till i get into the game a bit . the mod is still great had it for over a year now :)
ZaX 25. helmi 5.38 
[RDBK] Vae 25. helmi 2.39 
As of last patch all 3 main DLCs are required, unfortunatly steam auto updates us to latest version so for those of us missing one of said DLCs its CTD land unless we deactivate. You can get the old version from Nexus and unsub here to prevent steam from updating it.
Disco Nectar 25. helmi 2.31 
Looks like it gives the bethesda logo crash
[BMP]_Zared 22. helmi 7.53 
It crashed my main quest :/
Spooky 22. helmi 5.55 
bodijoe02 22. helmi 1.18 
mine is in russian too
berkleykc 21. helmi 22.19 
Its in russian for me pls help
gliscor96 21. helmi 9.39 
This mod plus awoken seem like they would work well
Redbeard 20. helmi 8.41 
I love this mod, it's great! Thank you.
BerzerKing05 19. helmi 16.29 
I've downloaded this mod from the nexus and the workshop and it still won't work. I'll be in the cell for 5 seconds and then skyrim will just close without warning. Why does it do this?
todd.summerwind.roll 19. helmi 15.51 
how exactly do you download it?
todd.summerwind.roll 19. helmi 15.49 
where exactly do you install it? what directory?
Wilson Pony 18. helmi 16.42 
what am i doing wrong :(
Wilson Pony 18. helmi 16.42 
i play skyrim restart it and its in russian german french
Lucas_the_wizard 17. helmi 16.59 
It will not let my skyrim start
RANDOM IMPLOSIONS 17. helmi 10.44 
somhow, when i startup skyrim i can't start a new game, and when i go to the prison from a save, and i choose a fate my character looks like she's sitting inside of the border crossing cart.
Johnny Whoa 16. helmi 17.54 
This is a beautiful mod. The best I've ever seen. The entire beginning was completely reworked to the degree that I started to wonder if I was even still the Dragonborn. I absolutely lost it when I visited Helgen and saw Alduin, especially when I realized that the corpse I found was quite likely the vanilla player. Loving every minute of it.
wolfsbane224 16. helmi 13.20 
When I started a new game, I coulodn't find the Mara statue anywhere. Do you know why that happened?
timothywall723 16. helmi 11.54 
I have an issue with the option i want to escape this cell after i pick the lock there's nothing past the table but an empty bluish area. Also if I go to the abandoned prison after starting the game differently the door won't trigger a load screen just crack open.
s.barmer 12. helmi 15.03 
Hey,Listen ;You have to talk to the innkeepers and get a quest to seek out information about the the war till you go to Helgon.
Hey,Listen! 11. helmi 17.15 
So how do I start the civil war quest? When I talk to Legate Rikke she just says "Are you lost?"
JamieDoo1 11. helmi 10.59 
This is handy for me, I don't know how to mod from the Nexus and ive been wanting this mod, But I coulden't find the mod elsewhere. Thanks!
jacob4408 9. helmi 7.16 
Excellent mod breathing new life into multiple playthroughs. Thanks.