Open Cities Skyrim
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GoVikings1 23 юли в 12:13сут. 
GoVikings1 23 юли в 12:12сут. 
markath wont work
Arthmoor  [автор] 14 юли в 1:30след. 
Glad it worked out, but do be careful. 1024 is probably about as high as you'll be able to get before you start getting unstable results again.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 14 юли в 10:59сут. 
Had to up the 768 value to 1024 but fingers crossed it seems to be working. thanks for all your help.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 14 юли в 7:31сут. 
I think I've found the issue. Apparently in the latest release you need to create the file yourself.

if this works I'll be very happy as the SKSE.ini file you refer to certainly dosent appar to exist at the moment.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 14 юли в 7:23сут. 
Running a search of the C: drive (where Skyrim is installled) can't even find Data\SKSE the only .isi file my sytem is detecting is the Skyrim one. I am using the latest version of SKSE and wondering if they have changed how it owrks significantly.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 14 юли в 6:42сут. 
Is the memory patch a completely new line of code then? I'm still failing to find any .isi files at all on my system wich isnt helping.
Arthmoor  [автор] 13 юли в 8:28след. 
The mod is already cleaned so that won't help much. You should be careful to make sure you didn't set the memory patch values too high, because values too high can also bring about CTDs. You have to find a careful balance.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 13 юли в 1:40след. 
It's no good even with the SKSE installed I'm crashing to desktop far to often. The only thing that may help is cleaning the mod witht something called TES5edit but that's beyond my ability. it is with great sadness I am having ti uninstall this mod as I love it. I know my game still won't be crash free but before this mod it was defenitly more stable, Now i'm lucky if I get an hours crash free gaming. I would also recomed anyone using a large number of mods like myself uses L.O.O.T to help sort out the load ordering and identify wich mods if any need cleaning or are no longer needed due to a Bethesda Patch.
Tsar Peter Romanov I (TTC) 12 юли в 11:42сут. 
I've had problems when entering cities for the first time. Margret in Markarth was invisible and Aerin was not present. I'm wondering if this is related to the mod.
Sara Kay (ACOG) 11 юли в 12:11след. 
Love this mod as a huge Morrowind fan it really helos bring back some of the realism I loved in Morrowind. I recently tried this mod out and was forced to uninstall it due the massive drop in stability. Have now added the SKSE as recomended and really hoping it fixes the issue. I can't however find the skse.insi file you mention. as for the ENBoost I couldnt make had of tale of the website and the Nexus versions have apparently been discontinued, I must admit Skyrim has never exacty been hugely stable for me even with a vanilla install so while your mod may not be helping it's certainly not the main issue by a long shot. Will let you know ina few days if just adding the SKSE without modifying it has helped.

I should probably add that I'm currently having to stay away from the Skyrim UI as it's not controller friendly and due to a bad back using mouse and keyboard while my preferred method is currently not an option.
Larry the Garden Gnome 30 юни в 5:42след. 
this mod...... its like....... woah.
Joel Is Love, Joel Is Life. 27 юни в 12:30след. 
is it compatible with the cartographers map markers mod?
Darth Mckay 26 юни в 12:41след. 
Love the mod, but just found an issue. I was unable to lower the ramp mechanism during the Thieves Guild quest "The Pursuit" while Open Cities was enabled.
[WHCB]Mutt 26 юни в 8:06сут. 
Love not having loading screens!
alexander1000 26 юни в 4:08сут. 
hey ruben we are bros
To get rid of a mod you open skyrim. Opening screen click data files. Find the mod you want to uninstall and click it then press delete slected at the bottom.
MR.ruben.vivo68 25 юни в 2:19сут. 
How can I uninstall this?
Arthmoor  [автор] 23 юни в 3:38след. 
Unfortunately that void plane in Cidhna Mine isn't something that can be fixed easily. It's related to the landscape LOD, and changing that for the sake of this one thing would cause too many problems well outside of the city.

Never heard of the problem with Markarth's water so I can't comment on that.
mriehova 23 юни в 1:56след. 
Also, to add to my previous comment, water in Markarth doesn't seem to render until I am very close. From afar, it appears as just a static black/blue strip.
mriehova 22 юни в 6:57сут. 
Excellent mod. Reasonably stable with the recommended ini edits (mine is currently set to 2048), enbseries etc.

There appears to be a small bug in Markarth, whereby there is a white 'void'-esque plane within the entrance to Cidhna mine. That is to say, it's not in the mine itself, but in the path leading into the mine. You can run through it no problem, and disabling Open Cities fixes it. It looks like this has been around for a while:

I'm having a similar issue within the Smelter Overseer's House, where the otherside of the central doorway always shows a void with, e.g., items falling and reappearing infinitely. This one might not be an Open Cities issue though, because if I disable the mod then the issue remains.
MattMatt 15 юни в 9:48сут. 
i only crash when going to solitude (sorry should have been more clear) :D
MattMatt 15 юни в 9:48сут. 
yeah but it adds a vampire hideout to solitude
Arthmoor  [автор] 14 юни в 11:35след. 
That's kind of odd considering Castle Volkihar is nowhere near anything this mod edits.
MattMatt 12 юни в 4:08след. 
the only think i disliked was that it doesnt work with my favorite mod, Castle Volkihar Redux, and when i go to fix that my creation kit crashes....
Awesomefolks 11 юни в 12:28сут. 
Could have been better, but works fine
Deep-Sea Dinosaur 6 юни в 6:35сут. 
Is the memory issue still there?
When checking I couldn't find skse.ini anywhere on my computer (there isn't even an skse folder). Did the latest skse version put the configuration somewhere else in a different name?
jsccsmkunz 1 юни в 4:45след. 
Woah big mod!
=EGC=CowboyBradley 10 май в 2:32сут. 
Hey, apparently, this mod is NOT compatible in ANY way, with Enhanced Towns and Villages: Whiterun. I'm not sure if this also happens with other city alteration mods, but, what happens is trees and other world objects get 'musical chaired' basically. Rocks and trees start popping up out of buildings, floating in mid air, and people disappear completely.. pretty weird reaction :P Just incase you want to look into it. I've disabled this mod for now, because whiterun is just toooo pretty :P
=EGC=CowboyBradley 10 май в 2:29сут. 
WONDERFUL job. Beautiful mod, thank you I just couldn't believe how much this added to the imersiveness of the game.
Yoshilol0203 10 май в 12:50сут. 
КГБ (KGB) 6 май в 10:52сут. 
Is this mod compatible with the civil war sieges(Siege of Solitude, Windhelm and Whiterun)?
Furthermore, is it compatible with quests that put objectives in the cities affected by this mod?
The soul collector 1 май в 10:35сут. 
does it make it lagg ?
Morwania 1 май в 4:01сут. 
I can`t get this to work,my game is shutting down when I am about to start it :)
Corvenax 30 април в 12:05сут. 
I really really very much hope this becomes compatible with the cities redone mods ... I actually love this mod. It feels like skyrim just opens up and becomes more fluid. That being said, the vanilla city design is insanely ugly, and i miss having all the trees and plants and such in places such as whiterun. Currently i have trees growing through houses and stairs because of these clashing mods.
corvo attano 27 април в 7:02сут. 
Alexander 25 април в 8:54след. 
how do you acivate the oblivian portals?

PsychoShock11 20 април в 7:07след. 
@firebrand001 I have the same problem but it only for Solitude, Windhelm and Markarth. this is really annoying because right now I have o be going to those cities often.
MrDivineElegance 16 април в 5:04след. 
xD i almost never read them except for install part (maybe i should look at readmes more thouroughly xD)
Arthmoor  [автор] 16 април в 12:59след. 
@Blackjack: You'd have known that had you followed the link to the readme :P
MrDivineElegance 16 април в 1:12сут. 
@NiftyPower look up Open cities like you would to get this but look around and theres some Aactually meant for this mod
MrDivineElegance 16 април в 1:11сут. 
Did you know you set the gate travel on a rock by the gate in whiterun (my proof of this.) why on a rock??? xD
firebrand001 8 април в 2:04след. 
having a bit of an issue after loading this mod, the markers in all the cities affected by this mod are not working, they get marked as visited on my compass but not my map, due to this i cant fast travel to any of the 5 major cities,

i have already tried disabling all other mods and used only DLCs and updates on a new character and that didnt help

has anyone else encountered this or know of a way to fix it?
NiftyPower 27 март в 2:22сут. 
Are there any good "extra map markers" mods that are compatible with this mod?
Soul Snare [ASTF2] 18 март в 10:43след. 
Thank you thank you thank you thank you! No i don't have to wait for it to load!
LEGOs104 18 март в 2:53след. 
nice i just hope it doesn't crash my game
Wolf of Slytherin 15 март в 4:40след. 
The people go to an invisable door and don't returen what can i do to fix that.
PerkinaT0R 15 март в 3:36след. 
dont know if it is this mod but it seems to make my game crash quite often
Nomad 14 март в 5:53след. 
I loved this mod in Oblivion, and I will love it here.
Je_Marmalade 8 март в 3:56след. 
I am getting a lot of lag when using this mod... I can usually run Skyrim at 60fps without this mod.
Arthmoor  [автор] 5 март в 4:05след. 
Most likely, yes. Another mod you have that's loading after OCS must be editing a door and sending you back to the closed worldspace.