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Petutski 17 січ 2016 о 5:11 
Nice map with a few rough edges. Still fun!
p0rtalmaster 4 жов 2012 о 21:20 
This is the first map I've ever seen where the player controls only orange portals. I too noticed the ninja solution where the button on the right is not needed. I suggest making the ceiling non-portalable above the left platform to fix this.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 15 вер 2012 о 1:41 
I crouched on the faith plate and made it out, but what was the chamber on the right of the door for? I did not use it at all. Good map all the same.
Lente 31 лип 2012 о 10:40 
super leuk
derula 30 чер 2012 о 10:03 
Sorry if that seemed insulting. I guess I was a bit annoyed that this has such a good rating when I thought the puzzle side of it wasn't very good. Of course I know that making something in Hammer is way more complicated than to do it in the ingame editor; I for once couldn't have done this without some / many hours of training.
If you're interested, I can give you a detailed list of problems I see with this map (or the whole series), and how I would improve them. I will also try not to sound insulting.
Justus954  [автор] 30 чер 2012 о 7:11 
@derula Not sure if insult.
derula 30 чер 2012 о 6:27 
Perfect example of why sort of knowing hammer doesn't magically turn you into a skilled map maker.
Majicman444 29 чер 2012 о 14:26 
if you get stuck or want to watch me fail a bunch here you go
alchemicalUltimatum 22 чер 2012 о 12:46 
Other faith plate woes: The faith plates in the room pictured above weirdly and kind of annoyingly aim directly at each other, so it's kind of hit-or-miss whether you actually get to the other side of the room or just get tossed back and forth repetitively.
narkfestmojo 8 чер 2012 о 16:01 
faith plate still doesn't work perfectly.
it works if you approach from exit door side
Roland il Rosicone 5 чер 2012 о 13:33 
I'll try to repeat my wierd gameplay then :P
Thetrooper19 28 тра 2012 о 17:05 
Lesbillionaire |Off to save love 27 тра 2012 о 14:11 
as they say in germany: FICK JA!!!
Chirimorin 25 тра 2012 о 12:32 
@-RSK- Roland il rosicone The platform is normally needed for solving the puzzle, so you can get to the button that activates the faith plate. I'm guessing that you found another way to solve it.
Roland il Rosicone 21 тра 2012 о 15:11 
The final jump got me to the door in no time, but I wonder why there's a button on the right :) the platform on the left was useless lol
Chirimorin 21 тра 2012 о 13:44 
After the update it still is a bit fiddly but I actually managed to get through the door this time.
Justus954  [автор] 21 тра 2012 о 9:24 
@Musje did you try now after update?
Chirimorin 21 тра 2012 о 8:00 
I tried walking onto the faith plate from every side with no luck. It might be an idea to just make a platform there with the door a bit further away so there's a bigger frame to land in (you would just need to make sure there aren't any portal surfaces near.
Justus954  [автор] 21 тра 2012 о 4:47 
@Musje If you would have jumped propely you would have gotten past. But oh well.. I fix it.
Chirimorin 21 тра 2012 о 2:19 
The final faith plate isn't alligned properly and will not send you through the door. Instead I had to use noclip to get past it.
A_Squirrel 17 тра 2012 о 20:18 
Cool map, but the final jump was a bit frustrating.