Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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MoronicUnicornCatWithYourGun 19. kvě. v 2.54 odp. 
I am subscribed, but it won't show up in my load order, and it just goes to the carriage when I start a new game.
timeofdoctor 19. kvě. v 1.42 odp. 
why do you need the dlc's now thats unfair
Jamma77 19. kvě. v 11.45 dop. 
@NerdRage This mod now requires the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs to work.
aaronkraus.ak 18. kvě. v 5.17 odp. 
How do I start the main story line? I chose to start with the property in solitude and there's no way to start the quest line. ive talked to one of the innkeepers, but they didnt give me any info and i went through helgen looking for something, but it was already destroyed. can anyone help?
NerdRage 18. kvě. v 11.57 dop. 
Crashs skyrim even when i only have THIS mod installed it use to work fine before
rna 18. kvě. v 7.14 dop. 
There is an imperial soldier in redwater den who says he saw me in helgen and i haven't seen alduin yet
The Man with no Plan 17. kvě. v 12.11 dop. 
i hope you put the dlcs to good use atleast
DreDizzy 15. kvě. v 6.49 odp. 
where will i find a safe download of the unofficial patch? is there one on steam?
andreas.larsen2000 15. kvě. v 6.35 dop. 
anyone who knows why my game wont start if i pick a new game??????????
President O' Braunau 13. kvě. v 8.09 dop. 
So anyone who cares:
There is an older non-DLC version up on skyrimnexus ;)
Manzuri 13. kvě. v 5.16 dop. 
Disregard my earlier post managed to start the main story.

For those who wonder how it was fixed: I completed the Jagged Crown quest (after getting sidetracked a million times along the way) went back to Ulfric and got the quest to deliver the axe to Whiterun once i arrived in dragonsreach i was able to tell Barlgruuf about the dragon attacks even though i had never seen them take place and was able to start the quest where you retrieve the dragonstone.
Manzuri 12. kvě. v 8.01 dop. 
Right would be cool if someone could help me with an issue i've been having.

i started a character as a stormcloak during the civil war wich properly started me at the quest ''The Jagged Crown'' but now the ways of starting the main questline (wich i only want to do to get Fus Ro Dah) that are stated in the description won't work. The only rumor the inkeepers seem to want to inform me of is the face sculptor in riften. All i found when i went to Helgen was a bunch of bandits and the imperial dude you can choose to follow instead of the stormcloaks fighting the bandits and after that just standing around.

Thanks in advance

P.S still a very usefull mod nonetheless for those of us that pull our hairs out over the cart ride whenever we start a new character.
mup_dawg 12. kvě. v 7.25 dop. 

I agree, there's really no reason for him to make it so we have to have the DLC. Except he probably won't bother to create a non-DLC version, so I hope he'll atleast try to put up the old version of this when no DLC was required up so we can get it.
ImCreative321 11. kvě. v 5.29 odp. 
Why the shit would you suddenly make it so where a DLC is required? What the fuck, man?
shifty 11. kvě. v 4.07 odp. 
@ Alaric the Visgoth

Well said.

Darconis 11. kvě. v 3.54 odp. 
So, I chose the option I am a outlaw in the woods, and I am talking with a bandit right now... Is that supposed to happen? Is this an outcome for the disission I chose? If so what other outcomes go with the other chocies?
Alaric the Visgoth 10. kvě. v 6.58 dop. 
@POB: 3 points of order:

1. All modders on Steam voluntarily chose to SHARE their creations with the community. So this mod --like all the other mods on the workshop -- is FREE. This means this mod author and all workshop modders DON'T WORK FOR YOU. And so are NOT obligated by an official EULA to help you in any way should you screw up your save game.

2. nobody held a gun to your self entitled head and forced you to install this "shit".

3. Since you apparently lack the capacity to intelligently troubleshoot your game--or politely request help in doing so on here or at forums like Nexus--then uninstall the mod. It's that simple. Period.

It's the self entitled jack asses like you who are responsible for driving away many of the talented modders on here and Nexus. If you don't care for the way a mod works in your game, then write your own. Only then you'll finally be able to appreciate the level of effort and skill it takes to develop complex software code like this one.

President O' Braunau 10. kvě. v 2.42 dop. 
I literally can´t begin my main quest on my new character due to this shit
President O' Braunau 10. kvě. v 2.36 dop. 
Since when does it require dawnguard??? I always used it and it worked fine but now skyrim keeps crashing and i have to disable it?!
Electrifire 9. kvě. v 12.08 dop. 
Is there a way to become a merchant in this, or will I have to find another mod for that?
Electrifire 8. kvě. v 4.48 odp. 
Fixed when I turned off FNIS, thanks a bunch,
HURRICANEmayhem 8. kvě. v 3.10 odp. 
nice mod but i have a question, in the camping start is the storage sack a safe container were i can keep items in it and it wont reset or is it like a weekly reset loot container?
Electrifire 8. kvě. v 2.40 odp. 
I can try disabling FNIS on my NMM and try again then.
Arthmoor  [autor] 8. kvě. v 12.43 odp. 
That sounds like what happens when you have animation mods installed and haven't regenerated the FNIS files after modifying your load order.
Electrifire 7. kvě. v 8.29 odp. 
Well I loaded it last, everything I have is up to date as far as I know, and I got the unofficial patches for everything, yet when i get in game I'm stuck in one pose, (standing straight arms out not moving a muscle) no matter what.
Pure Legend 7. kvě. v 6.10 odp. 
Is this lore friendly with the alduin thing and the main quest
KnobGoblin 5. kvě. v 11.29 odp. 
Spent quite a good amount of time trying to figure out why my skyrim was crashing sure enough it was because I need all DLC now to use it. Been on hiatis for a while for school hard to keep updated on all mods. I really loved this mod but im definitely not buying hearthfire to get it back. Just putting it out there that I would definitely donate for a non DLC version.
Scourge728 4. kvě. v 1.10 odp. 
so since i don't have the dlc i was forced to uninstall is that why i keep crashing now?
Spitfire 4. kvě. v 1.08 dop. 
This mod never used to need DLC ;( . Can you make a non DLC version like it used to be please?
LinkDaBeast2004 3. kvě. v 11.23 dop. 
Make a non DLC because I don't understand russian!
LinkDaBeast2004 3. kvě. v 11.20 dop. 
none of that bug fixing stuff works, the .ini is in the right place changed the load order to the last. It didn't work then the middle, still didn't. The other mods i used are.

I'm a thickbrick this is the DLC version thats why it doesne't work.
Drew the ninja ghost 3. kvě. v 10.18 dop. 
i got skyrim legendary editioin
XIII 1. kvě. v 5.51 odp. 
I have a question.
I've since cured vampirism on my character that started off as one using this mod
And all the vampires in the game are still non-hostile.
How do I fix that?
xDovaQueenx 1. kvě. v 5.09 odp. 
@NukaKid, easy for you to say. I can't afford a penny with all these dang hospital bills because life-insurance sucks and so does health insurance. I want the DLC so bad, I would pay a million for it, but I can't!
NukaKid 30. dub. v 4.45 odp. 
Holy shit, quit asking for a non-dlc version and pay for them already! They're all worth the price, really.
RC-6969-7208 30. dub. v 4.44 odp. 
If I might ask, could you make a version that doesnt require any DLCs? I would but I dont know how to make mods, and Im getting tired of the vanilla intro :(
Ulthar 30. dub. v 11.52 dop. 
Nothig happens after i interact with bad.
xDovaQueenx 29. dub. v 4.42 odp. 
I have a request. Can you make a version DLC-free but capable. I miss the old version where I could join in. I got Skyrim and it's two DLC's as a gift and can't afford to buy Dragonborn. Could you please?
Livigy 29. dub. v 9.52 dop. 
I strted a new Dunmer game as a Solsthiem refugee, Captain Gjalund doesn't talk to me, preventing me from booking passage to Skyrim.
anduril38 28. dub. v 1.53 odp. 
When I started a new game with the mod. Still got into the game and everything, make my character, but the frame rate was unplayable; I usually hit 40-45 FPS on ultra and I was maxing out on 8 D: I even dropped video settings to lowest and had the same framerate. It was really weird. The mod is fantastic, don't get me wrong I adore it. I really want to play it too; just weird that this happened.
Arthmoor  [autor] 28. dub. v 1.26 odp. 
Where was this happening at?
anduril38 28. dub. v 1.22 odp. 
It's really weird then. I'm not sure how it happened. I did everything right with the mod, found unplayable frame rates. Did every other thing possible to try and fix the issue to no avail. Then I removed it, tried again and the fps issues were fixed D: Was really strange because the mod really shouldn't have done that at all, I agree.
Arthmoor  [autor] 28. dub. v 12.36 odp. 
A huge FPS hit should not happen. There's nothing this mod does that could cause that.
anduril38 28. dub. v 10.22 dop. 
Out of interest, did anyone suffer HUGE FPS drops with this mod installed? I had it installed the manual way and it had huge impact on my game, but uninstalling it fixed the issue? Confused D:
Bradrey 27. dub. v 11.02 odp. 
this mod looks great and i really want to use it. i have a problem though. when i click start new game, it goes to the title screen but without the options like load, new game quit, etc etc. i have all the DLC installed. Any ideas?
koerriva 27. dub. v 10.33 odp. 
Chewindogz 27. dub. v 6.13 odp. 
lol had this mod , then got rid of all my mods to restart and just found thius one glad we dont have to pay for it thats dude youre awesome
Overdrive 27. dub. v 5.50 odp. 
I wish I could get it, but since you have to have all dlc's i can't. :{ If i get them though, I will get this :]
miltonfamily 27. dub. v 11.16 dop. 
I hope this is good skyrims downloding now for me and right after I will get this mod I have seen a youtuber use this ( Terpster ) and It seems good it just adds in a hole new start ( how you want to )
Bye 27. dub. v 3.47 dop. 
AT least we don't have to pay for it after we have bought everything else.