Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Gandalf The Badass Wizard 2 Tem @ 6:16am 
oh i wish i can make my character like u D:
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 2 Tem @ 5:59am 
@Gandalf The Badass Wizard
Its 100% non-modded. Just a clever use of colors.
Gandalf The Badass Wizard 2 Tem @ 3:18am 
hey man i love your argonians look, how do you do its skin tone is it a mod ?
MushMash 29 Haz @ 12:12pm 
I have the 2 misc items needed (the black leather and the buckles) now how do i craft a pouch?
Mr.AwesomeCZ 29 Haz @ 2:36am 
@Cyrax thank you soo much you helped me out :)
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 28 Haz @ 1:20pm 

@DoctorNaCl #bearstack
IDs are unique depending on your load order. Use the "help" command to find them.

@2Spooky4 Pitt-Bull [Cz Make sure that the mod is fully installed and activated. Dyes should be under "Misc" if I recall correcly.
Mr.AwesomeCZ 28 Haz @ 11:35am 
Cyrax i dont have you know i want to dye a leather but i dont know whre i tried a forge but nothing there
can you help ?
DoctorBox 28 Haz @ 11:24am 
Does anyone know the item ID codes?
pkvac 27 Haz @ 8:11pm 
does all the npcs wear this or no and are the armors in the pictures apart of the mod?
LYDRGAMING 27 Haz @ 7:18am 
do the npcs wear this aswell? (bandits, witches, etc)
KIMBOF1 27 Haz @ 3:38am 
@Cyrax not everyone can get nexus !
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 26 Haz @ 2:14pm 
I do not see a problem.
KIMBOF1 26 Haz @ 8:22am 
@Cyrax i know it already exists but its on nexus !
HaZ_MiDNighT 24 Haz @ 10:39am 
Owesome, i always use the nexus version but i'm try'n make this time only workshop mods and this mod is the top of my list, tankx for the good work.
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 23 Haz @ 11:31am 
You gotta make sure the mod is fully downloaded and actived under "Data files".
Dimebagounet 23 Haz @ 3:33am 
When it was installed with the workshop, the game was looking for up dates when you are on the title screen before lauching the game, so I guess it was activated. And yes as you remind me, I have a mod, which allows me to destroy metal stuff, and turn it into ingots, so it uses the forge, butnot the tanning rack. I'll try to uninstall it. Thanks for the fast anser :D
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 22 Haz @ 6:13pm 
Are you 100% sure that the mod was activated? Do you use any crafting overhauls?
And no, the SoS mentioned in conflicts is not Sounds, but Shl0ngs of Skyrim.
Dimebagounet 22 Haz @ 3:23pm 
Hey, I have little problem. I have installed, uninstalled the mod a lot of times, with the steam workshop AND with the NMM, but I still do not have the bandoliers in my tanning rack. I cannot craft them, they do not appear. I saw a mod conflict in the description, with a SOS, is that the Sound of Skyrim mod which is the problem? If someone can help me, I would be grateful :)
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 22 Haz @ 2:58pm 
Already exists, made by Chesko.
KIMBOF1 22 Haz @ 7:45am 
oh thanks i just realised that you had to make them on a tanning rack but great mod im really enjoying it so far could you make a mod where you can equip a lantern in one of the pouch spots e.g back left back right that would be amazing :)
Zoinho1 21 Haz @ 5:59pm 
I want to point something about the book holders, like i'm are role playing as a mage enchanting one of those books is a great addition, but have only a few options of enchanting, as a vision of a mage player you could add more enchanting options, like Magicka Regen and similars.
xpablo75x 20 Haz @ 8:20pm 
will followers equip them and can u find the darkbrotherhood recipe in both sanctuaries?
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 20 Haz @ 1:30pm 
Make sure the mod is installed properly. You should be able to craft them at a tanning rack.
KIMBOF1 20 Haz @ 11:34am 
can i ask where do you get the bags and pouchers i cant forge them there not in the coc qasmoke thingy where do i go
Serenion 20 Haz @ 2:57am 
si estas cansado de no poder llebar nada encima y no poder ir en largas aventuras??
esto mod es la solucion, el mejor invento de todo el skyrim XD
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 20 Haz @ 2:27am 
@Cartoon Animals Fucking
Its a feature. I have been pondering about it for a long time and in the end, decided that players should have such an opportunity.
Cartoon Animals Fucking 19 Haz @ 12:12pm 
I'm not sure if this is a bug but you can disenchant any bag or pouch that you make to learn the fortify carry weight enchantment.
Cartoon Animals Fucking 19 Haz @ 11:01am 
This is definetely the best Rob Liefeld mod I've ever played
Frostheart Hunter 17 Haz @ 4:41pm 
The Sābōtēūr 16 Haz @ 1:07am 
@Cyrax Thank you :)
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 16 Haz @ 12:53am 
@The Sābōtēūr
The IDs are unique for every user depending on the mod load order. Again, you need to use the console command "help" to find them.
The Sābōtēūr 15 Haz @ 4:29pm 
I know i would have to use the console but i meen does anyone actually know the IDs already???
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 15 Haz @ 7:27am 
@The Sābōtēūr
Spawncode for what? The items?
You will need to use the console to find the IDs
The Sābōtēūr 15 Haz @ 1:01am 
Cooljw1 13 Haz @ 1:30pm 
@cyrax Thanks, didn't know about this
Pro commando 13 Haz @ 6:57am 
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 13 Haz @ 6:55am 
Take a look here

@Pro commando
Crimson tide
Pro commando 13 Haz @ 5:23am 
What was that gore mod you used ?
Cooljw1 12 Haz @ 7:59pm 
I meant actually to make the Bandolier fit the female skeleton better, as of now, the bandolier clips into the female skeleton. I would say puff it out around the breasts to make it have more of a flushed appearance. I didn't this before so I'll say it now, I love this mod, it has made my gameplay much easier, but adding the things in that I suggested could make it even more better!
Cooljw1 12 Haz @ 7:02pm 
Is there anyway you can make it so that it fits females to? Everything is fitted to the male skeleton, so the satchels are floating above the shoulders and the bandliers float above the stomach as well, anyway you could fix that? I would say to just lower the satchels and shrink the bandoliers on the female skeletons could work, but you're the modder, not me, you know best.
Rovince 11 Haz @ 3:15pm 
This mod is pretty cool ! Like the look of my armor now
Fallen 6 Haz @ 8:43am 
where do i get the dyes ?
[T.CF.U.] Tr0ll Comm4nd3r 5 Haz @ 8:37pm 
Is this compatible with the Knapsack Backpack mod?
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 5 Haz @ 3:41am 
Thanks. But I'd rather focus on creating something new and better instead. :)
EasleyAmused 4 Haz @ 11:23am 
@Cyrax Well that was a completely different situation, and I'm not saying you list it as a paid mod. If you get a kickstarter going for it, I'm sure we will gladly compensate you for your time (at least some of us), but you would still be able to list the finished product as free. The mods listed in the paid mods fiasco were last-minute and people had to charge more to make money because Valve decided to take a ridiculous cut. However, please don't take these points as me saying "Will you do it, already?" because I also totally understand your point of view. Hell, I'd offer some help if I knew what I was doing, too. So I'll just close with: Thanks for the mod, it's by far my favorite :)
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 4 Haz @ 7:05am 
Thank you kindly, I am glad that the mod serves you well.
What you suggest is easier said than done. Fitting them to every vanilla armor would take a lot of time (4 meshes per item per armor) and even if I ever manage to make them for all the vanilla onces, there will be people who will want them for some modded armors as well, so it will never stop.
If I ever chose to make a "paid" pack with all fittet armors, lots of people will be in uproar and will label me as a terrible terrible person for asking for money for my labor, just like it happened during the short-lived paid mods fiasco.
EasleyAmused 3 Haz @ 9:54pm 
Hey, wonderful mod! One of the ones that brought me out of my pure vanilla days! I see you sem to have gotten complaints about "floating bags". Why not make a seperate model for each armor set? I know it'd be a pain, but kickstart it to make some money off of it! If organization is a problem, just label them under Dark Brotherhood, Black, Leather, and Pale categories (like the forge does with various metals). Just a suggestion I thought I'd throw out there. Hell, I'd kick some cash your way if you do it, and it doesn't even bother me that much. I'm sure you could make regular pay for your time's worth easily!
Capt. Medina 1 Haz @ 2:09pm 

I play this game for a long time, actually, since it lauched. And out of all the other mods here, I dare say this is THE MOST USEFUL of them all. Thank you, for all the work and dedication you've put into this mod, honestly.
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 31 May @ 11:31pm 
Those items are indeed meant to have no enchantment by default so the players can enchant them however they want.
Legendary Guardian ♠ 31 May @ 1:42pm 
This is good