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Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Sgt. Blackwall 9月19日 8時30分 
somewhy it wont subscribe to me
Amaze doge 9月17日 8時48分 
I cant use this mod for some reason. How do I enable it?
Cyrax  [作成者] 8月29日 6時10分 
@Grim Holiday
No, its still on Nexus
Grim Holiday 8月27日 3時33分 
do to things, i cant use the workshop anymore. was this taken down from nexus?
Cyrax  [作成者] 8月22日 3時41分 
Make sure the mod is enabled and you are looking in the right category at the tanning rack.

Thank you all for your continuous support! You are all a fantastic community!
Metalbeast_ 8月22日 3時32分 
I install this modm but where i can find recipes? At the tanning rack i can only craft leather. Help please :(
Thorquill 8月20日 13時49分 
Very usefull !
RobotNick 8月19日 15時29分 
I like this mod it helps out because I horde to much stuff ^-^
patrick3377 8月19日 8時11分 
@Ryan: Dark Broterhood assassins use their nice looking version of bandoliers. I haven't seen bandits using it, but honestly bandoliers are a thing that you make once and use for the rest your 'life' without the need of making/acquiring new ones.
In actual way of acquiring bandoliers I think it's well ballanced. If you'd take it from too many sources it'll break the gameplay experience i.m.o.
patrick3377 8月19日 7時54分 
This is most basic mod I always use. I can live without other mods but this one is essential. I love the look of the bandoliers and its no-lore-breaking carry weight bonus. Blends so well into gameplay I consider it to be integral part of Skyrim.
HQDefault 8月18日 19時47分 
This is honestly such a big thing, that they should just be added to the base game of TES6. No questions asked.
The Big Cheese 8月13日 2時20分 
I had downloaded this mod and it worked, but after downloading a new skeleton it seemed to have disappeared. The pouches and all are there, but not visible on any character. I will try reinstalling since I really like the appearance.
Ryan 8月12日 12時56分 
Do npcs, bandits or other characters wear these?
Phoenix 8月12日 8時37分 
ok thanks
Cyrax  [作成者] 8月12日 8時10分 
Just play the Dark Brotherhood quest line
Phoenix 8月12日 7時51分 
can someone please tell me where to find falkreath sanctuary! (yes im a noob XD)
Ilsu 8月8日 15時01分 
i like this mod but does any of it mess up with the campfire mod/hypothermia survival.
RobotNick 7月31日 10時21分 
what was the inventory?
zwarren03 7月26日 19時58分 
He probably won't be able to answer specific requests
W.D Gaster 7月25日 20時48分 
I Have a small Problem with This mod
I Am using Deathbrand Armor
Part of the shoulder Clips through The Shoulderpad and it Bothers me a bit

Thank you if you decide to fix it
|RG| Metzger-Vogel 7月14日 21時27分 
i want more NPCs and such wearing these
Timesplitter 7月13日 16時29分 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at
Cyrax  [作成者] 7月10日 5時46分 
Yes, they are.
Darksuperius 7月9日 18時15分 
in the "works with these mods" there are some mods that, when i searched for in the steam workshop, didint show up. are they form the nexus??
Valkyrie 7月3日 13時37分 
Mod is really nice and useful, but there're two things I find a bit annoying.

One - different options give varying capacity, which means that a lot of the players will likely pick whatever carries most. Why not make all items of the same type add the same capacity? After all this mod aims at variety, right?

Next - the capacity added... it's massive! Unnecessarily so. One can get 400 from all best items, and when you make another set for your follower - it jumps to 800 total. That's just silly. Maybe I am missing some point here, but I'd say that cutting that by half would be far more reasonable. 25 capacity per belt item and 50 for bandolier.

Then again, that's just my opinion on the subject. I won't say that I wasn't enjoying not having to get back to sell my loot every 2nd location I cleared. My char is currently running at 900 carrying capacity, so it got a bit surreal...
Gwion524 6月24日 19時19分 
Cyrax  [作成者] 6月24日 18時28分 
Gwion524 6月24日 15時26分 
Does this mod work with immersive armor and weapons?
Bobbington1 6月23日 10時25分 
Thanks for the reply, this mod is awesome for when I want to carry a treasure.
Godfather of Illuminati 6月22日 22時12分 
well im using this mod either way and its a blessing and looks pretty cool so if your making something new then aim as high as this mod
Cyrax  [作成者] 6月22日 10時05分 
It is from my other mod: "Colored Dragonscale Armor".

Purely cosmetic.

@Godfather of Illuminati
This mod does not contain any backpacks or cloaks.
Godfather of Illuminati 6月22日 7時53分 
does this mod have a backpack? casue im getting some different sized and colored backpack and cloaks that have a name that looks like latin or something? does anyone know where does this come from
Bobbington1 6月19日 14時22分 
I have a question, does the book holder hold allow for quick access of a book? or is it for cosmetic purposes?
btw83 6月18日 1時57分 
How did you get orange dragon born what mod?
FrankyTheMan 6月12日 23時37分 
how do you get a leather bandoiler for the brown one??????????????????????????????
Sarelm 6月3日 16時59分 
Amazing looking, functional, and still costly enough imo to craft that it feels balanced (Then again, I never thought the time waster that was walking back and forth to safe storage to get everything you want out of a dungeon was balanced.)
Diospectre 6月2日 3時11分 
Ths is a must-have mod to make Skyrim more enjoyabe.
ptboyle 5月31日 16時25分 
i subscribed but dident get any bags
krzychu40k 5月29日 11時24分 
thats greate mode
Chief 5月23日 17時07分 
Works well, looks cool. Potion belts!
RedShadowDX 5月23日 10時55分 
you should add stuff for legs and arms
iensteni 5月23日 7時07分 
yeah, i'd like to know the id list of the added items, especially bags, pouches, etc
Feeferallie 5月14日 22時53分 
Kotaki 5月14日 17時04分 
Yeah! nice and easy.
Jean 5月13日 4時32分 
I installed it and there was nothing more in the tanning menu.
--> I used SkyUI and used a printed font type given in SkyUI. I changed back to standard font and, here they were, bandolier and bags appeared !!!
DreDizzy 5月8日 19時21分 
Is there a console command to get the buckles? im too lazy to make them haha
Kerrydan 5月3日 18時56分 
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月2日 9時01分 
@Grim Gunner
For very unconventionally formed armors - unfortuately it does :(
Magic Man 5月1日 17時26分 
sadly almost everything clips through multiple armors
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月1日 14時48分