Complete Skyforge
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Sent from hell 11 Mai às 9:02 
do i need to restart my game if i have been to the skyforge already pls help
A wild Pidgey 1 Mai às 18:18 
Any chance you could update to add an enchanting table, potion table, and a smelter to this mod? While I have this installed as a backup, I find it easier to just fast travel to the blacksmith in the front of Whiterun nd use that facility--but I'm always having to wander to some distant corner to get my enchanting and potion-ing done. At least this way, there will be no reason to leave the skyforge except for materials and selling. Thanks for the mod, in any case! Works beautifully :)
21mauricio21 1 Mai às 16:52 
But what about the chest? Is it safe, or does it reset?
Tycer 26 Abr às 5:53 
~{ColbyJack}~ 25 Abr às 6:29 
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I didn't do it 20 Abr às 6:27 
doesnt work for me at all there is no sky forge in my game :(
Sycoperson 6 Abr às 18:14 
How the Skyforge was meant to be. :3
onefreeborn 28 Fev às 15:00 
Another vote from me to add this mod to the Nexus. There are 5 or 6 similar Skyforge mods there, but none as good as this one.
MAiqtheLiar 3 Fev às 13:15 
I was just moving all my mods from the workshop to the nexus, and wondered if your mod was there somewhere? There are a ton of similar mods, but I've used yours for so long it would feel weird for the smelter/chest/etc. to be in other places.
blood ground 27 Jan às 8:00 
bmtarek 8 Jan às 8:30 
RexJou 25 Dez, 2014 às 5:09 
Reddeath2002 18 Dez, 2014 às 17:29 
jcnicky3256 3 Dez, 2014 às 7:50 
Just what the game needed, Thanks.
shadowfirerynn1 17 Nov, 2014 às 16:35 
Some how the chest no longer works withthe mod. I'm currently going to try a unsuscribe and resucribe to see if it fixes this problem.
Mimyl 12 Nov, 2014 às 11:49 
Thanks a lot man!
CITKat2009 3 Nov, 2014 às 5:24 
This is one of those mods that makes the gave SO MUCH EASIER, but it doesn't make major changes. Thank you!
[BpX] Jacknif [FR] 20 Out, 2014 às 4:44 
Epic. thank ya
Arthur Von Winklehammer 19 Out, 2014 às 19:11 
Bad ass nugh' said.
[U.S.] [S.G.] Reign 16 Out, 2014 às 18:21 
Great mod, I recomend it!
Degrelecence 10 Out, 2014 às 18:49 
I love this mod but I am trying to distance myself from the Workshop... Do you have plans to add this to Nexus?
Lui 8 Out, 2014 às 12:40 
Much obliged, good Sir.
Mud 4 Out, 2014 às 1:09 
Gods be praised!
Feigr Laufsblad 7 Set, 2014 às 16:30 
I like this.
jkletellier 29 Ago, 2014 às 20:14 
It was always odd to me that the master blacksmith of Skyrim did not have any tools. Thanks for noticing and fixing.
rhutchinson101 26 Ago, 2014 às 5:17 
This is a good un. Thank you.
The Christopherous 19 Ago, 2014 às 10:19 
bselya 19 Ago, 2014 às 9:59 
Thnksa very useful
Romubay 19 Ago, 2014 às 8:18 
Neil 16 Ago, 2014 às 9:49 
Be very useful if you through in an enchanter.
Cole 13 Ago, 2014 às 21:45 
I've looked around here and on the nexus for a good Skyforge mod, and I think this one's the best. Thanks!
DBswag 6 Ago, 2014 às 9:59 
Very nice idea, I am fed up of having to run down to to the smelter at the main gate (usually over-encumbered) so thank you.
sad0clown 5 Ago, 2014 às 0:53 
thank you for your mod! 8-)
DrD 2 Ago, 2014 às 18:43 
there is another mod that adds the same items to the sky forge too tho, I am still trouble shooting to figure out which one it is as the mod does no say it adds the items!!! so there is a doble set of the items in my game but in different locations atm at the forge.
Beta Ray Teslamancer 1 Ago, 2014 às 10:41 
Skyforge is in Whiterun, near Jorrvaskr. In case you're wondering.
Basically, go up the steps near the Companion Quests place.
Dragon7000 31 Jul, 2014 às 4:46 
where is a skyforge?!
sc0ttt38 24 Jul, 2014 às 18:21 
Having trouble w/ kodlak's funeral moving forward does this mod interupt the completion of quest segment?
Dagur 20 Jul, 2014 às 4:54 
nice i was so pissed when i saw that there were no smelter or taning rack or even workbench
Toxic Stain 19 Jul, 2014 às 23:35 
Great mod because you'd think that the greatest forge in Tamriel would have more than a forge and grindstone...
xX_Sparticus_Xx 3 Jul, 2014 às 20:29 
it works great - if your getting CTD its to no fault of this mod!
EsX3 27 Jun, 2014 às 10:41 
Cole's Law 27 Jun, 2014 às 9:07 
this has not been updated in forever...may crash thy game
racost 26 Jun, 2014 às 14:04 
works and looks really good
Siusa 26 Jun, 2014 às 9:37 
Love it
Blackops 26 Jun, 2014 às 3:40 
Works fine for me.
Fatso 23 Jun, 2014 às 3:02 
Like it
giro 14 Jun, 2014 às 14:25 
it doesn't work like before
Harvested Chillydog 13 Jun, 2014 às 11:33 
doesnt work for me.
It used to
Agent Luthardt 9 Jun, 2014 às 20:00 
This mod BREAKS the Companions quest line!