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Open Cities Skyrim
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McSunny 6 feb, ore 1:10 
Game crashes when I go next to a door!!! ( City Door )
daddy finger 5 feb, ore 19:25 
is there a way to combine this with other mods
Obi Wan NoScopei 30 gen, ore 18:45 
So, can it work with Cities enhanced mods? Or no?
Jorunn Skald-King 25 gen, ore 15:31 
Amazing mod, though messy in pratice. I'm having the same issues as bmxgtmaster, where mods that effect loading. Anyway you could fix that?
bmxgtmaster 19 gen, ore 13:37 
well when i download it it happend when my other mod were not loaded
Arthmoor  [autore] 19 gen, ore 13:05 
That's got nothing to do with this mod, whatever caused it.
bmxgtmaster 19 gen, ore 1:11 
when i get close to the gate the sceen gose black and i can not fix it
Frankwest16 17 gen, ore 9:55 
All I want is a pair of boots.
How hard can it be?
Mr . X 2 gen, ore 7:06 
good mods 8)
Mach&Cheese 29 dic 2015, ore 10:58 
@Пипирка we all do
Пипирка 10 dic 2015, ore 16:16 
I want to report a bug I found in this mod.
In Solitiude there are many hawks flying around...when you shoot them, they duplicate themselves - one of this copy falls dead and the other one keeps flying with like no physical model. I dont think everyone shoots them, but's a bug I guess :)
Also I found that newly invented Argonian NPC who opens Riften gates for you when you ride a steed dont speak at shows a subtitles for a moment he has to say, when I try to contact him. Others like him speak like general phrases with actors' voices.
Annitsu14 15 nov 2015, ore 21:25 
Gaahhhh thank you so muuuch.
Born to Strike 14 nov 2015, ore 7:46 
plez help me i cant go in some houses and places HELP!!!
WATERMELOON 7 nov 2015, ore 18:36 
Does this effect any quests in any way? like when you kill your first dragon outside of whiterun and you go back to dragonsreach?
Rodso 30 ott 2015, ore 3:53 
anyone know why each time i start up skyrim open cities isnt selected to load?

not a big problem but its just weird
Tuprewm 12 ott 2015, ore 0:12 
Hrmm... Is th8is comp[atible with Civil War Overhaul? It DOES change the way city battles work and the way that city ownership works.
Arthmoor  [autore] 9 ott 2015, ore 15:31 
I believe there's a patch available on Nexus that makes JK + OCS work together. I don't have the link handy though.
[DTS] Swift 9 ott 2015, ore 14:54 
@HarryHeadshot No JK's skyrim changes the cities and thus they would conflict.
Pepe Pig 9 ott 2015, ore 2:15 
is this mod compatible with JK's Skyrim?
Bum Chucket 3 ott 2015, ore 8:39 
my game crashes when i get near the gate HALP i tried using no mods exept this still hapens so ill take it that its a feture
evryPixelcounts 21 set 2015, ore 16:44 
Have you thought of making a mod that does this with small buildings? Or expanding it to this one?
TravDawg 13 set 2015, ore 18:44 
Whenever i launch skyrim the launcher says i am not subscribed to OCS, i am the file is still there and checkable.
TimeLord 12 set 2015, ore 8:36 
Thank you
Arthmoor  [autore] 11 set 2015, ore 17:16 
There are patch files available for that on the Nexus link that will deal with the stuff that's necessary for each DLC.
TimeLord 11 set 2015, ore 15:18 
I have the harthfire dlc and the adoptable children in the citys that wander around are not there in your open version. However when i found whiterun secondary door to the original i found Lucia walking about alone. and now im try to find windhelms second door to get sofie any idea where it is or does it even exist? if not please advise on how to get lucia and sofie to the open citys. Thanks
Arthmoor  [autore] 11 set 2015, ore 13:51 
Move the other mod above Open Cities in your load order and that will fix it. There's also no guarantee that Extended Whiterun will be compatible even then, and no, it isn't something I can (or would even if I could) fix since it isn't my mod that broke stuff.
garretphoenix 11 set 2015, ore 13:24 
i cannot get the doors to work on the buildings, i think extended whiterun is causing the bug... thank you, and, fix this please when you have the time, have a nice day.
Arthmoor  [autore] 5 set 2015, ore 15:04 
That's explained in the description above.
TFT-Mike1518-FTLOTG 5 set 2015, ore 14:28 
im using the steam version of SKSE, how would I do this?
Arthmoor  [autore] 5 set 2015, ore 14:25 
Have you tried the SKSE memory fix? Issues like what you describe tend to be due to running out of memory with the way Skyrim allocates it.
TFT-Mike1518-FTLOTG 5 set 2015, ore 14:21 
hey, I don't know if its a conflict between mods or its just not working correctly, but it seemed to work fine before but everytime I try to take a carriage to whiterun it breaks the game and I see a black screen but still hear music. I uninstalled the mod and it worked. any fix would be nice cause this mod is awesome!
LuigisPikachu 4 set 2015, ore 12:50 
well, if it's being maintained, it's not broken. nice to see a mod this old getting updates
Arthmoor  [autore] 4 set 2015, ore 12:37 
Heh. Well, this is more or less normal from my perspective. Most authors I see maintain their work and fix bugs when they crop up (provided they're legit reports etc).

It is true though that a mod can actually be done and have no need for updates and be bug free enough that no issues become obvious. Old doesn't necessarily mean broken.
LuigisPikachu 3 set 2015, ore 18:15 
yes, most mods seem to be abandoned after the first month. THAT is why a mod this old still having maintinace surprises me.
Arthmoor  [autore] 3 set 2015, ore 17:03 
Yes, it's still active. Yes, it still gets bug fixes and minor tweaks where needed. This surprises anyone? :P
LuigisPikachu 3 set 2015, ore 15:42 
Harbinger 2 set 2015, ore 14:43 
is this compatible with enhanced cities mods?
Born to Strike 10 ago 2015, ore 9:50 
i cant go into someplaces in cities help?>
Yuno Gasai 9 ago 2015, ore 0:37 
What is ENBoost and where to get it?
Kazuminage 8 ago 2015, ore 10:43 
And the mod is checked, but it hasn't worked.
Kazuminage 8 ago 2015, ore 10:42 
What is LOOT?
Arthmoor  [autore] 8 ago 2015, ore 9:25 
In the Data Files menu for the official game launcher. There are checkboxes to enable mods. That's also where you set the load order to make sure everything is correct.

Using LOOT generally makes setting the load order a lot less of a hassle so if you're not using that I'd highly recommend it.
Kazuminage 8 ago 2015, ore 1:36 
This may seem stupid but how do I activate the mod...?
Arthmoor  [autore] 7 ago 2015, ore 22:20 
Did you activate the mod in your launcher?

@Gatekeeper: That would not be technically feasible with Skyrim's engine. As much as we'd all love to have that. Let's hope the Fallout 4 trailers are what we really end up with since that showed several places that looked like properly instanced interiors in the exterior worldspace.
Kazuminage 7 ago 2015, ore 21:41 
I downloaded this mod, but it ddn't work. Like, at all. Help? My Skrim load up says it was downloaded and added but I still get a loading screen when I go into any
The Gatekeeper 7 ago 2015, ore 21:30 
Love this mod. Have you ever thought of trying to make an open world mod that places everything in the same worldspace to go along with this one?
Yffar 6 ago 2015, ore 13:08 
Greez 3 ago 2015, ore 3:09 
For some reason after I installed the mod I can't pay guards to ignore crimes anymore. Any ideas how to fix that?
P4P Mutedfuzzball9 31 lug 2015, ore 22:09 
Any way this mod will make mostly all cities in skyrim will not have a loding page if you enter by the main gate and can help a ton when you have items to sell or buy or if you have been to riverwood and heading to whiterun for the main quest.
Acacius 31 lug 2015, ore 19:06 
Any ways to uninstall it?