Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Liиея 5月25日 14時46分 
AWESOME MOD ! a must have. cyrax i thank u !
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月24日 14時15分 
@[K.I.] Freedom's Flame
I have no idea, but most likely not.
[K.I.] Freedom's Flame 5月24日 11時23分 
Does this mod have any sort of conflicts with XP32 Maximum Skeleton?
◢Sgt.DogeHarry◣ 5月23日 11時19分 
Cool mod, and good work:)
nova6729 5月22日 12時10分 
Ill try that and if it doesn't work then oh well ill just reinstall skyrim or something.
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月22日 0時19分 
You can try to either doing the "Verify game cache" or copy and paste files from your main pc to your laptop:
steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data files
Dr_bandolier.esp and Dr_bandolier.bsa

Are you sure that mod is installed and activated under Data Files?
You could also try doing the "Verify Game Cache"
nova6729 5月21日 16時07分 
Nope those are the only ones.
omnipulchra 5月21日 15時39分 
I've been trying for weeks to make this mod work on my laptop. Works fine on my PC. Even tried it as the only mod. It won't show in the data files, so I don't know where it is and I'm not computer savy and have no idea how to find it and put it in the correct file location. Plz Help
Basioni 5月20日 22時11分 
k ty it worked
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月20日 1時51分 
Make sure that the mod is downloaded and activated under "data files"
Basioni 5月19日 20時31分 
The tanning rack does not give me the option to craft it
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月19日 10時25分 
That does not make sense, they should all be compatible. You sure you do not have any other mods installed?
nova6729 5月18日 18時54分 
Only the Bosmer armor pack, Dragonbone Ebonsteel armor pack, and the sabre gear backpack, but that is listed as compatible so it must be one of those two.
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月18日 1時35分 
Sounds weird. Do you have any other crafting mods or overhaul mods installed?
nova6729 5月17日 15時59分 
I just installed this mod and now every time I go to the tanning rack and get to the yes or no option to craft leather it won't let me choose yes or no and I can't exit the tanning rack at all. Any help please?
ReallyMeanGoldfish 5月14日 16時52分 
Thanks for this mod. I have had it for a while and did not use it. After installing certain weather mods, it just makes sense for an adventurer to have belts etc. It adds more to the feel of the game for me.
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月7日 23時42分 
I am glad you are enjoying it!
No reason for it not to.
DrPorpoiseMD 5月7日 20時26分 
Does this mod work with Ancient Falmer Armor from Dawngaurd?
argonianofriften 5月7日 14時46分 
@Cyrax hello i would just like to say im new to steam and now that i can comment i want to give you a friendly thank you for the cool mod i am currently useing it with me argonian, who is useing Spyke's AmA merc armor mod , you guys rock and keep up the good work , also i gave a shout out to your mod and spykes on a follower i built , i hope you dont mind
cwolfxuk 5月6日 23時11分 
@trollupthebut - new the workshop? Just click Subscribe. Then wait on the Skyrim launcher for it to download before you click Play (the Skyrim Launcher Play, not the Steam Play - need to click Steam Play to get the launcher in the first place).
trollupthebut 5月6日 19時23分 
where is the download
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月5日 23時51分 
I am very glad that it serves you well!
|Pow3rs 5月5日 16時35分 
@Cyrax haha that it does. This is by far one of the best mods I use. I mean not only is it great to be able to carry all that extra weight, but the aesthetics are superb
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月5日 14時24分 
Love makes you do the darnest things, doesnt it?
|Pow3rs 5月5日 11時56分 
@Cyrax it's because I'm dumb lol. I fixed it, I was freaking out because I love this mod so much!
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月5日 11時14分 

That is very weird. I cant think of a proper reason why that would suddently happen, as the mod has not been updated. Please make sure that the mod is present and activated under "Data Files"
Snakeboss14 5月4日 21時11分 
Hey, has this mod stopped working for anyone? All of a sudden I don't have my pouches and I can't make more.
|Pow3rs 5月3日 14時50分 
This mod has stopped working for me? any thoughts? when I go to a tanning rack I no longer have the option
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月3日 7時11分 
Steam should do it automatically after you click the Sub button.
dirtyjunior 5月2日 12時10分 
Where do i go to download the actual file after i subscribe?
Kasting 5月2日 11時20分 
I am of the opinion this is one of the coolest motherfuckers alive. Thank you for this fantastic mod.
Osaka Milk Bar 5月2日 9時44分 
This mod is great. Donated with pleasure. points!
Scissor Blade 5月1日 21時44分 
Thank you for telling me. I really appreciate the help.
Lemonshake 5月1日 13時17分 
hi i cant seem to make these at the tanning rack
Cyrax  [作成者] 5月1日 6時41分 
@SP3K.Space Monkey
They do not do anything by default. They are there so you can enchant them however you wish. The "glowing" may be a graphical error, sorry.
Scissor Blade 5月1日 5時22分 
Amazing mod, they all work wonders and looks stunning at the same time. One question though, what exactly do the books do? I have noticed that they sometimes glow whenever I cast a mage armor spell.
BOT Moritz 4月30日 5時39分 
Talos bless you !
[LTMD] Alexstarwras123 4月29日 13時31分 
whenever i start up skyrim it says the mod has been sycronised( this is my only mod ) but i doesnt apear in the data files or in game. PLEASE HELP!!
Pixel 4月29日 7時14分 
this is great!!!!!!!!!!
Cyrax  [作成者] 4月27日 23時38分 
The mod probably did not break your Skyrim as it barely changed any of the existing entities, it was most likely recklessness with installing mods without checking compatability.
PenguinScopes 4月27日 13時28分 
Nevermind this mod just broke my skyrim
PenguinScopes 4月27日 13時23分 
It wont work... I have 58 mods... Too much?

Most just make towns look nicer.
Radoncic12345 4月26日 20時30分 
Talos bless you
stongduke 4月26日 16時21分 
by far the most usefull mod evar, of all time.
Dafuq_the_Boa 4月26日 9時35分 
P.S. my lvl 36 Khajiit thief looks like 100000% better with these bandoilers!
Cyrax  [作成者] 4月26日 1時13分 
You can spawn the items instead of the materials.
Use the HELP command to find the IDs.
Muttley- I Am White 4月25日 15時53分 
All my bandoliers have dissapeared...
Any way to get back them back with commands other than spawning the building materials??
Stormtracker 4月25日 13時57分 
Mod is great, Thanks
Butcher Pete 4月25日 10時25分 
All that I have to say about the whole pay $$ for mods is that i am happy the nexus exists.
Dafuq_the_Boa 4月25日 3時54分 
dear Cyrax, fabolous mod but mind if i ask: will you join the fight to free the workshop or will you overindulge in greed? either way nice mod hope you chose the path of light :D