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Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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mycastlecellar 14 hours ago 
I can see the alternate start as I hate having to go through all that crap each time I start a new character. This journal to be found was simple enough as you had the arrows leading to it. However; the other two arrows lead to nothing, not a damn thing and I'm sick of looking for what isn't there. So where or what are the other two things that are supposed to be there inside the cave and why can't I find them? When I get to the arrows they simply move away and there isn't a thing there. OK!? So enlighten me. Thank you.
[CMC]TorquevonThorne 20 hours ago 
Starting in Blackreach with a Dwraven Sphere welcoming you as your first enemy is a nice challange! There was a bunch of new charachters I wish to try but I couldn't bear the boring vanilla introduction. Thank you!
pss7265 Apr 29 @ 8:51pm 
well i ran into a problem wiith this mod it only lets you escaape th eprison cell otherwise you just wake back up in the cell bed weh you try other options
Fuzzy Apr 29 @ 8:14pm 
@TrueExpo Praise Talos!
Finland Apr 27 @ 11:23am 
can you make a no dlc version plaz
i have hearthfire so you can include that
seith_leonhart Apr 24 @ 12:25pm 
When going from Riverrun to Whiterun, the quest to go talk to Alvor fails out; even after I talked to him.
TrueExpo Apr 24 @ 11:27am 
its the 9 divines not 8 you heathen
Swim Doggo Apr 22 @ 3:35pm 
How do I install the version that does not require DLC?
nitro7979 Apr 21 @ 9:06pm 
or maybe that is just another conflicting mod cuz everything is russian.
nitro7979 Apr 21 @ 9:05pm 
is there an english version??
HappyGruntGaming Apr 21 @ 6:55am 
i have its dumb
Kajub Apr 19 @ 4:08pm 
Great mod if you have played the beginnig of skyrim too many times
crazy_singing_lady Apr 18 @ 2:38am 
When I start the game I end up in the dungeon cell, I assume that I'm supposed to do something with the mara statue but when I click on it nothing happens. Can you please help me fix this?
ReimBowz Apr 17 @ 4:25pm 
I downloaded this mod, opened a fresh skyrim game and it loaded in the normal start?
Lord Vlad Apr 17 @ 3:04pm 
So I went to helgen, went up the burnt corpse and when it fell to ash, I didn't get the journal and it didn't appear in my inventory
Roger Mole Apr 15 @ 5:04pm 
I've just uninstalled and reinstalled the game, installed this mod (and only this one) and after I select "new game", it stays on the loading screen until it just freezes. What am I doing wrong?
Leon M Apr 14 @ 11:20am 
Is there a vanilla version?
ЗЛО Apr 14 @ 8:38am 
как установить?
TheAdventurousNerd Apr 14 @ 12:32am 
Whenever I pick a start it locks my character into a sitting position in mid-air with rugged clothing and after that it starts the quest: Unbound. It's really annoying me, PLEASE help. I love this mod so much.
jb_chan_kristen Apr 9 @ 12:42pm 
I've just uninstalled and reinstalled the game, installed this mod (and only this one) and after I select "new game", it stays on the loading screen until it just freezes. What am I doing wrong?
jesseyk2 Apr 9 @ 8:01am 
i'm with wardergrip
Wardergrip Apr 8 @ 3:08am 
i would love a non-dlc version can you make it? i doesnt have to have all the options like the dlc version
peacefulconflict Apr 5 @ 2:51am 
Hello. I was wondering if choosing the Thalmor Agent start could possibly affect the Diplomatic Immunity quest? Specifically the NPC's Razelan and Malborn when you arrive at the Embassy. I am encountering a bug that prevents the progress of the quest, and this is the only mod I have that could possibly affect that area of the game.
Rustie Apr 4 @ 5:20pm 
IT IS now working I mean this coment is a little late cause I got back into the game and it worked cause I did not know you needed to reset the game first(I fogot to type this coment so this is like a few months late)
D E M 0 N - X I I I Apr 4 @ 2:47am 
I have all DLC's
I removed all mods and started vanilla with just this mod and it works just fine.
I've only since started new game with the selection
"Left for dead on the side of the road." something like that, and
"Vampire in secluded cave."
The second vampire I saw I could speak with and the dialogue option for me was in russian.
I know you can't do anything about that and I've emailed steam with still no response.

Now, I have all of your mods Arthmoor and they work great. (Don't quote me on all of them lol but they do work!)
I have a few extras too.

jesseyk2 Apr 2 @ 4:56pm 
@arthmoor make a non dlc version please i can't find the one on nexus (just tell me if you are gonna make a non dlc version for workshop or not k)
D E M 0 N - X I I I Mar 31 @ 10:48pm 
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll take a good look and my subscribed mods. Sorry for any confusion.
OmniPhantom Mar 31 @ 10:14pm 
This mod is great. Though I wonder... will it ever have the option to have a home and an adopted child in the beginning? Say like a 'I have a family' option?
Hero2989 Mar 31 @ 6:31pm 
This is the only live another life mod that doesn't seem 100% broken, but I have no Skyrim DLCs
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 31 @ 3:00pm 
Not sure I understand what you're getting at. If only SOME text shows up in Russian, then you likely have something installed you shouldn't, and it wouldn't be from this mod since I don't alter the vendors at all with it.
D E M 0 N - X I I I Mar 31 @ 12:49am 
I have noticed it's only the vendors who have this problem and only when asking to barter, everything else seems fine.
Included in my email. Doubt it'll do much though, but at least they know about it.
D E M 0 N - X I I I Mar 31 @ 12:41am 
Weird. I just didn't feel like digging though over 3k of comments.
Thanks for the reply. I emailed them.
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 30 @ 9:20pm 
Steam Support told me to tell you guys to contact them if you end up with a Russian version. They insist there's no way that's possible, but you guys prove them wrong daily. I can't fix that. It's broken on their end. Contact them. Bethesda can't fix Valve's broken cloud storage.
D E M 0 N - X I I I Mar 29 @ 10:00pm 
There's almost 1500 comments on the nexus mod page, almost 3k on the steam workshop page.
Any solution as to the russian dialogue at some parts.
I haven't chosen any other selections other than the vampire one and the NPC's vocally speak english but the text is all gibberish to me.
I've emailed Bethesda as steam wouldn't let me email their support for Skyrim.

If they have a link for contacting steam directly without dancing around "troubleshooting" I can't seem to find it.
jesseyk2 Mar 28 @ 6:23pm 
@arthmoor i can't find the NON dlc version on NEXUS so please make a non dlc for WORKSHOP
Shia LaBeouf Mar 28 @ 12:50pm 
Can you make a no-DLC version for Steam?
Mama Bear Mar 28 @ 9:56am 
does this still work?
Pole Dancing Monkey Mar 28 @ 3:59am 
soz my mistake
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 27 @ 4:16pm 
By using the English copy you're commenting on...
Pole Dancing Monkey Mar 27 @ 11:55am 
how do i get the words of the dialogue in english
skidzees Mar 26 @ 11:23pm 
Russian translation please
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 25 @ 4:25pm 
The mod is already in English. No translation is needed.
Geo Dragon Mar 25 @ 10:47am 
Ok, thanks @Arthmoor.
Pole Dancing Monkey Mar 25 @ 9:13am 
English Translation please!
Newbieandthekid Mar 24 @ 10:43pm 
@Arthmoor, if your talking about nexus for the free one, I cant get nexus to work
jesseyk2 Mar 24 @ 7:56pm 
(also i couldn't find the NON dlc version)
jesseyk2 Mar 24 @ 7:46pm 
(the only way i know how to download mods if its like a steam mod were you just have to click subscribe or something like that and not have to unzip it or anything like that)
Arthmoor  [author] Mar 24 @ 7:17pm 
Then wait for a sale. :P Seriously, you can bag all 3 during sales for less than $10.

Or you could read the description for free....
jesseyk2 Mar 24 @ 3:29pm 
arthmoor can you please make a NON dlc version(i don't have the money for ALL of the DLCs)
Newbieandthekid Mar 24 @ 2:12pm 
@Arthmoor well its not always on sale... but i see what your getting at