Team Fortress 2
The Headsail
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Grabbin Pills (Bad Internet) 6 лип 2015 о 17:40 
General Awesome 8 тра 2014 о 23:52 
You oughta make a sword for him.
Felippe 31 тра 2013 о 14:38 
Jesus,look at that,Dewzie please releasea skin of this hat?
Dewzie  [автор] 16 січ 2013 о 14:01 
Those are some great ideas but they have already been done (and far better than I could do) by VLEK, which I'm really hoping gets added at some point. So if you haven't already it's worth checking out!
Lord Pontesque Wigglebottom 16 січ 2013 о 0:01 
Love it, but maybe some styles would help it seem a bit less plain. Standards like the TF2 logo, paisley, skulls, and the demoman logo? Or something unique. I'd like to see this in, but with more choices with it, the better chance of it getting in.
Under_Score 26 сер 2012 о 3:19 
LOL Limewire :D
❤ Yertle Ze Hans Krieger 25 лип 2012 о 13:53 
nice but did you see this is why we hate gankplank from leage or legends or just the song because you say that xd
♠Nightmare[RO] 7 чер 2012 о 12:00 
arrrrrrrrrrrrr you are a pirate ! anyway is nice !
Draconic_Kid 5 чер 2012 о 14:10 
this looks nice, but could use some styles to add personal flare to it, like i do with the splendid screen.
TechnoDirt 31 тра 2012 о 9:33 
I think you should add a second style like this patern
Elaine! 21 тра 2012 о 22:49 
Fantastic set though! Hope it gets in :)
Elaine! 21 тра 2012 о 22:49 
I like the old version better for much the same reason as Cid. It needs a little something or other to make it stand out.
Domo!!) 21 тра 2012 о 11:34 
Good Very good
RaphaelProductions 20 тра 2012 о 13:55 
very nice
wrn 18 тра 2012 о 3:02 
[Moe]Kunta-Kinte 17 тра 2012 о 6:12 
hmm im not sure it may look good on his item
[FL]Shift 17 тра 2012 о 3:45 
needs a style with a print on it or something
[Moe]Kunta-Kinte 16 тра 2012 о 16:58 
Cid the Black Wizard 16 тра 2012 о 15:54 
I liked the old version better. It had personality.