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gorgonsGumption 9 сер 2015 о 17:33 
ICumOnRags 17 лис 2014 о 18:58 
If light on fire it should be for pyro. if just a throwable it should be an engineer
Ghost of The Wolves [FP] 16 лис 2014 о 14:51 
We should have it as a throwable item in TF2 just shove a role of cloth or paper in the bottle light it and throw it at your enemies lighting enemies on fire in its small radius of attack as well as throwing range just like the one in L4D2
Donldof .H Trumpler 16 лис 2014 о 11:43 
causes eanmys on fire to exsplode
does not put out teamates on fire
PURPLE CENTRUY 16 лис 2014 о 11:09 
it shoud be for demo two but i like it it looks cool
ポップ 9 лис 2013 о 3:01 
I like it, it's cool. :P Stats?
TheGhostThatWas 15 січ 2013 о 15:46 
lol Thumbs down for stolen, also I saw this prop online
Proper Cut 12 січ 2013 о 17:14 
can this work as a drink for scout?
@NoNotTheMemes 19 лис 2012 о 12:49 
Don't worry, it isn't stolen guys. The 0.0000 MB file size is a common glitch with items.
TheGhostThatWas 1 жов 2012 о 13:49 
Stolen, The File Size is 0.000 MB. It's either that or they forgot to upload anything. @_@
zachL 13 сер 2012 о 6:55 
I can vouch that these two are not thieves. Can't speak for their laziness though. :V
╞┼ 22 лип 2012 о 2:25 
Nevermind... It was both...
╞┼ 22 лип 2012 о 2:24 
0.000 MB... Uhhhhhh... Either this is stolen and your only using the pictures or... Your just plain lazy...
Queerassdragon 30 тра 2012 о 18:08 
it should be for Sniper AND Demoman,
Mabeas 30 тра 2012 о 17:28 
No, I think it's just a glitch or something. This guy has other workshop items.
GrokMonkey 30 тра 2012 о 11:45 
"File Size: 0.000 MB"'s literally just these two pictures.
This is the laziest theft ever.
Shhh... the Pepperoni Secret™ 28 тра 2012 о 13:45 
Heck yes. Screw those swords, we need more beer.
ZeÜberChef 26 тра 2012 о 8:16 
and i stand corrected
KarkasMolenKlok ( <) 25 тра 2012 о 21:06 
Oh you mean this part?

"If Valve chooses to distribute Your Contribution for a Valve Game for a fee, then Valve may set the price for such distribution in its sole discretion, and Valve will pay You as follows, conditioned on Your compliance with the obligations contained in this Agreement. Beginning with the calendar month in which Valve first distributes a copy of the Valve Game Contribution for a fee, Valve shall pay to You twenty-five percent (25%) of the Adjusted Gross Revenue (defined below) actually received by Valve from Valve’s distribution of the copy of the Valve Game Contribution during the calendar month. To the extent that the payment calculation results in a negative amount, that negative amount will be carried forward and deducted from any future amounts otherwise payable by Valve hereunder. Valve will remit payment in accordance with Valve procedures, currently net 30 paid in full."
ZeÜberChef 25 тра 2012 о 18:18 
BUT this is not a model. its a picture. so I report you sir.
ZeÜberChef 25 тра 2012 о 18:18 
Karkas, Valve made no promise to pay them anything if their item makes it in game. Just check the agreement
KarkasMolenKlok ( <) 22 тра 2012 о 20:07 
This won't get added because it's the intellectual property of the artists who made it for the Meet the Engineer/Sandvich videos, and they don't intend to pay you a cut for an artistic concept they already commissioned from someone else.