Portal 2
A La Tag [Part 1]
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D YellowMadness 2 Νοε 2017 στις 3:03 
The last jump didn't work. It just killed me instead. Also, the gun was annoying to control, the grated floor was offputting because it constantly looked like I should be falling through it, & the grating on one wall made it really annoying to try to bounce.

Also, with no puzzles or challenges, the concept quickly became tedious to me.
dvdbillen 26 Φεβ 2017 στις 9:34 
That was fun! I hated the fuck out of aperature tag, but this was good. I caught on that the gun dribbled not shot (lol) and made it work fine.
GabeTYJ 19 Μαϊ 2016 στις 6:00 
you gotta fix that aiming :steamfacepalm:
danne11man 7 Μαρ 2015 στις 22:03 
Buggy paint gun, the Aim is so fk buggy.
Tyr Anasazi 26 Φεβ 2015 στις 11:40 
nice map, funky gun looks like crap but it works (though a bit tough to aim at times)
Motanum  [Δημιουργός] 15 Ιαν 2015 στις 7:13 
Gun aiming is greatly imrpoved in Aperture Tag
40ozKilla 14 Ιαν 2015 στις 17:59 
I liked it but the gun doesnt aim properly. It was a little annoying and almost made me gave a thumbs down. But I like unique test elements so I'll give you a thums up! Fix the gun aiming though because it's not very good.
Petutski 13 Σεπ 2014 στις 8:31 
Very unique and fun!
Peppered_ 25 Ιουλ 2014 στις 9:03 
I like trains
Motanum  [Δημιουργός] 18 Μαϊ 2014 στις 21:55 
Awesome! Be sure to check out the greenlight Page for Aperture Tag!
TonToE 18 Μαϊ 2014 στις 20:30 
Only Apperature Science could make a beanie the fires gel. I did enjoy these 5 levels thus so far.
skeletalcheshirekitten 4 Μαρ 2014 στις 14:24 
Ah, alright then. I really did enjoy the level, btw. It's a great idea and I'm glad you made it.
Motanum  [Δημιουργός] 3 Μαρ 2014 στις 18:00 
Yes it's normal, this is a super old version
skeletalcheshirekitten 3 Μαρ 2014 στις 16:28 
My paint gun was the companion cube beanie, is that normal? Thought maybe someone should know that happens.
wildgoosespeeder 5 Φεβ 2014 στις 20:22 
It was before PeTI. I can say that the gel gun has gotten better since this map. BEEMOD2 has helped.
123 5 Αυγ 2013 στις 21:00 
you should post it at TWP.com
123 5 Αυγ 2013 στις 20:59 
guy612006 1 Ιουν 2013 στις 17:40 
very good map, awesome idea. There are some cursor issues though, made it hard to get gel where you want it.
ovb1c 19 Μαϊ 2013 στις 8:23 
Would be fun if the gun was easer to use and target !
Motanum  [Δημιουργός] 16 Απρ 2013 στις 14:58 
Cogitation 16 Απρ 2013 στις 12:31 
A very good map, but the gel gun doesn't seem to aim *quite* where I point, even when I try to take ballistic trajectories into account. The gel sometimes shoots off to the left or right of where I aim.
dj3 25 Φεβ 2013 στις 3:49 
I like it very much, I hope to see more of this sort maps with a different apporoce. Very refreshing.
Spooky 2 Ιαν 2013 στις 8:38 
Boing! Good chamber. Good introduction to the Handheld Gel Delivery Device.
mikael.nyberg 1 Δεκ 2012 στις 2:09 
There is abug I get a hat with a companion cube that blots out 1/3 of the line of sigth ?
aJediBoy 23 Νοε 2012 στις 9:13 
the gun only shoots repulsion gel
(IC) Greedo 2 2 Νοε 2012 στις 7:17 
That was a lot of fun an innovative. The gun was sometimes hard to aim, but still a great concept. Thumbs up!
Yavie 20 Οκτ 2012 στις 22:36 
Wow that was weird!! But really fun and original! Had a hard time aiming the gel in a few spots, but I learned to compensate.
ManOfColours868 4 Σεπ 2012 στις 3:55 
Good idea but the gel gun has limitations
Stric_Matic 4 Σεπ 2012 στις 3:28 
seems to be a bug that's present even in SP chambers that use these textures
Stric_Matic 4 Σεπ 2012 στις 3:06 
Anybody else getting strange, glossy textures on rock walls all of a sudden? Almost looks like the rock cliffs in HL2: Lost Coast and it's happening on several other custom maps that use the same textures.

Also, Motanum hasn't changed/re-uploaded the map since May so it can't be a deliberate change on the author's part.

Here's a screenshot

machmanx 25 Ιουλ 2012 στις 22:55 
The Gel Gun is definitely different from the usual test chamber. I love the singleplayer feel that it has. Great job!
mikemoody 24 Ιουλ 2012 στις 20:14 
Motanum; that was a very good map and different. I did use the "E" button my first try (lol). But I learn quick, and had a great time after that. Hell I'm a Blue Gel Painter.
2B or not 2B 24 Ιουλ 2012 στις 18:33 
nice map..but the glue gun could not be pointed correctly to a place..
Cad 13 Ιουλ 2012 στις 11:00 
Nice screen. :)
Warbear 8 Ιουλ 2012 στις 23:11 
Wow! That was really cool. Whoda thunk, a repulsion gel gun! Good job.

Try mine?
SirPent [UA] 7 Ιουλ 2012 στις 11:16 
Good job!
uniq 5 Ιουλ 2012 στις 10:57 
Brilliant idea!
AEon 4 Ιουλ 2012 στις 3:44 
Beautiful map, I really like the retro design, good use of novelty feature for puzzles. Interesting idea to drop the portal gun and instead add a goo gun. It would be nice if the goo gun could be turned off via "r_drawviewmodel", much the same way this is normally possible for the portal gun. I turn the latter off all the time, helps concentrate and appreciate the maps more to *not* have any gun in your face.
TBJ 28 Ιουν 2012 στις 12:11 
Nice concept. Good puzzle. The gun design was a bit bad though. No idea of aiming; a bit ugly and in your face.
Grent [AFEG] 25 Ιουν 2012 στις 2:47 
It was a quick, fun little level, but the paint gun seemed to be constrained to angles in increments of 45 degrees. Needless to say, this made coating surfaces in paint a little harder than it should have been. Other than that, it was an interesting diversion.
LPChip 23 Ιουν 2012 στις 14:24 
This is really awesome. I'd love to see one where you can also use the speed gel. I think it'd be even more epic to fire speedgel with your right mousebutton and blue gel with your left mousebutton.
Stellafera 23 Ιουν 2012 στις 10:29 
Are you supposed to only be able to shoot repulsion gel?
Bensenhaver 22 Ιουν 2012 στις 4:49 
The aim of the paint gun needs some adjustment. Other than that, funny experiment.
Wild Billy D 1 Ιουν 2012 στις 12:43 
Way too cool. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks.
JimseytheMurph 29 Μαϊ 2012 στις 12:22 
It's a lot of fun, but it's wonky. I feel like the paint gun is blocking my view often. And aiming is not as fluid as hoped. But a great start on a great mod.
Rulamia 28 Μαϊ 2012 στις 11:16 
Work on getting the gell to go where the cross-hairs are aiming. That was the only annoying thing in the entire level. Other than that, great mod!
st9ler 28 Μαϊ 2012 στις 6:33 
Great idea for a mod!
Roland il Rosicone 27 Μαϊ 2012 στις 15:13 
Very nice :)
ChloeIsHere 24 Μαϊ 2012 στις 7:39 
how do i play thin damn test
o+= 24 Μαϊ 2012 στις 4:22 
Difficulty 6/10
Fun 9/10

Great use of paint gun which I was not aware existed. Who doesn't like bouncing around? So much fun.