Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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stephanhatt7 19 timmar sedan 
Hey love this mod! Amazing! Also, doe anybody know a mod that changes the fighting style of magic? That, you know, changes how they look when casting spells and stuff. Please reply, thanks if you do (hopefully on steam) Also, I love the book holders, always have them, they look so cool! Really changes the game!
mistermeathooks 30 jul @ 8:21pm 
helps a ton
Antara77 30 jul @ 7:16am 
Awesome, awesome mod!!! Has helped out Big Time for my Thiefly Adventurer! Made a set for my follower, Inigo. Whether he needs it or not, I can't say, better too much carrying capacity than none at all. The black leather goes extremely well with the Nordic Carved Armor. Excellent Work!! Keep it up!!!
Nevad 26 jul @ 5:20pm 
Just some cliping depend on pouches/quivers.
ThePrussianFox 26 jul @ 11:09am 
Does anyone know if this mod would conflict with the belt fastened quivers (skeleton replacement) mod?
Gavener 26 jul @ 9:04am 
gonna test!
kaiser20191981 25 jul @ 4:41pm 
HELL YA!! Awsome mod!! makes my mage look so much better and more real. You expect mages to have a few extra pockets for spell components and such and a personal spell book also. U put that and so much more into this! ranks in my top 5 mods.
¤DLq¤™ TheCanadianGamer 23 jul @ 10:10pm 
Makes my guy more fab 11/10
never had it but it looks fabulas
Grandpa 21 jul @ 3:39am 
Can you try to make it fit with the Bosmer Armor packs? Either way looks amazing and very useful
Rastabaus 20 jul @ 3:51pm 
One of the best, immersive mods in the workshop!!! Great great work, and an absolute must for every skyrim fan :)!
sosnowskimarek 20 jul @ 2:38am 
pomocny mod, szczególnie na początku rozwoju postaci
Queefer Sutherland 18 jul @ 1:40pm 
This mod is fantastic.
notmark98 18 jul @ 11:17am 
because screw carrying capacity! Just kidding, i couldnt live without this mod!
connorp1026 17 jul @ 9:30am 
What is the thumbnail argonian armor mod? Can you link it?
Silon101 16 jul @ 11:39pm 
What do the bookholders and notebooks do for you, are they just asthetic?
zach_barker02 16 jul @ 1:52pm 
When I subsribe it says I'm subsribed but it is not in my data files or in game help please?
LilyNeurotic 15 jul @ 7:14pm 
Useful and not an eyesore as I had feared. It is quite overwhelming however, and figuring out what combination you want to use takes a chunk of time and lots of equipping and un-equipping. I'd highly recommend saving and experimenting with it for a while unless you have a LOT of leather to spare
Garan47 15 jul @ 7:09pm 
This mod rocks! A great way to customize your character's appearance, and very useful. Thanks.
=AJSA=Ender 15 jul @ 6:41pm 
Hay i had a issue with the mod. It seems to un subscribe it's self from time to time. I don't know if this was a isolated happaning or my fult but I thought i would post it here.
Cyrax  [skapare] 15 jul @ 1:16am 
Thank you, Biggles.
Biggles 14 jul @ 1:19pm 
I love this mod! So much even - i put it in our Mod Monday video :D
<RAG3> 14 jul @ 12:17am 
My Granny's Hairy Legs 13 jul @ 1:42pm 
Is this compatable with Wet and Cold?
Cyborg-Rox 11 jul @ 6:42am 
@Cyrax d00 eet! d00 eet na0 !!11!11!one!!1
Cyrax  [skapare] 11 jul @ 1:24am 
It is possible if someone was up to making it.
Cyborg-Rox 9 jul @ 7:33pm 
Is it possible to get a version of the bags that fit good on unarmored torsoes? The dark bandoilers look so cool with the Argonian Mercenary armor, but the bandoilers have this huge space between them and the actual body. It really bothers me.
kerwinjrmail 8 jul @ 5:20pm 
not trying to be mean but kinda looks useless but cool
Coach 7 jul @ 6:42pm 
Is it bad that I could read the spoiler at the bottom without any struggle? Love this mod, by the way, not only do the bags, vials, etc. look cool, they are also efficient.

Tinker Maniak 6 jul @ 3:41pm 
that merchant is all like "I want dis Falmerblood, dis wil make me ritsch"
SingularChip 6 jul @ 2:44pm 
What mods are you using for the argonian in the pictures?
Dipsomaniac 6 jul @ 2:26am 
Fantastic mod. Adds carry weight, but not ridiculous amounts and they look awesome too.
IWannaCatchThoseHands 5 jul @ 6:20pm 
Great mod! Don't know what I would do without it.
Kano 5 jul @ 7:42am 
This is a must have!
Dem0nic_Z0mbie[MSG] 3 jul @ 9:25pm 
i have dysleyia so i cant see/ reab mell so cam xou ansmer/ do xou meed anx dlcs
horrormovie3d 2 jul @ 4:17pm 
in screenshot by tuco, what armor is he wearing
Cyrax  [skapare] 2 jul @ 8:45am 
It is a special Dark Brotherhood bandolier.
You can read how to get it in the description, under "--- How to get:"
svartálfar 2 jul @ 2:56am 
the seltkirk armor mod by suhoi with the ebony dawnguard light helm and vampire boots make a perfect armor for a dawnguard vampire hunter
head2ashes 1 jul @ 9:08pm 
nevermind it says on the picture
head2ashes 1 jul @ 9:02pm 
what armor is that in the last screenshot
Fede 1 jul @ 6:32pm 
Yeah I forgot to erase my comment, almost every file has a nexus version if you copy paste its on google. Its imo best so we can endorse it.
{RARE}`~๖ۣۜTwiggy~` 1 jul @ 2:05pm 
In the picture "pefect for assasins" i noticed that the outline of the bandoiler was red,how do i get it like that?
Cyrax  [skapare] 1 jul @ 11:50am 
Of course there is. Even with alternative files.
Fede 30 jun @ 7:25pm 
No nexus version?
JokerSevenX 30 jun @ 2:34pm 
@Crax thank you for the help!:)
MAGE_OF_CAOS 30 jun @ 10:42am 
cyrax your mod i very very cool i love the dark larg sholder strap
Cyrax  [skapare] 30 jun @ 9:02am 
There are 7 different slots in which items can be equipped. You can not equip two items that use the same slot, for instance 2 bandoliers at the same time.
I have unfortunately lost interest.
Charizard 29 jun @ 9:33pm 
you should finish it. :3
I wish I could make mine a follower. ;-;
MAGE_OF_CAOS 29 jun @ 2:58pm