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No NPC Greetings
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Arthur Pendragon 2017년 10월 21일 오후 3시 24분 
This is a god send!
Semi 2016년 11월 1일 오후 12시 26분 
You Sir, saved a lot of NPC lives. ;)
Cipscis  [작성자] 2016년 10월 31일 오후 11시 48분 
I've resaved this tweak with the new version of the Creation Kit for Skyrim Special Edition and uploaded it to :
Semi 2016년 10월 28일 오전 6시 11분 
Will this mod get updatet for Skyrim Special Edition and uploaded at Bethesda?
Love it.
Icicle C Cold 2016년 5월 29일 오전 5시 09분 
They STILL say "you've already learned all I can teach you" even when I'm not nearby!
ARGH! And I have not been able to find a mod to prevent this! GAH!
Icicle C Cold 2016년 5월 27일 오후 4시 40분 
Oh, thanks. And it worked after I left the cell and came back.
Cipscis  [작성자] 2016년 5월 27일 오전 1시 22분 
You shouldn't have to do anything like that, no. All this mod does is change one configuration number that the game engine uses to tell whether or not an NPC has come close enough to you for their greeting text. That change should take effect immediately, but there may be some cases where there is scripted dialogue or something which won't be affected by this mod.
Icicle C Cold 2016년 5월 26일 오후 5시 58분 
Just making sure here, but do I have to leave the current cell and come back before it works? I assume that is why I still heard the "You've already learned all I can teach you" line after I installed this.
Icicle C Cold 2016년 5월 26일 오후 5시 52분 
Is there any way to more than "like" this mod? CAUSE I LOVE IT!
Azzule 2015년 10월 20일 오후 3시 56분 
DG compatable?
DJ Blyatman 2015년 5월 19일 오전 4시 19분 
Ok so I found that out but the mod isnt working.
Cipscis  [작성자] 2015년 5월 19일 오전 3시 19분 
Yes. This only affects the passive "greeting" speeches triggered when you get close enough to an NPC. This version works by reducing the required distance to 0, so it's impossible to get close enough. Regular dialogue is unaffected.
DJ Blyatman 2015년 5월 17일 오전 6시 55분 
If you press E to talk to them, Will they still talk?
AngryAtronach 2015년 2월 15일 오전 10시 38분 
over 100 hours and for some reason i haven't installed this until now
mrhardy12 2015년 1월 26일 오후 2시 15분 
Does this affect followers and/or DLC, like Serana from Dawnguard? She is the reason I dislike doing the Dawnguard quests, because she just WILL NOT SHUT UP when she is REQUIRED to be a follower. "Yes? What did you need?" *two seconds later* "Yes? What did you need?" *two seconds later* "Yes? What did you need?" It's even worse when I play trying to be sneaky, since I barely end up moving at all.
Fallendusk89 2014년 9월 11일 오후 5시 09분 
YES! I can finally not hear Nazeem!
Spezzy Lemon 2014년 8월 28일 오후 5시 29분 
I have been to the cloud district! [A.K.A Cloudstale]
Dovakiin 2013년 1월 19일 오전 8시 13분 
will they only say their lines once then?
Cipscis  [작성자] 2013년 1월 16일 오전 1시 21분 
Not quite, instead it completely disables such lines. It does this by setting the minimum required distance between the NPC and the player for such lines to be said to 0, so via the same method I cannot affect the frequency.
Dovakiin 2013년 1월 6일 오후 2시 59분 
does this just reduce the amount of times a NPC will say a certain line? e.g. annoying Nazeem saying "have you been to the cloud district?"
sauron 2012년 10월 22일 오전 11시 15분 
YESS! thank god. No more nazeem or heimskirr!
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 10월 3일 오전 3시 38분 
You can also view and change settings like this via the console, which can be opened via the ~ key on most keyboards. To view the value, use this:
GetGameSetting fAIMinGreetingDistance

To set the value, use something like this:
SetGameSetting fAIMinGreetingDistance 0
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 10월 3일 오전 3시 37분 
The value in particular can be found in the Creation Kit's Settings dialogue via the Game menu in the menu bar. The particular setting you'd be looking for is called fAIMinGreetingDistance.

It's possible that another plugin file loaded after this one is overriding the value, but I think it's unlikely. I recommend you make absolutely sure that this mod is both installed and activated, and you check that the greeting(s) you've observed fit within the generic NPC greeting given when the player crosses that distance threshold.
Soluti0ni9e 2012년 10월 1일 오후 5시 05분 
Oh ok. I dont know why it stopped working for me then. Is there anyway I can manually change it myself?
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 10월 1일 오전 2시 42분 
@Solutioni9e: It's been tested with Dawnguard by several users, including myself, and confirmed to work. Aside from that, I can think of no plausible reason why Dawnguard would have anything to do with this mod or anything why it might stop it from working. Assuming you've installed it correctly, you've probably just witnessed one of the NPC dialogue events that is not affected by this mod.

Something as small as this mod simply isn't complex enough to be buggy. All it does is change a single game setting - one number.
Soluti0ni9e 2012년 9월 29일 오후 5시 14분 
Plz fix. Doesnt work with Dawnguard.
LHAV23 2012년 8월 25일 오전 11시 13분 
No longer must we suffer the stupidity of NPCs I always ran around and actually Avoided being even Near anybody just cause I can't stand listening to them droll on about crap I don't care about or assume i'm talking and especially Guards @_@ imagine if real life were like this game dear god i'd go on a murder spree....
Alpaca_Lord 2012년 8월 10일 오후 9시 21분 
This mod is great. I hate it when you walk by someone they always think ur going to talk to them
Danklin D. Roosevelt 2012년 6월 4일 오전 11시 45분 
this mod alone improves my gameplay more than the 5 or so graphics and performance mods i have installed. Thank you!
Roktansky 2012년 3월 19일 오후 4시 46분 
you saved my life
specularr 2012년 2월 11일 오후 3시 26분 
Like I posted on the Nexus, this has been on my essentials list since the start.
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 2월 10일 오후 5시 53분 
@Benie: That's not a compatibility issue with this mod. Only other mods that change the exact same gamesetting as this mod, like its other variations, will have compatibility issues.

In those cases, the only problem you'll experience will be the changes to this gamesetting made by the mod loaded last will override the changes made by any other mods loaded earlier.
Benie 2012년 2월 9일 오후 7시 58분 
Well, for some reason it's not compatible with one or all of the mods I'm using. It's loading forever. I try to alt-tab out and the screen freezes.
I'm using Deadly Dragons, Dragons in the Wild, Moar Dragons!, Dovahkiin Hideout, Fall of the Space Core, and Dragon Breath Shouts.
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 2월 9일 오후 4시 01분 
@ttvp: There probably would be a way, if you could find the right HeadTrack gamesetting, but that's beyond the scope of this mod, and I don't know if it's something I particularly want to look into myself.

@Benie: This will only affect the dialogue triggered by your proximity to a friendly NPC. It doesn't affect what happens when you interact with them in any way.
Benie 2012년 2월 9일 오전 10시 12분 
Will this effect the Main Questline? For example, a guy talks to you, but doesn't do the "camera lock talk" thing (aka the Interact key).
ttvp 2012년 2월 9일 오전 8시 25분 
Thanks a lot for this mod. Is there any way to also make it so they don't stare at you if you're in the vicinity? That's all could ask for.
AnaLoGMunKy 2012년 2월 8일 오전 3시 18분 
Iv subbed and will try soon. I was getting pretty pissed with hearing them say shizzle over and over again.
Cipscis  [작성자] 2012년 2월 7일 오후 2시 25분 
I'm glad you like it Povuholo :)

Thanks for reminding me, however inadvertently it may have been, to add links to the other variations to the description.
Erik 2012년 2월 7일 오후 2시 10분 
Very good mod. I use the 'slightly reduced' version myself, so they do still greet you but only if you're very close.
Beartracks 2012년 2월 7일 오후 1시 25분 
Thank God...