Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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xboxmc44aj 19 Paź - 13:54 
Does it work with Orcish armor? Im an Argonian who carries alot of stuff including my orcish armor.
amogamogamog 18 Paź - 12:47 
Crafting "Leather" from animals was removed from selection after installing this mod. Help needed.
DeadPixelGreen 17 Paź - 16:27 
What is the armor in the thumbnail?
Hot Toffee 17 Paź - 7:39 
Best mod i ever installed
-=KeK=- Cat.In.A.Hat 4 Paź - 23:31 
i cant make them at the tanning rack at riverwood do i have to use a certain one or is it because im too low level?
ManOnFire 4 Paź - 6:50 
this is awesome
Cid Highwind 3 Paź - 14:54 
Looks nice... although the crafting options for making the pouches, ect. replaces me ability tan my skins from animals. I can no longer craft leather....
[ ปJulienZocktป ] 1 Paź - 11:28 
nice :D
Tornek125 29 Wrz - 18:18 
I like that it adds some nice carrying capacity without going overboard like some mods do. Great mod, I love it. XD
PikachunoTM 29 Wrz - 17:06 
So... let me get this straight: more carrying capacity for my clutter? All right! :D
olinox11 29 Wrz - 7:08 
Which languages this mod supports?
❤Starstruck❤ 27 Wrz - 21:27 
Love the mod!
FireDrake38 26 Wrz - 8:23 
well my carry weight is 25000 so for me this mod is just for show xD
bigbadlemongrab 22 Wrz - 16:38 
do you think you could make a mod to have daggers or swords worn on the belt without being equipped? ive always wanted to give my archer character a wearable sidearm but im not tech savvy enough to mod myself
wakuboys 21 Wrz - 20:37 
wakuboys 21 Wrz - 20:37 
Read it backwards.
Cpt.Knoppers 17 Wrz - 6:05 
i can`t read the spoiler can some one msg me it isn`t there where it should be
KeyboardYoda 16 Wrz - 19:07 
Cyrax thanks for the mod
kenmann1985 16 Wrz - 16:38 
is skse required?
Cyrax  [autor] 15 Wrz - 6:36 
You can only wear 1 bandolier at a time.
elgranpashon 14 Wrz - 10:24 
uno necesita algun mod para que otros mods agarren dentro del juego?
Catqueen333 14 Wrz - 7:10 
Now i can take EVERYTHING :D This mod is great!
PixiePrincess501 13 Wrz - 17:04 
I made a second bandolier (I had a regular one, this new one was for the shoulder) but I can't equip it without unequiping the other...did I do something wrong?
flavioczuk 11 Wrz - 8:28 
Simply one of the best mods ever made (in my opinion)
Cyrax  [autor] 9 Wrz - 13:10 
Please message me on Nexus with a little more details about it. Thank you.
SoullessHeart 9 Wrz - 11:30 
By the way, mind if I use it in the mod I am creating? For hopefullly having animal followers with inventories.
Cyrax  [autor] 9 Wrz - 4:50 
Unfortunately, due to the way the game works, it does not (always) work on followers.
SoullessHeart 8 Wrz - 12:43 
Do they increase how much a follower can carry? I didn't see it in the description so I had to ask in order to make sure.
Cyrax  [autor] 8 Wrz - 11:35 
@1 Deagrection
Lots and lots of love. No mods.
stonnessen 7 Wrz - 14:00 
if you did not know read the location for the recipe read it backwords
Its Never Ogre? 7 Wrz - 13:34 
How do you make your argonian red
Baltharan 3 Wrz - 16:33 
Not only useful, but makes the shittiest armor look awesome! Great mod.
Echo 3 Wrz - 8:30 
i have a problem that i think is to do with this mod, basically im moving as if im overencumbered but im not, and the game doesnt think i am as i can still fast travel, just painfully slow walking making the game unplayable. has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?
The Great Mighty Blorb 3 Wrz - 8:29 
I've made this question before, but i just wanted to say it here because i found an item in the Dagonborn DLC that could set a starting point for possible bandoliers and such items for the Dragonborn addon, this being that on the coats worn by the Skaal in Skaal Village, there appears to be a small sachel on the back when viewed from the right side, if you go to find it later, look for a small animal skull on the right side when in third person, and there you go
ramoon1 28 Sie - 10:36 
How do you get the human blood for the DB bandoliers?
dallans_forever 27 Sie - 12:40 
whats the armor in the pics?
heavyawsmdinoslayer 27 Sie - 10:53 
ah i was going to ask for how to make the items but i saw the recipe picture so yea thats one dumb question that does not need to be asked
(-_-)RG(-_-)BladeManGaming 25 Sie - 22:36 
I GOT DARKBROTHERHOD BANDOLIER recipe but i need human blood and i dont know how to get it
Blackstriker 24 Sie - 11:08 
it is in perfect english just written backwards it says its on the bookshelf in first room
[OR]ChickenNuggetBiscuit 24 Sie - 6:19 
thanks for the spoiler location of the recipe yep written in perfect english.
Cyrax  [autor] 24 Sie - 6:12 
SiLK 23 Sie - 5:16 
save game compatiable? wasnt in description and 2304 comments is allot to peruse.
GUNNER667 22 Sie - 10:56 
What are the console commands for them if there are any?
BTW do these Bandoliers and other stuff work with the Dragonborn armor and other items?
Cool mod. I also have the Sabre Backpacks, so I can have even MORE carry weight now! BTW These Bandoliers look really cool.
SkandiTV 19 Sie - 3:28 
Hey, i like this mod, but often when i'm in the crafting list of all the bandoliers/pouches the game freezes and i need to Alt+Tab out of it, is there are a way to fix this? thank you.
Tenebrosful 18 Sie - 5:14 
Lord Smaug 17 Sie - 16:51 
Could you add these to the leveled lists? And on bandits and other NPC's?
NZ_DOVAHKIIN 16 Sie - 19:42 
What's the 5th to last armour mod?
cartrengbrem 15 Sie - 2:00 
will this mod work with the lightweight potion mod?