Faster Vanilla Horses
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Elite Alliance 18. srp. v 3.40 odp. 
yes useful
GrizzlyRex 17. srp. v 1.36 odp. 
Very good mod. I always use it. I think the horses should have been this fast in vanilla.
Heazle 16. srp. v 10.54 dop. 
I have learned the hard way to not have this turned on during the tutorial.
Masterdoctorn7 10. srp. v 9.45 odp. 
not a good mod sorry, tried that while the beginning was playing and the horse and the wall became best friends....
Muchachowitz 9. srp. v 11.43 dop. 
I always assumed horses were slowish because they're supposed to be stocky things more well suited to Skyrim's uneven terrain, and to balance the fact that they can sprint infinitely.

Still makes them totally pointless to ride, though. Good mod, wouldn't ride horses without it (or something similar).
HaloE70 5. srp. v 8.09 odp. 
The mod sucks without the invincibal horses mod, beacuse even if you go over a small hill your horse will die. Otherwise i like it.
Guybrush Threepwood 4. srp. v 12.54 odp. 
I think the horses are slower because of how Skyrim loads the world. I see when I go super-fast with this mod, the world has massive pop-in's. And then there is the console version too. I bet it has even slower loading.
Kirito 31. čvc. v 12.11 odp. 
so far its really good
Anal Fighter 26. čvc. v 6.28 odp. 
dinonicky 24. čvc. v 1.30 odp. 
change it so the hose fighs s and helps you
后腿君 23. čvc. v 4.02 dop. 
Killing the Dragon 21. čvc. v 2.07 dop. 
Can I edit the boost from 30% to something lower? 30 is a bit too much for my taste. Great mod though.
SilentMortem 18. čvc. v 6.52 odp. 
If you want to start a new character just load the autosave from when you got off the coach. If you want to watch the opening cinematic then disable the mod until that part is over. Easy fix.
Cardboard-Werewolf 18. čvc. v 3.17 dop. 
I finally figured out that this was the mod making the beginning of the game bug out for me- the horses go too fast while you're riding in the wagon and all of the sudden THE WAGON GOES FLYING.
And yes, I tested starting the game with and without this mod, among several other mods, and it's this one that's causing the problem.
In other words; this mod works great as long as you don't start a new game or use alternate start mods. Not the biggest deal, but it exists.
sromshek 17. čvc. v 9.35 odp. 
love the mod works well.
pg13islame 11. čvc. v 12.14 odp. 
Hey Horsey Can i touch u.... ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
whitecaleb 9. čvc. v 5.49 dop. 
This makes life so much easier. Thanks.
Jov  [autor] 8. čvc. v 11.36 odp. 

Highly probably not. It is a rare bug.
korn_ivian 7. čvc. v 11.34 odp. 
there will be problems in the beginning of the game?
ryan-david333 7. čvc. v 10.03 dop. 
The horses of skyrim are slow but they make it up with how strong they are sow if you wanne make the faster you gotta make them weaker
philipfemango 4. čvc. v 5.24 odp. 
Does it work with Arvak?
armadaxster 2. čvc. v 2.53 odp. 
Yeah, now you can call them horse. Great mod!
MirishMan 30. čvn. v 4.55 odp. 
could you make a tweek for the ghost horse from dawnguard he is my favorite
=T$ETag= DragOnScale[NL] 30. čvn. v 10.19 dop. 
How do i get the summon horse mod? i cant find it :P pls help me.
kemosobby 30. čvn. v 8.26 dop. 

i used an alternate start that just simply skipped the intro to the point of exiting the cave. works great now thanks!
Da Noob 30. čvn. v 5.25 dop. 
Compatable with both Dragonborn and Dawnguard?
Jov  [autor] 29. čvn. v 11.56 odp. 

It's a fairly rare bug. I would recommend either disabling the mod for the intro, using the Character Creation autosave, or checking out one of the excellent Alternate Start mods.

For whatever reason, it only happens to a small handful of people, and fixing it would probably require scripting, making this mod less lightweight, which I think is part of the appeal.
kemosobby 29. čvn. v 9.12 odp. 
this mod might be creating a failer at the begginning of the game as the carraiges are trying to head into helgen, the horse pulling yourse goes to fast and makes the gate never open, trying to find out if it was from that or something else
Navaara6 29. čvn. v 5.30 dop. 
How long does the spring last?
stevenmartin23 28. čvn. v 2.09 odp. 
If you are using the Blaze of Eventide mod does it effect Blaze also?
doozee \(^o^)/ 28. čvn. v 8.55 dop. 
This is how fast horses should've been in the game
The Dude 27. čvn. v 8.11 odp. 
Fast Horsey
Nanahara 27. čvn. v 1.17 odp. 
Makes travelling the skyrim bareable, much more likely to ride there now than fast travel
[D.2.B]neer 27. čvn. v 10.28 dop. 
yah but dude this is not a bug but im telling you if you can get it a lil bit better when the horse falls like its not a far fall but it makes him die and i think it makes me angrey cuz i lose my horse and im not going to buy a defrent one and im not going to load the game for him please try to make it better or less dameg

and btw this mod i aswsome i really like it thants
[OP]Attinkan 25. čvn. v 7.31 odp. 
Awesome mod works great and make a no fast travel play style much more enjoyable!
Palpatine 25. čvn. v 10.29 dop. 
awesome mod dude!
Calvin Lee 24. čvn. v 9.49 odp. 
"The Loading screen has a Quote about the Vanilla Horses speed; The horses of Skyrim are hardy and strong, and make up for in endurance what they lack in speed." Exactly, are we sure this is still lore friendly?
Goji 24. čvn. v 8.13 dop. 
If only they were edible.
M1GU31[ABK] 23. čvn. v 4.45 odp. 
Good mod
DarkHalo187 21. čvn. v 10.14 odp. 
for some reason i cant get any of my mods to work does anyone wanna try and help me out here?
MCbryce0110HD 16. čvn. v 12.57 odp. 
The Loading screen has a Quote about the Vanilla Horses speed; The horses of Skyrim are hardy and strong, and make up for in endurance what they lack in speed.
Jtguidera [color black] 12. čvn. v 7.54 odp. 
Does anyone else have a weird red half-horse thing underneath their character when you play?
Stealth 8. čvn. v 2.51 odp. 
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Timesplitter 3. čvn. v 10.54 dop. 
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Sl1der369 2. čvn. v 3.46 dop. 
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RYAN 30. kvě. v 8.40 odp. 
i allways found it funny when your horse died from falling damage and you would just fall in slowmo while you horse flys off in a random direction. anyways great mod!
Ausar the Vile 30. kvě. v 7.01 dop. 
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Jov  [autor] 28. kvě. v 7.30 odp. 

Yup! This mod can be installed (or uninstalled) at any time.
Τопў 28. kvě. v 7.06 odp. 
I apologize if it's in the description somewhere, does it work fine with current saves? I've been levelling a "retired" nord stormcloak veteran (Finished the war and won) and I am just wondering, because if it actually works with saves that would be amazing. I find myself using fast travel way too often, and it really impacts my gameplay experience in a bad way.
JPax 28. kvě. v 7.17 dop. 
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/▌ all over the workshop
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