Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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factualdonkey6 22 дек в 13:50 
This mod' amazing AND well deserves its amount of downloads. Though (and this may be a rather unneeded question on this page), is that katana from another mod? looks amazing!
Satan's Panties [DG] 22 дек в 7:48 
I like it
King Komodo93 19 дек в 13:43 
Nice mod enjoying it so far, but 1 seemingly small request. Would you either be able to add to this mod or make another seperate mod that allows crafting of saddlebags for horses because while this mod does help with making me less likely to become encumbered it will almost always happen regardless since I love my stuff.
NoD 18 дек в 12:51 
Awesome! One of the best mod for Skyrim.
rosegold64 18 дек в 11:58 
What a great mod, and so helpful too! The bags are easy to craft and there are plenty of options for color and capacity. You can give the bag to companions (and as far as I can tell they still work), but what really sold me was that you can loot bags from other characters. I was attacked by an assassin and ended up with a nicely textured Dark Brotherhood set. Well done.
Hank 17 дек в 22:27 
Great mod! Looks great on the Thieves Guild Armor
silver 17 дек в 12:00 
whats the armor fifth from the end?
The Festive Engineer c: 16 дек в 11:26 
This mod is so usefull, liked! :D
darkbeyer 13 дек в 3:40 
Ein Mod der vieles vereinfacht Must-Have
Cyrax  [автор] 7 дек в 23:02 
Unenchanted version is available on Nexus as an alternative file.
Majora59890 3 дек в 16:35 
Can you make a version where they are unenchanted? I want to be able to get pretty much all schools of magic free.
Grunt Bladefin 20 ноя в 0:05 
One of my all-time favorite mods since it was created. Thank you so much! Can't live without it now :D
ToDa 19 ноя в 14:56 
one of the best mods ever created.
Cyrax  [автор] 17 ноя в 7:27 
Just check under different crafting stations to see what ingredients are required.
_JarlBalgruuf 14 ноя в 15:25 
I got the recipe to make Dark Brotherhood pouches, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it with blood at a high temperature. Can anyone tell me?
Xuntos Izor 11 ноя в 0:01 
This is one of the best mods ever made for Skyrim. Seriously like Top 3
beastwithahumanheart 10 ноя в 16:01 
I love this mod! but i was wondering... do you think you can make a bandolier were the shoulderpad was that shoulder piece taken from daedric armor? thad be way kool!
SwiddleDiddle 2 ноя в 23:58 
Love it, but it's far too overpowered if you're doing a playthrough that limits carry weight. The standard carry weight in my game is 100 and almost doubling that from a couple of pouches feels a bit too much. Excellent mod though, definitely a great piece of work.
Ketsueki Borune 2 ноя в 12:11 
keep it up, love it
Geldam 2 ноя в 8:04 
Superbe ! J'adore !
મ١୨ 2 ноя в 4:25 
Great job, i love it!
Dovahbear 31 окт в 9:00 
@[Havoc] Kevin
This is the main mod but the other one that says '' dawnguard required'' only adds 2 to this one.
[12thMEU] K. Jansen 30 окт в 17:59 
Do you need the Dawnguard DLC? Just asking because their is another bandolier mod but says Dawnguard required.
MotionLord 29 окт в 22:31 
i'm just saying now that i really think this is a good mod for anyone who likes rp characters and it just looks like a really great mod all together
Xxx_DiiDii_Da_Slayer_xxX 24 окт в 10:46 
9/10 could do with an elderscroll bag on back like what that vampire you see in dawngaurd has
Nostre The Giant 23 окт в 18:57 
thanks. but what i'd realy like to know is where i can get some of those outfits in the pictures
Cyrax  [автор] 23 окт в 9:44 
@Nostre The Giant
No, only the one or both that you like.
Nostre The Giant 21 окт в 21:20 
do i have to have both bandolier mods or just the dawnguard one installed?
[Y.A.] [US] Reign 21 окт в 18:39 
Does it come in extra large? I use modded armor that is huuuuge
Jordanious 19 окт в 13:54 
Does it work with Orcish armor? Im an Argonian who carries alot of stuff including my orcish armor.
amogamogamog 18 окт в 12:47 
Crafting "Leather" from animals was removed from selection after installing this mod. Help needed.
DeadPixelGreen 17 окт в 16:27 
What is the armor in the thumbnail?
Hot Toffee 17 окт в 7:39 
Best mod i ever installed
-=KeK=- Cat.In.A.Hat 4 окт в 23:31 
i cant make them at the tanning rack at riverwood do i have to use a certain one or is it because im too low level?
ManOnFire 4 окт в 6:50 
this is awesome
Cid Highwind 3 окт в 14:54 
Looks nice... although the crafting options for making the pouches, ect. replaces me ability tan my skins from animals. I can no longer craft leather....
La' Julien 1 окт в 11:28 
nice :D
Tornek125 29 сен в 18:18 
I like that it adds some nice carrying capacity without going overboard like some mods do. Great mod, I love it. XD
PikachunoTM 29 сен в 17:06 
So... let me get this straight: more carrying capacity for my clutter? All right! :D
Nighthawk1 29 сен в 7:08 
Which languages this mod supports?
Starstruck 27 сен в 21:27 
Love the mod!
FireDrake38 26 сен в 8:23 
well my carry weight is 25000 so for me this mod is just for show xD
bigbadlemongrab 22 сен в 16:38 
do you think you could make a mod to have daggers or swords worn on the belt without being equipped? ive always wanted to give my archer character a wearable sidearm but im not tech savvy enough to mod myself
wakuboys 21 сен в 20:37 
wakuboys 21 сен в 20:37 
Read it backwards.
Cpt.Knoppers 17 сен в 6:05 
i can`t read the spoiler can some one msg me it isn`t there where it should be
KeyboardYoda 16 сен в 19:07 
Cyrax thanks for the mod
kenmann1985 16 сен в 16:38 
is skse required?
Cyrax  [автор] 15 сен в 6:36 
You can only wear 1 bandolier at a time.
elgranpashon 14 сен в 10:24 
uno necesita algun mod para que otros mods agarren dentro del juego?