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LuigisPikachu 12 小时以前 
well, if it's being maintained, it's not broken. nice to see a mod this old getting updates
Arthmoor  [作者] 13 小时以前 
Heh. Well, this is more or less normal from my perspective. Most authors I see maintain their work and fix bugs when they crop up (provided they're legit reports etc).

It is true though that a mod can actually be done and have no need for updates and be bug free enough that no issues become obvious. Old doesn't necessarily mean broken.
LuigisPikachu 9月3日下午6:15 
yes, most mods seem to be abandoned after the first month. THAT is why a mod this old still having maintinace surprises me.
Arthmoor  [作者] 9月3日下午5:03 
Yes, it's still active. Yes, it still gets bug fixes and minor tweaks where needed. This surprises anyone? :P
LuigisPikachu 9月3日下午3:42 
jarlscopezero 9月2日下午2:43 
is this compatible with enhanced cities mods?
Born to Strike 8月10日上午9:50 
i cant go into someplaces in cities help?>
[Chaos Champion]Charged Sparkle 8月9日上午12:37 
What is ENBoost and where to get it?
Ritsu-chan 8月8日上午10:43 
And the mod is checked, but it hasn't worked.
Ritsu-chan 8月8日上午10:42 
What is LOOT?
Arthmoor  [作者] 8月8日上午9:25 
In the Data Files menu for the official game launcher. There are checkboxes to enable mods. That's also where you set the load order to make sure everything is correct.

Using LOOT generally makes setting the load order a lot less of a hassle so if you're not using that I'd highly recommend it.
Ritsu-chan 8月8日上午1:36 
This may seem stupid but how do I activate the mod...?
Arthmoor  [作者] 8月7日下午10:20 
Did you activate the mod in your launcher?

@Gatekeeper: That would not be technically feasible with Skyrim's engine. As much as we'd all love to have that. Let's hope the Fallout 4 trailers are what we really end up with since that showed several places that looked like properly instanced interiors in the exterior worldspace.
Ritsu-chan 8月7日下午9:41 
I downloaded this mod, but it ddn't work. Like, at all. Help? My Skrim load up says it was downloaded and added but I still get a loading screen when I go into any
The Gatekeeper 8月7日下午9:30 
Love this mod. Have you ever thought of trying to make an open world mod that places everything in the same worldspace to go along with this one?
Steven 8月6日下午1:08 
Greez 8月3日上午3:09 
For some reason after I installed the mod I can't pay guards to ignore crimes anymore. Any ideas how to fix that?
Mutedfuzzball9 7月31日下午10:09 
Any way this mod will make mostly all cities in skyrim will not have a loding page if you enter by the main gate and can help a ton when you have items to sell or buy or if you have been to riverwood and heading to whiterun for the main quest.
RidiculouslyTallGuy 7月31日下午7:06 
Any ways to uninstall it?
Arthmoor  [作者] 7月30日下午1:32 
Better advice: Follow the instructions for the SKSE memory fix.
dan10025 7月30日上午9:54 
@williamyeager your hardware cannot process it so you can lower graphics, upgrade your hardware or uninstall the mod
Mutedfuzzball9 7月22日上午8:50 
so helpfull
williamyeager 7月18日上午9:40 
I have this mod downloaded but i also have others but tis mod slows down my computer and makes it laggy, i am on the mission where you get breezehome and everytime i try to enter whiterun i crash any help?
rewdmister4 7月17日下午4:08 
I used it midgame and the only "bug" i found was that if you try to fast travel to a city, you have to leave and open the gates becaese the city fast travel is inside the city, for whiterun i always warp to the stables and walk in

the game also take a while longer to load, i believe that is supposed to happen but i wanted to double check
Saint Stephen 7月17日下午1:51 
Saint Stephen 7月17日下午1:50 
Question is it better to start a new game with this or is it ok to use this mid game cause i dont know if hold quests may break? Also thanks for the other answer earler lol
Bulletbrain 7月9日下午8:40 
working wıth no problem !! awesome mod :D
Savage 7月9日上午2:02 
Excellent mod, love it, hate loading screens however there is a small problem. Might be my computer or something, but when I get to Solitude and open the gate, the second i step foot inside the gate I crash. Crashes when I Fast Travel as well. Any suggestion on how to fix it?
hunter522 7月6日下午12:29 
I like not waiting through the loading screens now!
Shambling Mound 7月1日下午6:56 
Is it possible to access the old cities with this mod enabled?
dominicscadlock 6月30日下午9:18 
ill just have to test it for myself then
Arthmoor  [作者] 6月30日下午8:59 
Riften does work. I have no idea what Darkstar thinks is wrong there, but it works perfectly fine.
dominicscadlock 6月30日下午8:09 
Sucks. Figures I would get this mod but i have to know riften works
I, Darkstar X 6月30日下午7:56 
No really, the newest update made Riften bugged. Its only Riften as well, none of the other holds have any problems.
Arthmoor  [作者] 6月30日上午11:37 
Mods don't just "stop working" without you having done something to trigger than. So... good job breaking your own game is what you really mean.
I, Darkstar X 6月25日下午3:47 
Riften is not working
That Really Rustled My Jimmies 6月14日上午5:09 
Any DLC needed?
Arthmoor  [作者] 5月29日上午12:50 
Probably pretty close to it, for Skyrim anyway. There might have been a couple that showed up right before mine.
MACHINESofGOD777 5月28日下午11:08 
So is this the 1st mod on the workshop?
Arthmoor  [作者] 5月4日上午8:47 
The game does that all the time, with or without this mod. If you haven't done the SKSE steps outline above then you probably need to.
Madame Rose♥ 5月4日上午6:35 
Bug: It crashed without a reason.. so its useless for me :/
Arthmoor  [作者] 5月3日下午3:01 
That's not a bug caused by Open Cities. Roggvir's execution has been put through its paces so many times it's almost silly. Works every time, even when dropping in using an alt-start mod.
Ubersupersloth 5月3日上午8:57 
Bug: I entered Solitude for the first time but there was no Roggvir execution. Also, the game crashed soon after but it wasn't the moment I opened the doors so it's likely unrelated.
Madame Rose♥ 5月3日上午6:49 
It changed my language... hm
Toporkov 4月28日上午6:18 
Do mod, open houses and caves.
Brainstorm104 4月27日下午5:21 
i only got this mod because markarth was bugging the heck out of me...
connorcramer 4月15日下午3:05 
does the mod affect the civil war campaign? I'm a stormcloak and I just wanna know before I assault whiterun.
Silicon Soldier 4月10日下午5:17 
Ah, okay. Thanks for the reply.
flintfakeer 4月10日下午4:11 
i seem to have problems after leaving cities. cities load fine i can move around fine but after entering cities and leaving then going a considerable distance (from whiterun to the burnt down cottage with the cart out front) the game freezes. you can work around this by fast traveling and it is inconsistent but it mostly happens when i leave cities to explore the wilderness. It may just be skyrim being skyrim and i can supply a mod list if asked.
Arthmoor  [作者] 4月10日下午1:07 
That's intentional. If you don't want those gates there, turn them off in the mod menu. You'll need SkyUI for that though.