Portal 2
Heavy Light Reading V2
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Petutski 2017年12月6日 13時26分 
Interesting! Several ways to solve it! Thanks!
mikemoody 2013年3月23日 23時26分 
OK nice but just like the others say, you don't have to use the Tractor Beam. It was a good map tho...Thanks again.
Giles 2013年1月19日 16時35分 
Are these puzzlemakers things that are just added to make people think they need to do more than is actually needed? If so you had me for a while before I was like derp.
Chiscringle 2013年1月17日 13時43分 
Oh, I used the funnel to win rather than using the gel.
Hollowpoint 2013年1月16日 22時35分 
the funel and the switch by the exit door weren't needed.
your grandpa 2013年1月12日 2時43分 
checkpoints please!