Spell Eraser
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Palmerbear 4月17日 21時10分 
Shouts to???
americus22americus33 2月10日 18時28分 
never mind i found it
americus22americus33 2月10日 18時26分 
is there one that eraces dragon shouts r is this the mod?
skyrimlord17 ratchet335 1月4日 9時17分 
perfect !!! XD
GingersGoRawr 2013年11月30日 8時46分 
@altinms That's really weird, do you have any mods that affect quests? Try dissabeling all of your mods and then starting a new game (keeping your old) and see if there is still a problem, if not, then it's probably a mod. It could also just be a glitch resulting from your previous mods and mod faliures. Really wish I could help, and unfortunately I for me with the whole magic menu failure going back to the previous save isn't an option, I have no idea what happened to it, but it's really annoying, Best of luck with your questing problems.
altinms 2013年11月26日 14時10分 
@GingersGoRawr: I ended up having to delete the save the spells were stuck on. Since then I found no problem after words on any of my other saves. As of right now it's been concluded that it's from a WIP mod I had previously subscribed to. The mod itself was buggy but after removing it the spells stayed in my invintory, causing my game to crash everytime I loaded. I am now running into a problem where the Jarl of windhelm or certain other characters are not at thier story places. Like, the Jarl of whiterun will be IN dragonsreach, but not at his throne. And when I try to start the story he'll say his line but then he won't move to talk to his house carl or anything. The only way to advance the story is waiting a few days and then he starts Bleak falls burrow quest with his diolague and the quest gets stuck there since his court wizard won't give me the quest diolague. Any ideas?
Eps  [作成者] 2013年11月26日 2時42分 
Yes, it is.
TheBatSwagg 2013年11月14日 12時02分 
It's still possible to relearn the spells right? From like spell tomes and such?
GingersGoRawr 2013年10月28日 20時23分 
Altinms unfortunately I am here trying to fix that problem. No one has found a legit solution to it yet, though a lot of people suggest fast traveling, sleeping, learning a new spell, and even just curing any disseases. Unfortunately so far non of these things have worked for me, but I havent been able to try sleeping yet. If you happento find a sollution, I beg you to let me know. This problem has had a detrimental effect on my game and I haven't been able to move past the certain point I am stuck in. (I can't load a new save and would prefer not to restart... again) If you know of a solution or have an idea please message me.
altinms 2013年10月28日 14時10分 
Hello! I try to use this mod but ANOTHER mod I used along time back which I unsubscribed to now crashes me when I try to enter magic! I don't remember which mod it was or how to find it, or the spell/powers ID. How can I fix this?
SU-33 2013年8月18日 3時29分 
Useful! Thank you.
Eps  [作成者] 2013年8月16日 12時10分 
OK, I see, that was on another website (skyrimfans.ru I think?). Anyways, you have my permission. Just make sure it's clear you're not the original author in the description.
Wehrwolfmann 2013年8月16日 11時39分 
Russian fans do not subscribe to the plug-ins in the workshop, where the description in English ((
Wehrwolfmann 2013年8月16日 11時34分 
Not seen in the workshop I was Russian version of your plugin, so I ask. I found a few lines of text in a plugin, like to move and lay solely for the Russian community. Allow me, please
Eps  [作成者] 2013年8月16日 11時28分 
I think someone already did that? Check to make sure it's not already on that site.
Wehrwolfmann 2013年8月16日 10時37分 
Hello Can I get you permission for the Russian version in the workshop with the description in Russian your amazing plugin? I will show you as the author and a link to a page put nexus. Waiting for an answer.
DEATHLORD58 2013年7月29日 18時22分 
cant get it to load any sugestions
ElderGamer1 2013年4月21日 0時27分 
I have to say your Spell Eraser works great. I had something like this for Oblivion and It's so good I have it for Skyrim..Thanks for making it so easy to delete spells!
Eps  [作成者] 2013年4月17日 10時11分 
A lot of people requested one for powers and shouts, so I created a second mod, Power Eraser, where the process is reversed - a spell that you cast from your hand that erases your equipped power/shout.
pikmonwolf 2013年4月15日 19時41分 
Awesome, I hated having that guy from the colleges magic heating spell that is only usefull for that quest.
Sheo 2013年4月15日 14時56分 
BUUUTTTT, now he has a power eraser too :) You are a great modder and the fact your willing to make your own videos is devastaing for other modders. Good job.
Eps  [作成者] 2013年2月23日 1時36分 
Yes, that's the case.
Sir Render 2013年2月22日 21時04分 
I will assume this is just spells, not powers then?
Even so this is very useful, thanks
Eps  [作成者] 2013年2月21日 10時21分 
That would take too much time and it would only work for vanilla spells and powers.
Toltuk 2013年2月21日 3時43分 
can you make a version that wipes the entire list of spells and powers?
doctor 2013年2月15日 8時30分 
ok found it. thanks
Eps  [作成者] 2013年2月15日 7時00分 
Look in the Magic menu under Powers.
doctor 2013年2月14日 12時52分 
yeah i tryed it and didnt find anything. thats why im asking.
Eps  [作成者] 2013年2月14日 12時03分 
I can't see why it should not. All the mod does is add a Power. You access it like any other Power through whatever interface you're using.
doctor 2013年2月13日 19時23分 
hey does it work with skyui
bmagic 2013年1月27日 3時44分 
ok thanks
Eps  [作成者] 2013年1月27日 3時33分 
@bnarskeren It should. Provided that you learned the spell via a Spell Tome or other one-time method. If the modder implemented it as "Add on game load", it will keep re-adding it.
bmagic 2013年1月27日 3時22分 
does this work for mod spells aswell???
blckruc47 2013年1月22日 21時27分 
Great idea. Great mod.
¡Erk Gloom 2012年10月14日 16時27分 
awesome! exactly the type of helpful mod I'm looking for.
Benjy52 2012年10月3日 15時18分 
Now I get an answer :)
Eps  [作成者] 2012年9月21日 3時22分 
@Benjy52 Hwat? :|
Benjy52 2012年9月20日 16時44分 
LOL no one answered me.
Dajelly 2012年9月13日 3時32分 
k thanks for the help
Eps  [作成者] 2012年9月12日 3時26分 
I can't even begin to imagine how trying to remove an unremovable spell could possibly cause graphical glitches. It would have to be something on Beth's side.
Dajelly 2012年9月11日 3時12分 
well tried erasing the first healing and fire spell and like u said they wont delete so now when any fire or heal spell used has black lines around the fingers and the outlining the spell itself tried deleting mod and reinstall the game itself with no luck. any help be awsome
Eps  [作成者] 2012年9月11日 2時14分 
What kind of fixes?
jconsort 2012年6月24日 16時10分 
Many thanks..tired of having to look up the console command to unclutter the spell list..this is perfect.
Benjy52 2012年6月17日 20時24分 
Spell Eraser : E R A S E R .
UninformedLuddite 2012年6月10日 17時06分 
Why would you want to erase shouts and/or only use one? I have found sitting back chilling on a mountainside whilst my big pet rampages a lot fo fun
AdmiralTails 2012年6月8日 9時27分 
Of course, if you only want one shout, then other shouts' presence in the menu would hardly matter, you wouldn't be going into the menu to change.
carma_178 2012年6月8日 6時35分 
ok thanks
Eps  [作成者] 2012年6月8日 3時32分 
I agree with Nemesis. But if you really want to delete shouts you can use 'player.removeSpell' in the console.
carma_178 2012年6月7日 18時08分 
simple i dont care about shouts i only want one shout
Nemesis 2012年6月7日 18時07分 
hey carma what is the name of this mod? Spell Eraser...
No it wont get rid of the shouts and why would you even want to do that?
This mods DELETES spells from you and spells you can always relearn but shouts you can't so no point in even wanting to do it. I can't even try to understand why you want to "get rid of" shouts. Please explain.