The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

No Spinning Death Animation
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gunnerklein 8月29日下午1:41 
Pumpshotgun Kitty Overbeck 8月15日上午9:48 
Finally them Spinning ruins it if you shoot a crossbow/gun or you punch them. :D
grandelf569 7月18日下午11:30 
awesome mod
Reptix ^-^/ 6月12日下午3:19 
best mod.
Darius 4月20日上午5:55 
They still spin. XD
🎭💀 Silent Voice ☢✊ 4月12日上午11:25 
does it realy stop the spinns? the video was not realy convincin'
jkattner212 2月22日下午3:50 
99999999/10 best thing in a while XD thank you
Piggehthepig 1月29日下午2:19 
i was 588 hours
WiresHepburn 1月13日上午2:11 
omg best mod everrrrr!!! I am poised to deliver that final killer blow, preferably a super punch, following an epic battle and to send my opponent sprawling to their end.... oh they just do a little dancy thing and lay down... such a buster! Thanks for this mod. What is more annoying is the fact it has taken me 532 hours of game play to discover this mod!
Raz-K 2016年12月27日下午9:22 
lmao@the vid
UncurlingSix 2016年12月17日上午4:53 
I really don't understand how the spinning death animation would fit in any combat situation. Ever.
MasterCommentator 2016年11月12日下午3:08 
Best mod ever.
Cheesychicken 2016年8月21日下午1:30 
typo my hands are jumpy same with my keyboard need to fix it!
Cheesychicken 2016年8月21日下午1:29 
thnks hated the sppinning death too.I wonder : its like why did Bethesda put that in there in the first place??
x_DarkArTist_x 2016年6月23日下午2:44 
THANK YOU i hate that animation
willerkiller 2016年6月9日下午1:15 
i agree XD
jose_marquez2005 2016年4月22日下午5:54 
Lmao the screenshots look like me trying to dab XD
Sindbad 2016年4月3日上午6:57 
Been using it so long I don't remember how the spinning death looks like.
Mythicalgamer 2015年12月25日上午12:27 
Has anybody experinced their game crashing after getting killed?
I'm just here for the sales 2015年12月23日下午10:06 
 Dovahbear  2015年11月15日下午2:59 
I always hated that animation, it doesn't make any sense especially when they die of fall damage, a spell, or an arrow
Kveldulf 2015年10月14日下午4:18 
Combine this with the mods that kill guards who mention sweet trolls and arrows in the knee
PJ Pollina 2015年10月4日下午1:04 
Best mod ever. Period.
Lil Mop 2015年8月29日上午10:53 
dosent work
AmazingAdam 2015年8月25日下午6:16 
Now I want a mod where whenever an Npc dies and then spin it plays the twist song.
Sudenth 2015年8月10日下午2:12 
u have my love
Elsom 2015年8月7日下午3:02 
this is good for the popular skyrim passtime of jumping of cliffs and moutains.
>>ƦᴀτcʜᴇD VipᴇR<< 2015年7月30日下午8:40 
but the spin is good for doing things like: recording it, looping it backwards and forwards, and playing "doll on a musicbox" in the back ground.
Ser Eggmond 2015年7月11日上午4:58 
I just got killed. Allow me one last breakdance.
-- -NPC's without this mod.
Spyincorporated 2015年7月5日下午11:25 
Fell off High Hrothgar? Might as well dance with my shattered bones! Seriously, this makes killing things a lot better.
็SelectionTime 2015年6月11日上午10:38 
thx i hate the spin death no i can downloud this mod and i wont yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noscope
uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh 2015年5月31日下午8:24 
great! :D
Joe Louis3849 2015年5月22日下午7:56 
Holy hot damn! I laughed aobut this for 10 minutes straight!! The comments are hilarious as well!! The best part of Skyrim is when you use Unrelenting Force or Vampiric Grip to throw someone off a cliff and they stand up..just to spin and die!
usafnco 2015年5月16日下午5:15 
This mod is GREAT, I think its INCREDIBLY STUPID that they SPIN. SO UNREALISTIC. I will get this mod as soon as I get the chance, I swear I used to have this mod though? ?_?
Fragnash 2015年1月23日下午2:59 
i wanna know who the fool is that thought
it would be cool to watch someone spin and die!
thanks for mod
A Llama 2015年1月4日下午2:57 
Ugh! I died ;-; Well.... gonna just spin around for like 4 seconds.... Wheeee! Anyways thanks for the mod
Dank Vibes 2014年12月26日下午11:03 
I actually think the spinning death animation is funny.
archedmaid 2014年12月10日下午1:08 
is this v1.1?
flofey ♡ 2014年12月4日下午1:53 
Thanks for this mod, kind of takes the realism out of the game when somebody defies gravity to do the twist when they fall off of the throat of the world :P
Bonzo 2014年11月23日上午8:29 
Nice mod
lxMattAranxl 2014年11月19日下午1:24 
The movie just killed me, thanks a lot! XD


Great mod, bro. :)
SurpriseMotherFaker 2014年11月19日上午4:11 
hahahahahaha lol
FML 2014年11月18日下午5:59 
such a good mod
JenkkiTankki 2014年10月31日上午8:05 
Thank you for this mod! I was getting so annoyed of that **** spinning animation. Now crossbows are alot more fun to play with because the enemies always ragdoll instead of just **** spinning around :)
Equilisys 2014年10月10日下午8:49 
Thank god I have my hands on something like this, the animation is driving me NUTS.**

Realistic Ragdolls, Enhanced Blood Textures and this mod make a great combination. None of that Bethesda physics nonsense with skyrim combat. Seriously, you can't get flung like 50 meters into the air or have every killed target die with some stupid animation 97% of the time to an epic kill-shot from a bow without no actual blood spilled.

Thanks for the mod.
BakaKemono  [作者] 2014年10月10日下午4:03 
Could be a character mesh or animation mod problem. Installing conflicting mods that change the character’s mesh such as ragdoll, body, and gore mods. Did you try turning off all your mods in the to find out if it fixes this?
BakaKemono  [作者] 2014年10月10日上午4:30 
This mod only removes an animation and nothing else. If this is still happening even after you remove a mod, then it's caused by something else.
Un1V3rSe ツ 2014年10月7日下午2:41 
aw sh.. I thought that your mod added this music when it happened
*MOVED* 2014年9月21日下午3:29 
Thank you so much.
alen.nisivoccia 2014年9月16日上午6:24 
I love you for this.