Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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daburgess606 29 de jul às 19:00 
FUS ROH DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
daburgess606 29 de jul às 18:59 
daburgess606 29 de jul às 18:55 
no for the love of tlos i am not MADDD JK ANYWAY NO ARE UMAD
fanofminecraft999 29 de jul às 15:51 
i cant get the mod to work
darksilverdragon 29 de jul às 2:33 
I have one issue. I can't read any of the text it shows me. It's all in letters that make no sense at all. As though it were having an error with the recognizing words... makes it hard to choose anything when I'm seeing random letters with accents and no structure.

Help please? ^^;
ToolPackinMama 28 de jul às 18:29 
I have seen all the people complaining here, and I need to say that this mod always worked perfectly for me. Check your load order, and watch out for mod conflicts.
ToolPackinMama 28 de jul às 18:27 
This mod is fantastic! I can't live without it now. My only wish is that being born Forsworn would make you friendly with all Forsworn. 28 de jul às 16:43 
same thing with me funny face except theres no music
Funnyface142 28 de jul às 5:55 
I don't know what's wrong with my game, but when I start a new game it just stares at nothingness and doesn't start. The main menu music still plays and I hear them singing but nothing else. Please someone help me. I've got this mod both from the Nexus and Steam Workshop but neither works.
Gol Zin 27 de jul às 4:50 
No problems here the mod worked as advertised....something I enjoy is that you dont have to deal with Hadvar or Rolaff and fight in that silly ( and buggy as HELL) CW questline....My PCis and will ALWAYS BE Argonian and feels no desire to join either side (like why cant we just say NO when either of them tell us to join the Legion or Stormcloaks?....).
sonnytwhitehouse 27 de jul às 0:22 
awesome mod but when i choose to be a vampire all of the other vampires are hostile plz fix
drothnar 26 de jul às 16:03 
when i went to re-enter breezehome, it caused my game to crash, any help on that?
_________ 26 de jul às 12:59 
Good,but the only thing i know thats crap is it says ENGLISH, not RUSSIAN!!!!! or whatnot!
Telemachus 25 de jul às 19:05 
mine is stuck in a russian/some form of text D:
i cant understand a single word
Wall E 25 de jul às 17:53 
ok what the heck not a single character I try will work.
XXD3THKNIGHTXX 25 de jul às 16:57 
On some races the bed doesn't appear. The only race the bed never disappears is Nord. Besides that, awesome mod

Oh and, daburgees, umadbro?
Twiz 25 de jul às 16:55 
Can someone help, the mod was working before, but now I don't get a statue theres nothing there
hella jeff 25 de jul às 10:24 
are you frustrated, daburgess?
daburgess606 25 de jul às 8:40 
who cares if it is invisible you can use i would only complain if i didnt have a bed arthmoor tell me if im taking what i say to far you dont seem like one that would go crazy saying timadating stuff
braveboy13 25 de jul às 7:28 
I'm having an problem with the bed sometimes being invisible and other times
not being there at all.
Arthmoor  [autor(a)] 25 de jul às 0:07 
@Autumn Redd: Because Gamebryo sucks. The game doesn't properly reset the environment when you exit to the main menu.
daburgess606 24 de jul às 23:13 
this is the best mod ive seen havent played it yet i seen youtube videos and it looks very good but5 im also going to get another mod for a camping kit they sell at riverwwod trader only does finding the main quest by hearing from a city point you to helgen or where because the crazy guy with the ournal is not directely at helgen
daburgess606 24 de jul às 23:08 
the mod creator brung it up with steam that they were apart of most of glites and took no resposiblity i think not 100% sure so just leran computer coding and bllody fix it for the love of talos
Coolairman 24 de jul às 20:29 
Why is it that evrey mob is not moving as if they are completely disabled?
mudkip1971 24 de jul às 13:43 
i got the russhin vershin biacadenatly and then got this one but everything still in rushen no mattter what i do i whant this to work relly bad what do i do?
Autumn Redd: Tea Addict 24 de jul às 13:28 
when starting more then 1 new game without exiting the game completely, the game will crash. any idea why?
daburgess606 24 de jul às 4:40 
for the love of talos shut up and stop complaining he is trying to fix it mod making is hard
[The Original] Tactical Bacon 23 de jul às 19:56 
I tried starting a new game and chose "I want to escape this cell". After that, I went and lockpicked the door; and after the table with the gold bag and axe, it was just a void
Grey 23 de jul às 19:19 
Is anyone else having trouble with the vampire story, because i cant seem to feed n anybody at all.
Kirito 23 de jul às 16:34 
do i have to have dawngaurd for this mod to work??????
MS-DOS 6.22 23 de jul às 15:49 
Lady: I caught him on a Sundas, and I had the same journal entry you did.

Sromshek: are you on drugs?
Creature of Purgatory 23 de jul às 15:26 
when asking the innkeeper at dragonbridge about shady sam, she said sundas and mondas, but in the journal entry it says turdas and fridas. which one is right?
sromshek 23 de jul às 13:14 
Love the idea anyway you could make it alittle more user freindly for those of us that are new to pc gameplay?Easyer download and unsub features.
jacobsawsom951 22 de jul às 22:18 
when i select high elf the bed becomes invis and somtimes disapears, is this just me?
MS-DOS 6.22 22 de jul às 17:22 
I am asking if it's this mod because coming to Solitude right away with never seeing a dragon also means you can't say to her "but you donn't want to hear about the dragon?", so perhaps i changes other things too.
MS-DOS 6.22 22 de jul às 17:21 
Does this interfere with Roggvir's Talos Amulet quest? ("Return to Grace)

I start with Sailed to Solitude start. I watch execution. Not only do I follow the "bug free" walkthrough to complete the quest from the UESP wiki, I also have the latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch installed and working.

However, I do not have the option of saying to the little girl "Sorry about your uncle" I only have "give a sovereign" and "but you're talking now."

"Sorry about" is what triggers the start of Return to Grace. If you can't/don't say that to her, it doesn't start.
bradc7233 22 de jul às 15:56 
as soon as i spawn and create my character i fall through the world and end up in a dongeon
PepperJack 22 de jul às 15:47 
can you add an option that takes away dragon born i know i saw a simlar mod to this but you can chose dragon born non dragon born stuff like that thanks
Orionjackson70 21 de jul às 12:32 
the only thing I have a problem with, is the MAIN quest line. I still do the Greybeards and stuff like that... :( I just wanted to be a bandit...
smallmud 20 de jul às 18:48 
is ufric dead coause hes not at windhelm
angeal17661 20 de jul às 16:30 
I just wiped all saved games from my computer and went to make a new game. Unfortunetly, everytime I create a character and want to do everything eccept choosing "I want to escape this cell" I can't do it because the bed is missing everytime. Sooo i can't play at all.
I noticed alot of people asking about the missing bed so if you have any answers for us that would be amazing.
Goldrush 19 de jul às 9:02 
The bed has disapperared for me so i cant start the game
Mitchel Watts 18 de jul às 17:41 
@mbh9700: You must go to one of the innkeepers in Solitude or Windhelm and ask them about rumours until it pops up with speechless subtitles, Your quest should update then.
Daglez 18 de jul às 2:34 
@Arthmoor can you add Volkihar Vampires and The Silver Hand?
mineguypete 17 de jul às 12:33 
none of tyhe house ones work except the farm one, i just get an inventory and the statue is gone
Surge Reactions 17 de jul às 12:32 
☠Anger [FIN]☠ how did you fix it because i cant start skyrim up, it just crashes
THE HOBO FROM DOWN THE STREET 17 de jul às 12:07 
the language is russian and i can't change it
mbh9700-***** 16 de jul às 23:07 
How do I progress the quest to follow up on rumors of war in Solitude or Windhelm? I've wandered around both of those cities, doing some quests, but can't seem to progress. Can't join the Imperials either, the guy just asks if I'm lost.
Defenestrator 16 de jul às 22:54 
Anger, would you post your fix for the benefit of everyone else? It is possible others may have the issue.
jsj135 16 de jul às 12:59 
how do I get this to work on my Windows 8 laptop?