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Ryan Nakamura há 15 minutos 
@YoLo Mcswaggins $5 my ass! Skyrim legendary costs like $50! The dlcs are around $19.99 USD. I only have Dawnguard but I doubt I'm getting anymore even tho I want the two olther dlcs needed for this.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] há 7 horas 
Then you didn't activate it in the launcher under the Data Files menu.
Firestar há 15 horas 
Dosent work. Got all DLC but when i start a new game it just gives me vanilla start.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 26 de mar às 18:30 
Then I'll hold you to that: It alredy works correctly. Whatever is wrong is due to something you did incorrectly on your end.
ConsumedWithEnvy 26 de mar às 18:04 
YoLo Mcswaggins 26 de mar às 17:46 
Guys guys.. Get da dang dlcs! they cost like... $5 american dollars? to get each and the dlc are worth it in itself Solstime and vampires are AWESOME just listen soooo many mods need the dlcs
toshiba_AC 26 de mar às 15:02 
Springtrap 26 de mar às 14:05 
I downloaded it and it wont work
DOOM WAR RAGER(herald of khorne) 26 de mar às 7:44 
this is my favorite mod for RP and it wont run any more since you made it that people need all the dlc to play. so is it possible that you could upload a vanilla skyrim version of the mod
avalongabriel 25 de mar às 21:33 
This is one of my favorite mods, and it used to work perfectly, but it doesn't work anymore for some reason. I've subscribed and re-subscribed and it still gives me the classic opening. I can't bear to sit through the execution scene again!
WeDaBus The Wizword 25 de mar às 19:08 
Im afraid to install it i have been reading all the comments it wont be permanent broken if it doesnt work will it?
wall socket 25 de mar às 17:06 
Loved my first try, thank you
Gnomvid 25 de mar às 14:36 
Nevermind, somehow it all got better when I moved the mod back in the load order. Not sure what happened but it seems to all be fine now.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 25 de mar às 13:09 
How do you mean you can't interact with Mara?
Anunnaki7777 25 de mar às 13:00 
why do i only get wierd symbols instead of words
Gnomvid 25 de mar às 13:00 
I can't start the game with the mod subscribed all of a sudden and characters saved inside the prison can't interact with the statue of Mara. This simply happened out of the blue after having used your mod since you released it. I'd be very thankful for any help I can get with this issue as I really don't want to unsubscribe it for the massive amount of replayability it lends the game.

Also, I'm loading it first of my subscribed mods but I have no new mods that could have made it suddenly fail or anything.
Arlust 25 de mar às 11:36 
Is there a particular reason that this now requires DLC? Did DLC support go wrong or something?
#_Mashed_Potato 24 de mar às 11:32 
can you mayby make a new mod with the old update, it doesnt work for me anymore i cant start the nexusmodmanager for some reason. thanks
noisy_crow 23 de mar às 15:36 
What's DLC? Does it mean I have to have other mods to play this? Would I have to buy something with money? I'm really confused. The only other mod I've ever had is frostfall, this and that are the only ones I'm interested in.
Esprite 23 de mar às 15:32 
Arthmoor, the Nexus version has been updated this month, and now requires the DLC's. Not to mention you apparently need a Nexus account just to download one mod? This would have been such a good mod, if it was easier to access for everyone.
nathan7669 23 de mar às 2:03 
Thnx, that helped a lot.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 23 de mar às 1:38 
You'd need to activate it through the game's official launcher. Subscribing alone isn't enough to do that.
nathan7669 23 de mar às 0:21 
I'm just subscribing to it using my steam page...and thats about it. I don't use any other fancy mod websites or anything. Is there a function on the steam page that "activates" the mod like you say?
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 22 de mar às 22:01 
@Nathan: Usually that just means it isn't activated. Make sure it's checked active in whatever program you used to manage it.
nathan7669 22 de mar às 21:49 
For some reason, this mod isn't working for me anymore. It doesn't cause the game to crash, it just skips over the mod and procceeds with the regular opening. Any idea why this is happening?
Napoleon the Clown 22 de mar às 21:00 
Why not have a DLC-free version on the Workshop? Not everyone has an account with, say, Nexus. Maybe they don't want to register a new account just for one little mod. Who can say? Maybe they're largely computer illiterate so a manual download is something they don't know how to do, and just one mod isn't worth learning to them.

The Dance of Death has versions on the Workshop for every DLC. Got Dawnguard but nothing else? There's a Dance of Death for that. Got Dragonborn but that's it? There's a Dance of Death for that!

That's what I was referring to. There's the option of having a version on the Workshop that doesn't require DLC in addition to the version that does require all DLC.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 22 de mar às 12:38 
Actually, no, not everyone does. Only a very vocal minority does. You'll need to get the non-DLC copy from Nexus as long as you're aware that version is frozen and will not be receiving future updates.
Esprite 22 de mar às 10:45 
Agreed. I'm not gonna get a DLC, just to get this mod.
AarBeaner 22 de mar às 0:59 
Death The Kid 21 de mar às 19:32 
I really don't want to spend money on the DLC, can you make a version that does not require the DLC? I think it's a great mod but I seriously want to play it, my parents won't let me buy the DLC either.
tyree131 21 de mar às 16:48 
the mod wont allow me to go to sleep and start my new life
xDovaQueenx 21 de mar às 16:06 
When I first used this a few weeks ago, it didn't require the Dragonborn DLC, and now, it does? what
jgross642000 21 de mar às 10:26 
Is there a mod like this that doesn't require dlc? Or at least not Hearthfire or Dragonborn?
Friendly 20 de mar às 9:30 
where i can download RU version?
wolfsnake1234 20 de mar às 8:14 
why does it need the dlc dragonborn dawnguard and hearthfire
RiskyTimePanda 20 de mar às 2:27 
"As of last patch all 3 main DLCs are required, unfortunatly steam auto updates us to latest version so for those of us missing one of said DLCs its CTD land unless we deactivate. You can get the old version from Nexus and unsub here to prevent steam from updating it."

God damn it! I just went through my whole load order tring to find the source because TES5 edit didn't pick this up.
Pierce 19 de mar às 22:16 
Same here but for me the mod wont register at all, and sice i didn't go to helgen befor that happend my level 57 can't go on with the mane questline.
BlackHare 19 de mar às 17:11 
I subscribed mod, but when steam trying to update it, I have error message. I can play somewhat, but every visit in any Inn in game ending with crash. Anyone know how to fix that? I have all dlcs
Chronicler 19 de mar às 14:46 
Skyrim beta was what I meant. Sorry that it wasn't clear.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 19 de mar às 13:56 
The mod isn't in beta though. Hasn't been for 3 years now.

As for the Skyrim beta, that ended. The launcher and CK changes have gone live.
Chronicler 19 de mar às 13:20 
So... will the next (non-beta} version be able to work in vanilla? Or is it impossible to make a version of the mod without using the DLCs? Because I wouldn't mind having a watered-down verison of this if I could use it in vanilla Skyrim.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 19 de mar às 13:00 
Well you should know that "nothing works" isn't much of a bug report. Not much I could do about it anyway since a link is a link and it either works for your or it doesn't.

Why would you need to do a Google search anyway? I've already listed 5 sites you can get this from that aren't Steam.
Sam Suphit 19 de mar às 12:56 
I am not new to gaming pc, and I can tell you that nothing works, even by doing a google search?
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 19 de mar às 12:51 
Any of the ones listed under "Alternate Download Locations" will take you to a download for the mod. You may get stopped by Valve's external link filter on the way out, another annoyance we have no control over. It may also be necessary to register at those other sites to be able to download the file.
Sam Suphit 19 de mar às 12:47 
ok,cool,just say me the good link,because i like your work and ddn't have probleme whith a good modder
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 19 de mar às 12:45 
Rubbish. Those links all work just fine.
Sam Suphit 19 de mar às 12:43 
@Arthmoor :all the links and all no working,am a modder and know that i say
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 19 de mar às 12:40 
There's a whole list of alternate download sites in the description :P
Sam Suphit 19 de mar às 12:36 
If a mod does not work, it's nice to point out, give us a link where this mod is functional, stp