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Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Dankosaurus Rekt 31 Ağu @ 6:04pm 
When I subscribe to the mod, it downloads it and says "ready to play", but when I open the launcher, it does not show up in the data files?
A|_EX》 31 Ağu @ 9:56am 
i cant find the wearable lanterns mod.
Omega 26 Ağu @ 1:37am 
thanks! :)
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 25 Ağu @ 7:51am 
Go to my profile and then under "workshop items"
Omega 24 Ağu @ 2:00am 
Could you maybe place the link? i can't find the dragon armour mod in the store..
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 24 Ağu @ 1:36am 
Sorry, no updates are currently planned for this mod. Remember that there is a shoulderless version in the mod as well.

No, those are 2 different mods.
Omega 23 Ağu @ 1:38pm 
does the bag and pouches mod also includes the dragon armor mod?
DestructioNManX 20 Ağu @ 6:32pm 
if you dont mind my asking could make a Large bandolier that goes over the right shoulder cause alot of armors i wear have a thing on the sholder allready, and the right shoulder has nothing there p.s. I LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!!
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 20 Ağu @ 3:08pm 
I run SkyUI as well and it works great. Make sure that the mod is properly installed and activated. Look under "leather" category in the tanning rack.
blackbiscuit456 20 Ağu @ 1:48pm 
i have skyui installed and whenever i go to a tanning rack none of the pouches or bandolier options show up anywhere
Meenuman 18 Ağu @ 6:14pm 
the bandoliers dont have textures and are invisible, i can equip them but they are still not visible, any ideas?
DestructioNManX 17 Ağu @ 5:06pm 
if you dont mind my asking could make a Large bandolier that goes over the right shoulder cause alot of armors i wear have a thing on the sholder allready, and the right shoulder has nothing there p.s. I LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!!
Yattai 17 Ağu @ 11:08am 
This always worked for me untill today..
Ive picked skyrim up after a year or so and started all over, sadly this mod doesnt work for me anymore? :(
Райдер 16 Ağu @ 7:11pm 
ID please
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 14 Ağu @ 3:13pm 
Thank you.
What you need would require changing all the bandolier meshes and that really is not something I am going to do. I use Cloaks of Skyrim myself. Unfortunately, we just have to accept the imperfection.
Skywatch 14 Ağu @ 2:08pm 
First off, I really like this mod. The bags look great and don't seem out of place.
This question may have already been asked and if so I apologize; I was wondering if there was anyway to fix the clipping issue when wearing the bandoliers in conjunction with cloaks from the Cloaks of Skyrim mod? Or would this be a question for the creator of Cloaks of Skyrim?
Thank you.
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 12 Ağu @ 12:33pm 
No, sorry. You would not want it banging against your thigh.
Amused 12 Ağu @ 6:13am 
Hello! This mod is soooo good! I have a question: is there a way to place leather book holder on the front?
Sergei Nevenski 11 Ağu @ 1:32pm 
can i get console commands for them? XD
Exelsiar 9 Ağu @ 9:44am 
Ohh that makes sense :3 thanks ^_^
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 9 Ağu @ 9:40am 
Enchant them however you want
Exelsiar 9 Ağu @ 9:02am 
Does anyone know what the book holders do? They seem to be the only items without a description.
JackOfTheTrades 9 Ağu @ 6:51am 
How do i make the dark brotherhood bags I have the recipe but then what how am i ment to boil blood and so on?????
Thanks Cyrax! If I Read This Before I Glitched And Broke A Mission (Giants Grove...Dont ask How..I Just did) I Would Of Finished My Set. I Love Your Mod Cyrax! its Brilliant And Wonderful.
Nertego 5 Ağu @ 8:53am 
thanks now i can look badass and carry a ton of stuff
Banshee_44_2 5 Ağu @ 7:55am 
oh its at the TANNING RACK, thank you for this awesome mod. :D
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 5 Ağu @ 7:44am 
Subscribe to the mod, make sure it installs, activate it under "Data Files" and you should be able to craft them. For further information, please refer to the mod description.
Banshee_44_2 5 Ağu @ 7:42am 
ok, where do i find the bags, because i cant craft or find them. HALP MEH?
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 5 Ağu @ 6:18am 
Download a seperate mod from Nexus

bag, noun:
a flexible container with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.

@[TOA]♣The Ace Of Clubs♣
Use PageUp and PageDown buttons
How Do i Scroll Up In The Console? I Used "Help" And On It I Cant Scroll To Find the ID of The quil. Help?
MarMy 4 Ağu @ 10:52am 
extremly nice.. thx alot :)
Banshee_44_2 4 Ağu @ 10:13am 
WHATS A BAG???? (totally stupid comment)
Killer9542 2 Ağu @ 3:12pm 
Что сделать что они были на NPC ?
Darth. Pug 1 Ağu @ 11:06pm 
ivee downloaded it i love it even though i have a high carry weight but i smith alot in the game i have to carry mor stuff including armor
Average Guardsman 1 Ağu @ 2:51pm 
My first mod downloaded ever, really cool thanks a lot!
Wendersnaven 30 Tem @ 2:31pm 
I should have known the Nexus would have more options. I'll have to hunt up my full time password guy and log in. Seriously a great mod. Thx again.
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 30 Tem @ 2:19am 
Thank you, glad you are enjoying it.
There is no way right now other than downloading and installing alternative version from Nexus, which removes all the carry weight bonuses, from all the items in this mod.
Wendersnaven 29 Tem @ 6:20pm 
Cyrax, I've been using this for years. Thanks again.

I put in a request to make these disenchantable on the cleansing mod. Some of the lower end pouches just look better in certain places with my armor. I would love to be able to enchant them with weight carry as an upgrade. This could allow ... "cheating" if other enchantments were used on them, but I think D&D-like when it comes to magic pouch storage. Is there an easy way to make blanks, like the current notebooks- which are enchantable atm?
[VT] ♥Vape Grenade♥ 25 Tem @ 11:35am 
Incredibly useful!
UndeadAquarius 22 Tem @ 1:15am 
this mod is fantastic, cant really say much else.
retroshooter 64 18 Tem @ 2:59pm 
naruto approved
dakota.d 17 Tem @ 1:08pm 
This is perfect. Maybe some more colors of leather in the future?
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 14 Tem @ 5:24pm 
ryming and
like a BOSs-ing
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 14 Tem @ 5:23pm 
Freddy The Clown 13 Tem @ 6:06am 
And Now My Day Of Immersion Is Complete Finally Found The Mod I Needed. Thank You
Godfather of Illuminati 10 Tem @ 7:32am 
is it compatible with the Modder HothTrooper44 armour work? Great Mod also
Cyrax  [yaratıcı] 7 Tem @ 2:05am 
Maybe, we will see how the new layered armor system works as well as how good the modding tools will be.
julienyanes 6 Tem @ 5:26pm 
Do you plan to do a similar mod for Fallout 4?
xXjcivilsXx 5 Tem @ 10:56am 
Noob questions* lol auto correct so told on me
xXjcivilsXx 5 Tem @ 10:54am 
Thank you, and thank you for not being like the other modders who get angry with these boob questions.