Akaviri Samurai Armor
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Doge 17 aug om 4:00nm 
I think of samurai champloo(anime) when i wear this
catholicrockettjandro 12 aug om 8:21nm 
This is an absolute must have for anyone doing a heavy armor build
Ares:god of War 6 aug om 7:33nm 
I notice it not as powerful as daedric Armor, anyway to fix that?
dogemaster20 5 aug om 1:20nm 
doge bro i believe it is the sky haven temple, if not then its a mod i dont know about
KnobleKnives 2 aug om 4:06nm 
This'll fit beautifully with my Dawnbreaker sword and Krosis (both of which are regularly equipped as my main weapon and head garb).
I'm only having trouble with one thing, and that is when I attempt to forge it, the name shows up but the colors are still the same as the typical Blades armor set. Is it different when it's being worn after crafted, or is this a glitch? Or do I have to manually install it?
Mormon Jesus 29 jul om 4:33nm 
I found a bug- when I jump whilst wearing the armour in first person, my head clips through the armour blinding me for a few seconds. Fix? P.S. im just using body armour no other parts
muchme suchdoge 27 jul om 3:23nm 
Can soemone please tell me where the house from the background is please please!?
zacmax9 25 jul om 6:14nm 
sky haven temple of the blades is Akaviri, which means the blades weapons and armor are also Akaviri. just listen to esbern as you first walk in if you dont believe me.
jspare2017 23 jul om 4:20nm 
not all akaviri slayed dragons, ka po tun actually were allies with them, the dragon slayers were the taesk and they dont wear armor
Keycase 5 jul om 11:29vm 
its only for heavy armor? no light armor?
ironman2135 4 jul om 12:47nm 
when its downloading into the game at the pop up screen it says steam error 16, any ways to fix this?
Honeyball 26 jun om 12:27nm 
what mod was used for off hand katana in the main screenshot? I'm shure i had it, but cant find it now.
gargoylefang21 25 jun om 11:50nm 
i love your work,just like i'd love to be able to craft it.and to me the helmet towards the nose makes it look like a clown nose
Riggshammer 25 jun om 3:37vm 
Does this replace the Blades armor ingame for all npcs too?
connocclar 24 jun om 5:45nm 
so this is just renamed blades armor, right?
Tars Olan 24 jun om 4:53nm 
maybe add a helm with out the wings/feather spikes?
Agrippa da Rippa 23 jun om 12:02vm 
Maybe a dumb question, but are all of your armors on the workshop available in your Immersive Armors mod on the nexus? Or do they need to be downloaded separately?
AMATOR ANTON 22 jun om 1:58nm 
how to get the armor? or need to buy or she appears in the inventory?
Question about all the mods on the armor! where to get this armor after activation in the launcher?
CTaG-Arcathox 20 jun om 5:57nm 
console code plz
Sugar_Charlie 20 jun om 8:29vm 
whats the code for cheating this armor ?
Buttahflyeh εïз 17 jun om 10:09vm 
is this compatible with CBBE for ze females..?
RynoMan.300 10 jun om 12:35nm 
i cant find the armor plzzz help me
KENNY The Spy 26 mei om 3:53vm 
Nice Armor :D like it :D
Mr. Derp 19 mei om 4:39nm 
UrKungFuNoGood 17 mei om 9:37vm 
Any chance to get a light version? I really love the look of this armor. I'm playing a heavy armor/two-handed atm, but I plan to do light armor next. Would love to have this in a glass spec. Or even better, a leveled version for each perk both heavy and light so I can keep this look as I progress through the game.
TheDarkLifePL 14 mei om 9:21vm 
It doesn't work :( can somebody help me ?
CHENFOOOOO! 28 apr om 7:52vm 
Good work
ChAOtic-Persuer 21 apr om 6:08vm 
i love this mod thank u since i love samurais this has made me happyyyyyyy
BlackBeard 17 apr om 7:41nm 
The Akavari armor is cool, but for me it's only effective against dragons. Not mortals. Honestly, I feel more safe in a pair of leather armor when I'm fighting people.
MasterGimmick792 11 apr om 6:44nm 
no wonder this armor looks sick, it was made by HothTrooper44
TwistedSymmetry 6 apr om 6:04vm 
Thuriboll 6 apr om 1:55vm 
cbilhimer 5 apr om 4:26nm 
You should make an akaviri bow/arrows, you should also, (cuz of my favoritism of you dragon knight armor) Refine the light dragon armor and the dragon weapon textures:)
jdogy89 14 mrt om 8:06nm 
your lore is wrong the akavir had one race who worshipped the dragons. only one race slayed them.
kingsweden 87 6 mrt om 8:58vm 
BEST MOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
barmyness 19 feb om 12:19nm 
wish weapon came with it
G20 19 feb om 7:04vm 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
Exiled Zombie Slayer 15 feb om 12:39nm 
I love the look...but could you possibly make a different helmet to go with the set? Intimidating, yes...but I'd like to think there was one or two more practical options.
SHREDDER the necromancer 9 feb om 3:01vm 
does it inclued a specal avari kitanna
[Epic] Bloodz 3 feb om 12:53nm 
A light armor Samurai outfit would be sick!
texadon 31 jan om 12:47nm 
Love this. Going to give it to my Ka PO' Tun. Although I wouldn't use a light armor variation, I think that would b popular; almost a ninja-style, "rouge-ish" armor like dark_devilo666 suggests.
GaStu 26 jan om 9:51nm 
Beauty. Can't wait to try it out. My only suggestion is that you should switch the smithing skill placement of this with your viking armor mod, and scale the stats to boot.
dark_devilo666 25 jan om 7:55nm 
do you think it could be possible to make a light armor or more rogue-ish?
Nix 25 jan om 3:21vm 
Kainmac, try putting it the top half of the loading order. Make sure you got a valuable save you can load up if something messes up.
NightmareSSV 25 jan om 2:24vm 
This mod looks great, but it never shows up at a forge for me, i've installed and unnistalled several times and it never shows up, so before i mess around with load orders and possibly revert some progress (I've lost weeks of progress doing this) does this mod need to be at any specific place in load order or anything like that?
(HH)Paul-Panzer 24 jan om 11:23vm 
Nice Mod
Tom joyce 15 jan om 8:52vm 
"It is crafted under the Steel section at a normal forge"
[NOR] Akio Takamiya 6 jan om 5:26vm 
Where can I get this?
killcreeper57 2 jan om 12:03nm 
R4iηb0W D!ffI 30 dec 2013 om 3:29vm 
And i can ask, this mod for Khajiit too ?