Speedster's Shades
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Yakuza Merkitzi 23/dez/2013 às 8:00 
Awww.. No Mod Link :(
I'm a cat SEE I'm grouchy SEE 25/jul/2013 às 16:04 
Would buy :)
Dr.Pain 14/out/2012 às 4:23 
it needs to be bigger
Samurai Scratch 12/out/2012 às 17:37 
Finally Aviators for Scout!
Bigbear 11/out/2012 às 14:30 
I wish this was availiable in tf2, i would buy it straight away
Yazeed 10/out/2012 às 14:59 
gamgnam style shades LOL.
Corporate 9/mai/2012 às 16:49 
Smaller summer shades...
Freshy 9/mai/2012 às 13:32 
kapu [F#m7] [A] [Esus4] [B7sus4] 7/mai/2012 às 22:41 
More pics, please.