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House Map Markers by Smakit
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InfrAtary 2017년 8월 13일 오후 3시 07분 
thanks for the really helpful mod! have you considered on porting it to special edition?
Stoltverd 2017년 6월 1일 오전 11시 58분 
This mod is soooooooooooooooooooooo dirty. Is it safe to clean?
rringo 2016년 11월 1일 오후 7시 44분 
do you have any plans to port this to skyrim special edition? would love to see it there! 2015년 5월 1일 오전 6시 54분 
Invaluable mod that I find as important as any main game feature. Cheers!
Medved 2014년 9월 16일 오전 8시 11분 
Very handy, thanks.
Niggafish 2014년 7월 31일 오후 12시 13분 
very nice idea and i love it even though i havn't purchased a house yet. but i can still see its showing the marker. thank you
ShikenNuggets 2014년 7월 26일 오후 12시 13분 
I rarely find myself in Solitude but when I do I get really lost for some reason. I can actually get to my house now. Thumbs up.
Ronin 2014년 7월 18일 오전 7시 52분 
This is sick now I dont have to travel to whiterun then run to my house, now I can just travel there. Whoever made this is a genuis and I put thumbs up for you and subscribed.
Equilisys 2014년 7월 14일 오후 9시 37분 
A small but useful change - especially when I need to straight-up access my stored items and armoury in Windhelm so I don't have to do sharp turns around that blasted city to find it. That goes for my other home near the two closest map markers; running a long distance to the Solitude house that is an equal distance between the city gates and that palace where the queen resides.

Thanks for the mod.
TT 2014년 7월 2일 오전 10시 58분 
PS. BOSS can be found here:
TT 2014년 7월 2일 오전 10시 56분 
According to BOSS this contains dirty edits and needs cleaning with TES5Edit
Contains dirty edits: 11 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here.
TES5Edit link:
Cleaning Guide:
Raziel 2014년 4월 2일 오전 4시 00분 
I rellay apreciate
MeltingAbyss254 2014년 2월 23일 오후 7시 15분 
you get my download i can never find my own house XD
DragonMaster 2014년 2월 6일 오전 7시 05분 
Currently having a problem with mods any chance of your giving me the BSA and/or ESP file names for which are used when this mod is installed. As I'm going through and cleaning things up which means un-subscribing to all mods and doing a clean install of the ones for which I plan to keep. Thanks. Yes this will be one I keep.
schmurtz 2014년 1월 5일 오전 6시 48분 
Very useful, thx. Doesn't work with the property in Raven rock (DLC Dragonborn) ?
Smultron 2014년 1월 4일 오후 10시 58분 
Any mod that allows you to fast travel into your house? But I guess this one will have to do for now. At least I don't have to load twice to get to my house.
Nezorf 2013년 12월 12일 오전 1시 41분 
so useful
Kristoffer 2013년 11월 11일 오후 4시 22분 
Wonderful mod, ++
Charlie_Tuna 2013년 9월 25일 오후 3시 28분 
There was an issue with the mod in Whiterun after I purchased the key to the Breeze home from Proventus Avenicci. As you pay for additional decorations, the options dissappear from the dialog except for the Alchemy laboratory option which is dimmed but not removed. It takes away 500 gold every time you choose it but it never actually adds the lab to the home. The issue does not happen when I uncheck the mod from the Data Files menu and re-load the game.
[XaO] Monq 2013년 7월 25일 오후 10시 11분 
Wonderful mod!
So essentially useful, you have to wonder why it's not part of the base game.
MeateaW 2013년 7월 17일 오후 7시 14분 
must have.
Christian 2013년 7월 14일 오전 6시 16분 
Such a simple mod but brilliant!
Uncle_K ]GER[ 2013년 7월 4일 오후 1시 15분 
total Genialer Mod... ;-)!!!
M. Nobody 2013년 4월 27일 오후 1시 08분 
je ne sais toujours rien mettre dans les vitrines..
I can't put anything in armory conteners
Emmmanuel Q 2013년 3월 19일 오전 9시 19분 
Si simple, mais si utile !!!
Brek 2013년 2월 15일 오전 12시 06분 
Ever useful. Do you plan to add the Severin Manor on Solstheim? It would be useful, as the Raven Rock marker positions you on the other edge of the town...
heflalni 2013년 1월 26일 오후 11시 36분 
Super pratique ce mod.Surtout apres 500 heures de jeu c'est plus sympa d'aller au plus vite et au plus direct.Merci Smakit
Dunastrig 2012년 12월 21일 오전 8시 24분 
An absolutely vital mod!
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 24일 오전 5시 29분 
Super minor thing that I didn't think of until they mentioned it had to do with the decorating from the stewards. Since it was my first mod on Skyrim, I had looked at another quest -- the house purchase in particular because I had planned on making you buy the marker as a bonus.

Then I decided I wanted it as simple as possible, with no scripts or anything to avoid conflicts and issues (oops =P). Still, since I had looked at it and made changes, even though I canceled it, the toolset had it set as used for my mod, so the original ones were overwriting the stuff Hearthfire needed to do more or less.

I just had to set my mod to not use the 'altered' (my unchanged version) of the quest, and instead use whatever Hearthfire used, and it worked fine. Specifically, had to set the mod to ignore the altered HousePurchase quest.

Took about 5 seconds to fix. =)
Jayschwa 2012년 10월 23일 오후 10시 25분 
Out of curiosity, what was the underlying problem and fix?
LittleMikey 2012년 10월 21일 오후 6시 57분 
Thanks Smakit!
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 20일 오후 1시 47분 
UPDATED! Should work fine now (did for me, used Breezehome + Lucie as a test) as long as I uploaded it correctly. I see I messed up my image earlier, but I'll throw that up later... =P

Sorry about the mix up again Machienzo, but with your second description it made it a super easy fix. I will go update the PLUS version as well, and the foreign languages shouldn't have this issue at all.

Any others crop up, let me know, and everyone test it out the best you can for other errors.
Babo 2012년 10월 20일 오전 1시 07분 
Yeah, Smakit, I'm here to report that your mod cause a bug in Hearthfire, which makes the alchemy lab IN BREEZEHOME not replaced with a child's room. I encountered with this annoying bug and had to spend 3 days to test my savegame with each mod, and it turned out that the issue is caused by this mod exactly, the bug is only gone when I disable this mod (PLUS version 1.1). It's a shame because I love your mod. Pls look into it, I think I can't play the game without your mod.
LittleMikey 2012년 10월 18일 오후 7시 19분 
Good luck getting it fixed!
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 18일 오후 7시 16분 
Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding Machienzo. THAT makes more sense to me. I have been busy with stuff, but hopefully this weekend I can look into it. I actually have a clue as to what it might be, so hopefully it will work.

I wasn't even aware of the other houses having the option. Never kept up with the DLC 'cause it didn't interest me (plenty of awesome ones for free! ;) but a friend hooked me up with it so I can do some testing and the like. I'll keep you posted.
LittleMikey 2012년 10월 18일 오전 6시 50분 
I can confirm I am also getting the bug with being able to purchase Child's Room with this mod installed. I tried manually activating and deactivating every mod I had installed, and I left this one till last because I figured "All it does is add markers, how can that change a NPC?" but when I turned off it worked fine. And then turning it back on breaks the dialogue option again. Really strange... hope you can get it fixed!


Yeah, what Machienzo.neo said, it's not a problem with the Hearthfire constructable houses, but buying the "Childs Room" addition on any vanilla house, such as Proudmoor Manor or Breezeholm.
millerrobin56 2012년 10월 17일 오전 2시 52분 
I like this mod, as all my homes should be on the map, thanks. Now where did I leave wife number 4?
Machienzo 2012년 10월 15일 오후 6시 53분 
Perhaps I did not explain fully. The problem lies in 'purchasing' a Child's Room for any Vanilla houses. For example, I had a fully furnished Breezehome, had Hearthfire installed, and talked to Proventus but every time I asked to get the Child's Room, it wouldn't confirm as having been furnished.
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 15일 오전 10시 08분 
In the bedroom, I added most things - not the display cases and the like, but made sure to do all the beds and a wardrobe/chest for the children.

Went outside, picked to remove the workbench from the bedroom. Fast traveled to Whiterun and grabbed the girl - Lucie IIRC - and asked her to move in to Falkreath. She did, I went there, and it all worked fine. This was using the Map Markers PLUS version, but should be no different, tho I will test to be certain in the future. Sorry about your guys issues, but I'm thinking it may not be my mod causing the troubles after all.
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 15일 오전 10시 06분 
re: Hearthfire

Alright, I got my hands on Hearthfire, and so far it seems to work just fine. I may need more testing/info from you guys, but mine ran without a hitch. Here is what I did in case any of it matters.

Got land in Falkreath -- Lakeview Manor. Built it up from the tiny house, the larger addition on the back, changed front to entry way, added all the 3 sides, using the bedroom option as the one wing. <continued next post>
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 10일 오후 6시 58분 
Maybe, though in the Creation Kit as far as I know, it uses the IDs you create, which aren't necessarily numbers, but whatever you name them. And I doubt they used naming convetions like "SmakitWhiterunMM" or anything similar ;) But who knows.

Still, I will need to get Hearthfire before I can do any personal testing. I gotta wait for funds for a few days for that, but hopefully someone can shed some light on it in the mean time.
Machienzo 2012년 10월 10일 오후 5시 48분 
I completely understand why this is so damn confusing. A map maker should not be interfereing with this. But maybe perhaps it's because your added map markers have identical Record # entries as Hearthfire (causing conflicts and overwrites). Who knows?

Perhaps you might want to release a Hearthfire master dependent additional file if you can't eliminate the problem with this version.
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 8일 오전 10시 57분 

The mod itself doesn't alter or add any quests, scripts, etc., and all it does add is a handful of map markers. I could get hearthfire, install it, use it as a part of the mod, and readd the markers, but I don't know if that would even do anything.

In the mean time, user beware I guess, and if anyone has other info, feel free to post it.
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 8일 오전 10시 57분 

As I said, I don't have Hearthfire, though I might end up grabbing it soon.

Glad for the confirmation, though it seems quite odd that it would produce a bug pertaining to the mod where nothing at all is changed.The *only* thing I did with the mod is add a map marker, and in the instance of the PLUS version, added a couple other markers to change where the location of the map marker is in reference to the location it teleports you to.

It may be something more widespread that will affect many mods if such a bug does exist, as I can't see any way shape or form how this would do it. As for fixing it, until I can get Hearthfire or see if it is a more 'big' deal (messing up many other mods), there isn't much I can do.
alblks 2012년 10월 8일 오전 10시 45분 
I confirm Hearthfire bug. 'Plus' version affected too. It took me the whole damn evening to figure that. With all due respect, you'd better not to argue obvious. Just test yourself.
Smakit  [작성자] 2012년 10월 8일 오전 7시 32분 

I don't have that mod installed, but it certainly shouldn't affect that, hah. It doesn't alter any npcs, any of the new stuff, or any areas outside of the places where the markers are.

I can't say with 100% certainty, but 99.9% sure this is not the cause of your issue, as it makes no sense. Sorry for the troubles, though! If anyone else happens to have the same issue with only this mod (and not without it) let me know, but I can't see that happening.
Machienzo 2012년 10월 7일 오전 1시 20분 
Hearthfire bug! Cannot purchase Child's Room in any house with this mod enabled.
Arco 2012년 9월 24일 오전 5시 39분 
In off the red! Top stuff.
Ultraslisk 2012년 9월 21일 오전 5시 56분 
JustinOther 2012년 9월 7일 오후 7시 28분 
Girseph: Technically, there's nothing for the author to "fix". What you're after is known as a Compatibility Patch which, in this case, would necessitate a separate upload.