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Csm.-ChAoS- 18 юни в 12:41 следобед 
Ugh I so hate my self for not being able to solve this and falling that desperate to look at the video. It is SO simple yet it took me 5 attempts and atleast 1 hour with no avail.
Craftminerlx24 14 юни в 12:47 сутринта 
In my opinion, your easiest map yet. Took me 2-3 minutes.
PortalFan 31 май в 7:55 сутринта 
Nice map ! Good design.
Aelfric 22 май в 11:40 сутринта 
Awesome chamber
Sokar 7 март в 11:58 сутринта 
Fantastic chamber. Took me a while to figure out a simple solution; that's the mark of a master.
Pinkpanties 5 февруари в 7:46 следобед 
thanks you
IfThere'sNoResponse,ICan'tPlay. 3 февруари в 2:55 следобед 
So that makes two test chambers by you that I've solved.
Grayson Peddie 4 януари в 5:52 следобед 
Well, I must say I'm a bridge master, now. Tight space, but I made it! :)
bshaffer 14 декември 2014 в 8:15 следобед 
Either your maps are becoming easier or your previous hard maps have gotten me back in the portal 2 mindset...nice clean map as usual
jeanpants024 24 ноември 2014 в 2:04 сутринта 
hi please play my chamber and give feedback
m00ny 11 септември 2014 в 8:59 сутринта 
it was looking impossible until i realized that a bridge is available
Sat_k7 15 август 2014 в 10:00 сутринта 
simple ine with just one cube, laser and bridge. But a very very tricky one. I liked it very much. Awesome test chamber. Mevious . . . You are a Genius . . . . .
rubix 4 юли 2014 в 2:05 следобед 
your level design is just DEFINITELY AWESOME!!
|Kitty'sgamer|Hax0r! 20 юни 2014 в 10:33 сутринта 
solved this in less than 5 mins Great job anyway i had fun when playing
joe 1 юни 2014 в 10:21 сутринта 
When I think like Mevious I can do Merious puzzles just work backwards and you'll get there.
private.way 30 май 2014 в 7:33 сутринта 
Emanueljuandavid 23 февруари 2014 в 2:20 следобед 
It was not too easy, but compared to Rendezvous it was kinda easy since I got stuck on that one for like an hour or more, but I definetaly give this an 9 out of 10!
neolak168 10 февруари 2014 в 4:10 сутринта 
easiest one of your maps
audio9 11 януари 2014 в 12:20 сутринта 
got to have skill to solve this
幸運な 9 януари 2014 в 7:12 сутринта 
Nevermind, there was a walkthrow on youtube too, seems like i failed this one -.-
幸運な 9 януари 2014 в 7:08 сутринта 
It was extremly easy and you make difficult chamber's so that's why i'm asking was this the proper way to do this test?
幸運な 9 януари 2014 в 6:58 сутринта 
I'm not sure if i made it correctly ;\
IL_Giudice 6 януари 2014 в 2:43 следобед 
Nice puzzle. 7/10
F0g 19 декември 2013 в 12:45 следобед 
Ok, this one wasn't easy
Well done! +
dooglio 17 декември 2013 в 5:28 следобед 
Short, but fun!
ZAEROS 2 декември 2013 в 6:43 сутринта 
Another map I failed on my first visit months ago, Glad to escape this time. Your maps are probably the best of the puzzle kind. Wish there were more. Thank you.
LordBeDe 29 ноември 2013 в 2:49 сутринта 
Donderbus 29 септември 2013 в 11:09 сутринта 
Lovely bridge/laser test!
[CKCJ] thecock 9 септември 2013 в 8:05 следобед 
It's easy?
ghostyman719 2 септември 2013 в 4:30 следобед 
WAAAAY too easy to have been done by Mevious! You're one of the best there is, friend!
einpreusseinbayern 15 август 2013 в 3:02 сутринта 
good level of difficulty, keeps you thinking without getting frustrated.
jeff 9 август 2013 в 3:54 сутринта 
One of the easier ones. For me anyway!
JayB52 26 юли 2013 в 11:20 следобед 
Took a while to figure it out, an interesting puzzle, certainly not too easy, in fact I prefer the "one room" puzzles rather than searching for cubes all over the place.
ginnugap 23 юли 2013 в 6:35 сутринта 
I thought it was quite clever. Not super hard once you start thinking about it the right way, but I felt quite satisfied when I finally got it right.
NiK 11 юли 2013 в 9:27 сутринта 
got stuck a few minuites trying to get all the panels to stay opened...then realized i can do it step by step and one by one toward the exit.
ProfDave64 2 юли 2013 в 11:12 следобед 
For all the people saying it's too easy... It's a lot harder if you get stuck in the wrong mindset from the beginning.

Some of my wrong ideas:

1. Standing, holding the reflector cube overhead, such that I was looking straight up and couldn't see where I was aiming.

2. Balancing the reflector cube on the "lip" between the orange portal and the blue portal.

3. A variation of Relax0r's "cheating" way (see his YouTube link from about 10 comments ago). I found myself walking around on the light bridge, hanging off the side, placing the cube in different locations, thinking I could get it just right and drop it to another light bridge

4. Dropping the cube so that it "infinitely" bounced back and forth between two portal holes on the floor. I thought maybe I could make it alternate between activating each bridge.

There were big flaws with all of these ideas.

Anyway, nice level. The solution was very "fair."
Simpson 11 юни 2013 в 5:08 сутринта 
one of your easy maps
TesaracT 10 юни 2013 в 2:34 следобед 
very easy... Bad
Extragamer 27 май 2013 в 1:51 сутринта 
Great map!
Finchy 4 април 2013 в 8:19 сутринта 
looks fun ill give it a try
please play my test at
atommalac 27 февруари 2013 в 11:45 сутринта 
easy, but i wouldn't call it bad :) i had fun with it.
babasbab 2 февруари 2013 в 3:41 следобед 
Too easy...I felt disapointed...
Shalik 31 януари 2013 в 4:03 следобед 
One of your worst maps. Too easy.
tocguy 30 януари 2013 в 3:25 следобед 
Cake walk.
hannoman, the paper tiger 28 януари 2013 в 2:22 следобед 
Woah, only 2 minutes. At least good to have a break from those sadistic other levels.
Mitch McWiggins 21 януари 2013 в 8:20 следобед 
Fun, thanks.
wattsup 13 януари 2013 в 10:26 следобед 
I found it hard but challenging.
Reiman 16 декември 2012 в 4:34 сутринта 
I was stumped by this map, as i's a Mevious: I didn't expect the exit so early - thought this was just the tutorial section. But at least, the glass wall made me think over shortly. Well done!
herbusmc 6 декември 2012 в 1:06 сутринта 
the easiet Mevious map I've tried. Good thing, cuz it's past my bedtime!
AgentFire 4 декември 2012 в 4:45 сутринта 
Too easy.