Arrowsmith: Vanilla Edition v.3d
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Quetzalcoatl 7月8日 9時23分 
allright ty
Samutz  [作成者] 7月8日 8時06分 
No, but this is compatible if you have Dragonborn without Dawnguard. If you do have Dawnguard, use the Dawnguard Edition. Either way, the arrow recipes introduced in Dragonborn won't be replaced, but you still get all the other recipes. However, I am considering making a supplimental addon to fix that as it's been getting requested lately.
Quetzalcoatl 7月8日 3時46分 
is there a version for dragonborn as well?
Samutz  [作成者] 6月27日 6時35分 
@Donnie Darko
Yes, it's compatible with Hearthfire.
Xiliath 6月27日 5時46分 
Probably my favorite mod for Skyrim.
Donnie Darko 6月26日 22時05分 
Probably a dumb question, but is this compatible with Hearthfire?
Tactical Katt 5月14日 23時01分 
ok thx, now i can finally CRAFT ARROWS!!
Samutz  [作成者] 5月14日 4時45分 
@Mastacheif117 No, Vanilla means without DLC.
Tactical Katt 5月14日 1時01分 
hey, do i have to have a dlc to get the vanilla version of the game?
Secret Jedi 5月7日 19時29分 
Great mod, I love using it. I was going to unsubcribe when I got the Dragonborn expansion, but I love plucking the chickens!
thrlnd 4月11日 4時34分 
One of my favorite Mods.. I just love using Bow&Arrow, but having to find all those frickin' arrows gets incredibly annoying... Crafting them is wonderful!
worrso 4月1日 16時25分 
This is really helpful. Getting high level arrows got a lot easier. Why was this not included in the original game? It's only a logical consequence.
HaloE70 3月18日 16時16分 
Should'nt Bethestda have included this?...Seriously..
Agent Tasmania 3月10日 2時29分 
I feel like it should make fewer arrows for each pack of resources. 50 is just mountainous.
Tristan 2月23日 14時33分 
Loving this mod!!! This was missing in the original version. Watch and learn Bethesda... :-)
Sabre Wolf 2月17日 15時41分 
I like it! i have been looking for this mod for EVER! thanks, very helpfull mod :)
jtnma5 2月8日 6時47分 
get the wood at River wood just pick up the axe and chop at the chopping block P.S you dont have to steal the axe just take it
Samutz  [作成者] 1月28日 15時13分 
@Seth Vortu
Wood chopping blocks. There's one in Whiterun behind the general goods store. There's another in Riverwood near the saw mill.
Seth Vortu 1月28日 7時44分 
Stupid question; but firewood? Never seen any before and I can't find any now. Where I find firewood?
Samutz  [作成者] 1月15日 17時17分 
I deleted it because it looked like spam. You linked to a mod on another website that, as far as I could tell, had nothing to do with this mod. Plus I still don't see any connection to what you're talking about. This mod doesn't modify quests, brawling, carriages, or trainers. I even looked in to the brawl bug that you mentioned before and didn't see any connection.
h0dg1k1ll3r 1月15日 17時00分 
I coulda sworn i left a comment before; one known issue I have is npc's turning hostile whenever you brawl. Suspected issues (I have several mods, going through them now) include inability to use carriages and certain trainers which require quests not being available after completing quests
VincentAlpha 1月10日 5時46分 
Got the weirdest glitch today, skyrim won't launch with arrowsmith enabled(no issues until this morning, worked flawlessly before now). I only have a few other mods and works fine with all of them except arrowsmith.
NightTourist 2013年12月31日 14時04分 
Aerosmith :P
Mazzy 2013年12月17日 13時59分 
@Samutz Ah, my apologies, I didn't see that.
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年12月17日 11時11分 
@Mazzy Yep, that's in the FAQ:

Q: Why doesn't my HUD's equipped arrow count update when I make new arrows?
A: This is a known bug that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix. It's present in Dawnguard without mods as well (even the 360 version too) and not specific to this mod.
Mazzy 2013年12月17日 11時07分 
Sometimes, after crafting new arrows, the arrow count in the bottom right won't update until you unequip, and reequip the arrows.
Frootcakes 2013年11月30日 9時27分 
I'm gonna subscribe to this. BECAUSE I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING!
[]ReeO[] 2013年11月17日 0時08分 
shame dragon arrows are better than deadric.
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年10月22日 4時47分 
It would require creating 2 separate mods for the arrows introduced Dragonborn, one for players that have both Dragonborn and Dawnguard and one for those that only have Dragonborn. I decided not to do it because it seemed like too much work just to add 3 arrows.
Xenoni 2013年10月22日 2時58分 
I have this mod for a long time, I really like it.
But is it possible to add 'stallrim' arrows to the mod?
Theodore-dee 2013年10月14日 21時23分 
nice mod, i haven't used it but i love it, i mean it take the hunting for arrows not fully out of the question but just make it hard enough that it isn't childs play, i mean making your weaponds is good but hard, and finding aenough arows is hard too speciall y since they get soo price, you made crafting arrow realistic and fits right in with skyrim
Dropkick Cleary 2013年10月10日 8時56分 
Arrowsmith... because you don't wanna miss a thing.
Swampeye Landpirate 2013年10月3日 17時53分 
So cool, I love the chickens, they squawk when you pluck em! Works great, thank you!
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年9月3日 14時40分 
@Mr. Warmo
Make sure you're using a tanning rack to make the fletchings. The option only shows if you have one of the ingridients, similar to leather when you have animal hides.
Iron Arrows don't require a perk and should always appear in the forge menu. The rest of the arrows require the related material smithing perk (all in the recipe section of the description above).
l.duchek 2013年9月3日 13時10分 
I love this mod and it works just great for me. I can build arrows for any level I can create armor for. The first time I plucked a chicken to get feathers to make fletchings, I laughed out loud.
Mr. Warmo 2013年9月3日 12時46分 
I've got this mod and it doesnt work on my new save, does it need perks or somthing? I have tons of feathers i've made for it but the crafting options still don't show
hardcorelogo 2013年9月2日 2時33分 
Does this mod allow you to play as the race known as Steve Tyler?
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年7月24日 22時02分 
I'm not able to duplicate this bug. The dialog with Astrid continues as normal every time I try it. I can't think of anything in my mod that would cause it.
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年7月24日 21時55分 
Did some testing today and had no problems. I am able to trade with followers and train from trainers just fine. I can't think of anything in my mod that would cause your issue.
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年7月24日 21時40分 
The "Huhn" bug is not caused by this mod. I did some testing and found another mod that does cause it, More Village Animals. Move Arrowsmith below it in your load order and it will make the chickens pluckable again and give them the correct name. If you don't have More Village Animals then you likely have another mod that modifies chickens.
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年7月24日 21時19分 
It's an old tutorial from before the CreationKit was available. You should really use the CK instead. If you still want to see the tutorial it's here:
markkav2010 2013年7月24日 13時10分 
nice addon, you mentioned adding a link in youre description for a tutorial in youre video...pls can u send link thx
Darth Martyr 2013年7月19日 18時12分 
@Samutz It may relate to MaxLH's problem as well. Just a thought....
Samutz  [作成者] 2013年7月19日 17時23分 
I'll look in to it next week (currently on vacation), but I highly doubt this mod is the cause. It has nothing to do with the Dark Brotherhood.
Darth Martyr 2013年7月19日 11時25分 
Hey, the bug occurs when doing the Dark Brotherhood quest, the line of dialogue delivered by Astrid is "We need to talk." and then it just stops, no responses appear and you can't exit the conversation. I disabled each of my mods one at a time and when I got to this one I could then get through that dialogue.
erik.selander 2013年7月10日 5時04分 
Good! The only question comes when you realise that it is a mod. Why is this not in the game????
Swampeye Landpirate 2013年6月30日 14時48分 
Worked perfect, so easy, just what I needed. Thanks!
KaruBear 2013年6月23日 16時11分 
I'm not sure why, but my Chicken are now called 'Huhn', which is German, and don't drop chicken feathers when killed, and I can't loot them by pressing 'E' on them either.
I find this odd since it is repeated in the description that this mod is English only. I don't have any other mods that effect chickens though..
Master Shake 2013年5月25日 11時07分 
Is there a mod like this that is a little less op? 50 arrows for 1 ingot seems like a bit to mutch.
MaxLH 2013年5月3日 9時59分 
With this mod I recently got the bug that the inventory or training GUI when talking to ppl like lydia won't show up. It fixed when I deinstalled the mod. May be due to a conflict with one of my other like 20 mods though...