Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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The Roving Drifter 17. joulu 19.41 
I found a slight bug. I recently started a new high elf with the Amazing Race Tweaks mod and saw the option for the thalmor start. When I slept in the bed and woke up, my character was in mid air and bound, also the Unbound quest started with the escape helgan objective showing.
ManOnFire 17. joulu 19.20 
the cell i was supposed to spawn in is not there. i spawn in the location the cell was supposed to be but its like the void
Xquavier The Umbreon 17. joulu 18.58 
Can you make a new life where you are a Werewolf
Emderknight509 17. joulu 14.51 
Not in english. how do yuo fix that
rawwr9999 17. joulu 13.56 
if you end up stuck in the sitting position after starting a life unenable all other mods then start it should load fine then save and reenable the mods
Chris the Cheetah 15. joulu 13.22 
The text in the begining of the gam is computure code....
katrinasieber 14. joulu 20.00 
I have a major glitch, everytime I talk to the statue and choose my starting place and when I use the bed I just stay in the prison with my cloths gone without choosing the option "I wanna break out of here". It used to work then one day it just started doing that. PLEASE HELP! :(
Leader Gorilla 14. joulu 10.54 
got the mod to work with the new game glitch
Hadesprime1 14. joulu 10.33 
I did the live another life twice in other saves but now it just shows up bllank and me falling through the ground ive tried every time even tcl but it doesn't work
tarebear 14. joulu 7.38 
I agree but instead of a passage, a hidden trapdoor opens and the statue gets lifted up
Dalamite 14. joulu 3.27 
Hi, I love this mod, but the statue of Mara being present in a prison just kind of irks me. Could you maybe add a chain or lever or something that opens a 'secret' passage to the statue of Mara, would be slightly less immersion-breaking.
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 14. joulu 2.33 
That's part of the Skyrim main quest. If you're getting asked to deal with that, you've either already been to Helgen or you started as a soldier in the army.

This mod's purpose is not to alter the MQ (beyond what's necessary) but to provide you alternative means for starting the game. It only functions as a main quest delayer as a side effect of what it does.
[ULR] runo53 13. joulu 13.27 
*Sorry, I meant Whiterun, not Windhelm
[ULR] runo53 13. joulu 13.26 
Once I tried your mod and I think it was good. But I had an issue with the civil war questline. After I got to Windhelm to the Jarl he just wouldn't let me give him the message until they dealt with the dragons... Is this fixed yet? Because then you're forced into starting the main questline from Helgen on and that's dump...
Vermin Lord 13. joulu 13.14 
Can there be a start for all the races to have the power to turn into a werewolf?
OBLOOD 12. joulu 18.47 
ok i ran into a problem i can't activate the quest to read the book i mean i read the book but the quest wont continue.
OBLOOD 12. joulu 15.05 
something is wrong with my skyrim even without mods and i can't get past the wagon intoduction of the game the cart starts freaking out and i am stuck forever freaking out in the cart.

with this mod you can pop-up anywhere else in skyrim. this mod actually lets me play skyrim.
Leader Gorilla 9. joulu 19.20 
i just tried unistalling/re-installing skyrim but that also didn't work. just saying
Overpowering 8. joulu 16.30 
When i start a new game the world wasnt even loaded i keep falling down and the only thing i can see is a bed and prison bars
Leader Gorilla 7. joulu 18.30 
gonna unsub resub see if it works
Leader Gorilla 7. joulu 18.30 
yea i'm getting what the comment below is having and i've had this mod for like a year
TheRiverEridanus 7. joulu 15.12 
So when I click "start new game" it gives me a screen identical to the main menu but without options, as if it's trying to start a new game but never loads. Any idea how to fix this?
Blake 7. joulu 9.29 
Also, not ALL foresworn are friendly if you choose to start as forsworn!
Blake 7. joulu 9.28 
A top mod, however, when I start as a "outlaw in the wild", the bandits are not all friendly, just the 2 I start with. I want to be part of all the bandit faction.
Also, role playing a bandit should mean a HUGE bounty on my head, in ALL holds, to prevent me going into the cities peacefully. Being recogized as a bandit. Perhaps the option to pay off a large bounty would be good.
Is there a faction that makes ALL hostile towards me? This would be good when roleplaying a thrall or necromancer. Just some role playing ideas, since this is the best role playing mod available.
Flex God 6. joulu 21.59 
Mod is in Russian now for some reason
assassinpepper 6. joulu 9.55 
i cant read
assassinpepper 6. joulu 9.55 
is in russian
MindArkantos 5. joulu 17.32 
Yolo Mc Swaggins 4. joulu 17.18 
Everything is russian. Is there a way to fix that?
MaizeNBlue929 3. joulu 5.20 
why is it in russian when i start up the mod play it at the beginning
Arthmoor  [tekijä] 1. joulu 17.29 
Nope. Mara was voiced by someone named Nikkita.
shocari 1. joulu 13.02 
is Mara voiced by Karen Strassman? It sounds remarkably like her. She has the perfect blend of her voices for Kallen Kozuki and Aigis.
Wayne 30. marras 9.00 
Why is evrything in a different language?!
Daramas 29. marras 17.59 
I chose the dark brotherhood beginning.
Daramas 29. marras 17.57 
I already started the new life it weird. I can't start the main quest line. Help please.
Daramas 29. marras 17.56 
Hey I'm having a bit of a problem with the mod the start a new life quest is never finished I have the same objective "start a new life".
Ruff_Ryders 29. marras 17.55 
[GmT] Cwalk 26. marras 18.08 
you should try the escaping the prison one...
I always choose it and it's WONDERFUL...
[GmT] Cwalk 26. marras 18.07 
Thanks for posting this on the workshop! I don't use the nexus right now just because I don't want to redo all of my mod loader stuff and all that. Sadly, most mods are only on the nexus and this is one I want installed via workshop.
Bob Bob The Gamer 25. marras 14.55 
Hey guys if you are unsure of this Video and are worried about subscribing, do not fear. I made I showcased this mod so you can watch my video and see if it is something you will enjoy. This is my favorite alternative starting mod.
Stallord 25. marras 14.28 
hi can you change it so you can start the war without seeing alduin and without picking the war start as i dont want to be dovahkiin but with my character the story ive givin it it needa to start te war questline 25. marras 10.30 
rileytj8 24. marras 17.20 
i try to do a new game and it just stays at the starting screen
XXD3THKNIGHTXX 23. marras 15.10 
And I never chose the life to escape the prison I chose the following ones:

The Imperial side in the war
Ship to solitude
Own property in Solitude

You can tell I was an Imperial
XXD3THKNIGHTXX 23. marras 15.08 
Short Story: Doesn't Work

Long Story:
This worked for me about... 6 months ago. I come back to Skyrim and make a new game. I chose a start then went to bed. I woke up in the same place. I looked at the cup where the lockpicks are placed and there are lockpicks in there. I try this multiple times. Nothing.

jonmooreread 23. marras 11.34 
how do i start the main quest if i do the civil war start
CoffeeBeans 23. marras 10.33 
fuck my is in russien aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Morrowind 23. marras 6.02 
yes i downloaded the russien by accededt lol
-=Hue=-Calistian Zathos 22. marras 17.35 
So I decided to start a new game and all went as normal, normal character creation and all then I selected how I wanted to start the game and slept in the bed, but instead of starting as anything I chose I always started with the break out selection, what could be the issue?
Jacob 20. marras 8.47 
it wont work! it just does the normal with helgen thing
i am on the cart with lokir and them