Redguard Knight Armor
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derp hooves 23. huhti 16.16 
funny thing is i got these separete and didnt realize that they were all from the same guy. lol
Mack 24. helmi 0.13 
Would love to see this on female models some day. Good job on this. :)
IanTheKiller 22. helmi 18.55 
add it to the alternate start mod
Females too Plz. Love the Redguard gear/weapons etal.
clembird 31. tammi 16.51 
for females plz
Guild of Rogue Force Users 15. tammi 3.00 
parmstrong3480 8. tammi 8.44 
when are we getting more armor.
i'm a fan of your armor, but i wish you could at least bring 3 or 4 armor mods.
it's been a while since you uploaded one.
Devante 19. joulu, 2014 20.56 
Hey this is a sweet mod but i am still waiting for those other weapons but it really is a great mod thanks
xXthatshadowXx 16. joulu, 2014 16.08 
hey for some reason the armor wont show up it just makes me look clear like you can see though my charater but the gloves and boots and the helmet work just fine its just the armor plz help
CheeseMonkey 7. joulu, 2014 23.30 
one of the more unique "Gypsy King Desert Warrior" armor mods around... I love this
ruffner.christy 2. joulu, 2014 22.41 
Hey Hoth, not to be ungrateful but still waiting on some of those other weapons. Especially excited for the two-handed scimitar. :)
Deadman51829 29. marras, 2014 11.39 
it is not showing up under the steel tab any ideas on what to do i have already unsubbed then re subbed
maneshchintaram 17. marras, 2014 16.15 
can you make a char aina armour set? it is a middle eastern/indian armour which consists of four steel plates on top of the chainmail. It would be another armour that is suitable for the redguards.
FB||andrewwillkie15 19. loka, 2014 15.21 
i love your mods and i was thinkin what if you update this one so it can go on some of the redguard npc's i personaaly think it would be cool, but you're the modder so.....
Kaelan, The Titan God of Doom 9. loka, 2014 10.03 
Vary nice mod just wish it worked with Female player
myst 6. loka, 2014 6.24 
Males only? :(
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 27. syys, 2014 12.32 
Can you make this for females? If you do that, you should also change the crafting material to steel.
Chi 25. syys, 2014 20.54 
Why isnt this in the original game?
KafarPL 12. syys, 2014 10.49 
I like the armor and Scimitar but...those are way too overpowered. I crafted it at level 4 or 5 and its OP, every armor or weapon is inferior. Way way OP, with this I wont need to change armor at all. Need to uninstall it :(
Guillermo_Gendro 1. syys, 2014 9.20 
Awsome! now i can be a Muslim Soldier just like in the Crusades :DDDD Derp!
The Dovahnater 29. elo, 2014 16.23 
is there any way you can bring your follower mod "Hoth" to the steam workshop
- La Matta - 26. elo, 2014 15.33 
It's wonderful! Thanks.
Stakeout666 14. elo, 2014 5.25 
Could you make a redguard plate armour plz.
That would be cool
Gunny the space midget 12. elo, 2014 16.53 
Are you going to update any of your armor sets any time soon?
sromshek 12. elo, 2014 15.54 
Just started a redguard charector.This armor looks amazing.I love that you kept the items from being op and that you didn't make it too hard to craft them.
Feena 8. elo, 2014 23.58 
Is there no way this can be made for females? I think they would look great in it.
Ruby Rhod 25. heinä, 2014 5.31 
this mod wont work for me any idea why guys?
Larouste 14. heinä, 2014 5.36 
nice mod but
-too easy to craft.
-too cheap to craft.
-too powerfull for that level.

I've made one at lvl 5 and it is as good as a daedric armor for some learther and a bit of iron.
xXx_Drag0n_N0sc0per69_xXx 8. heinä, 2014 19.39 
I dont know whats wrong ith the redguard armor because when I put it on its the nightingale armor also the boots and gaunlets are dragon bone armor.
Leif_Ericson 8. heinä, 2014 14.38 
or immortals from persia :P
Benzar6 30. kesä, 2014 19.54 
I would like to see a mod that adds more redguard(mideast) type armours.... or a mod that adds redguard bandits dressed up in the armour, and they should be on horses like mamluks!
Ǥuardiaƞ 17. kesä, 2014 11.33 
Great mod !
Timesplitter 5. kesä, 2014 23.28 
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Dwayne Dibbley (FHR) 3. kesä, 2014 8.32 
Do npcs ware it too?
jaydenp77 24. touko, 2014 7.48 
whenever i where it, it appears as nightingale armour as well as in my inventory.
cjalibo 8. touko, 2014 12.07 
Pretty awesome, cant wait it for it too come out for argonians though. Nice mod!
Michael. Providence. 24. huhti, 2014 10.13 
good good.
CheeseMonkey 20. huhti, 2014 21.28 
this is awsome for my Arabian Knight toon ~ would be cool if it came in additional different shades / blue / white / etc. this is excellent, no bugs so far with any mod I have. and yes, I agree.. a female version would be fantastic.
coolgunbro 22. maalis, 2014 19.24 
when will it be for females
Eightball 20. maalis, 2014 2.51 
I'm still waiting for the Great Scimitar (the afore mentioned two-hander scimitar)! I was going to make my own but I'm grossly underskilled and underequipped for the task. Great work on what you've done though. Thanks alot for this and the warchief armor!
peanutbutterwarrior123 6. maalis, 2014 18.28 
how much is the dt/armor rating
bigwhitehound 28. helmi, 2014 13.05 
Looks really good. Need a leather type. Stats same as Royal Vampire Armor (DG) style like regular Redguard clothes but clearly leather with some steel scales and studs. Better for my Redguard wife.
myst 24. helmi, 2014 8.04 
Male only? I love your armors but my avatars are female (so am I). What's a fashion conscious Skyrim girl to do?
Nate Assassin 21. helmi, 2014 10.58 
What happenes when a female equips the armor? Does it just appear as normal Redguard clothes or Nazir's stuff?
BrickermanPalooza 10. helmi, 2014 15.37 
Great! The world needs more race specific armour/weapon mods. It adds to the immersion.
Bersaglieri 8. helmi, 2014 11.37 
was waiting for a Redguard armor. I dig it, reminds me of the Moorish Armor during the late middle ages. Great job!
anam.zaidi110 5. helmi, 2014 10.41 
I love the idea. Please make a female version soon.
Cliff[BUG] 2. helmi, 2014 14.16 
will NPCs where this armor randomly like bandits whering this armor
Gingerbread Jesus 31. tammi, 2014 20.25 
this is like immersive armor imersive armors adds ann the armor i think
GaStu 26. tammi, 2014 22.09 
All right, dude. I really dig the style of your armor mods... but, I've said it before, the smithing skill levels and stats you choose for them seem a bit wonky. Case in point this armor here. I will say again, I truely enjoy the style of the armor, but for the love of jehosafat, why are you putting this armor that is worth as much as dragon bone amongst the list of steel armors at the forge? If it's worth that much shouldn't it be (by appearances) at the very least in the advanced armor section? Sorry to come off a bit toothy, but it just seems to set the game off balance a bit when mods offer things this good at relatively early stages of the game. That said, I feel I must reiterate my admiration for your choice of armor style. They look pretty dang cool. Kudos.