Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Chum Is Fum 12 órája 
what armor is that guy wearing?
vladimir todd 19 órája 
this is one mod i wont play without
guyandsue2000 22 órája 
Buckles not in steel smithing list. so can not make bandolier. whats happened?
ondrasovkanato febr. 28. @ de. 6:53 
waht are these assorted buckles ? .)
BRKAnarchy febr. 26. @ du. 3:42 
Amazing mod, congrats on the outstanding job!
stu2779 febr. 23. @ du. 6:08 
This mod rocks, nothing better for hauling that loot out of Dwemer ruins. Works for me without issue
K3viB febr. 21. @ de. 8:52 
Love this mod can't say enough about it!
cadeus febr. 18. @ du. 12:34 
I ment to come back on here a while ago, but I wanted to you that even though I couldn't get your mod to work from Steam, I was able to from Nexus. Just wanted to give you aheads up, and thanks for the awesome mod. Now I'm thinking about your mod, I'm wondering if you are willing or able? To make a mod that would look like a stormcloak "Scarf", like the Stormcloak soldeirs/guards have on there uniform. Maybe have it act like a bandolier? But let me know what you think and again, thank you for this mod. I love it!
[IGG]TheMuffinMan febr. 16. @ de. 9:52 
Everytime i load up the game,its just a blank screen, any reason why?

herculesalmond febr. 15. @ de. 10:11 
The vials look like the ones mages wear in Two Worlds...
PR PUNISHER febr. 13. @ du. 10:24 
Most epic mods out there, thanks for this mod... Also any future updates to make these count toward your armor points.... Thanks again...
cadeus febr. 13. @ de. 7:26 
hmm, i'll look agan but i had no option in either of those catagories, but i will look again. Thanks for the reply:)
Cyrax  [készítő] febr. 12. @ du. 1:11 
They should be in the forge, under "steel" or "misc", I cant recall.
cadeus febr. 12. @ du. 12:34 
hey bud, love the idea behind the mod, just ... i can't seem to find where to make the steel buckles? I'm at the forge but see no option there. I'm able to make other items from this mod but the buckles for the bandolier, any ideas what might help?
alpha.100 febr. 10. @ de. 10:55 
translation in french ?
938'SINE febr. 9. @ de. 2:16 
Где это найти теперь?
Where is that items?
Cyrax  [készítő] febr. 6. @ de. 6:34 
No difference, unless you want to use alternative weigths. Then go for Nexus one.
ollyh1202 febr. 6. @ de. 6:05 
What's better, Steam or Nexus vesions of the mod?
PotatoCannibalism (PC) febr. 1. @ du. 3:00 
10.5/10 to much awesomeness
Cyrax  [készítő] jan. 26. @ de. 8:03 
Thank you.
Alternative capacity versions are available on Nexus.
pupowermaster jan. 25. @ de. 6:51 
this is awesome!
/\Illuminat3r Papaco jan. 25. @ de. 5:44 
I love your mod!
But now i am into immersive playing, can u make an version with an 5 - 25 Carry Weight enchantment? you know when you use all of the Bags + Bandolier you end up having 700 - 800 carry capacity...
Hearthfire jan. 25. @ de. 1:34 
How do you get such Pristine graphics ;=;
turnermb52 jan. 22. @ du. 4:23 
one of the best mods I've found, my humble thanks!
Semst jan. 22. @ de. 6:32 
Best mod in the game :D
dataDyne jan. 19. @ du. 5:19 
This was cooler than i expected
Zenogais176 jan. 19. @ de. 11:23 
Man, I've been using this mod now for a long time, and I have to say, it's one of the best mods anyone has done! Thank you so much for the hard work that went into this, and for making a mod that brings utility AND style without breaking lore or gameplay! You rock, man!!!
TARABERO jan. 18. @ de. 10:13 
Musthave category!
kaher44 [UN] jan. 17. @ du. 7:54 
Yep thats what Im doing, using BMA mod with this one makes my assassin/mage looking freakin awesome. Thanks much for making this.. As to another's question yeah assassins do drop pouches now when they randomly attack you and you kill em.
hawkgav [UN] jan. 17. @ du. 6:05 
try this mod with black mage armor its awesome
hawkgav [UN] jan. 17. @ du. 6:04 
What when has there been dark brotherhood bandilors
josebalezamiz jan. 17. @ de. 5:55 
Very well done. I'm playing 3rd person just to see my girl wearing this.
psemaN [CZ] jan. 16. @ de. 1:42 
Does anyone know whats happening when im tryin to install and it its says: Steam error 16 ?
Dellekaj™ jan. 16. @ de. 1:15 
This is freaking awesome. Like. Really. Love the idea of it. 10/10!
Xyr0 jan. 14. @ de. 7:27 
How do you fix the floating problem on bare bodies? I tried to download it on the Nexus, but didn't know how.
asmcint jan. 11. @ de. 5:21 
This is an awesome mod, but for whatever reason all bandoliers, pouches, etc. show up black and textureless when equipped. Any idea what's going on?
JAAS76 jan. 9. @ du. 6:24 
Great mod!
Weavaloid jan. 9. @ du. 1:12 
I love this mod, only I think it should have it's own section.
I got other leather stuff within that section and it's kinda annoying to scroll through everything.
RubyRoseRwby jan. 8. @ de. 11:41 
do some npc's have them or is it a glitch? cause when i killed a DB assasin, he had a special varient called dark brotherhood bandeloir
A Llama jan. 8. @ de. 5:42 
Link, I got dragonborn but it's glitched for me and doesn't do anything...
Hoso jan. 7. @ du. 9:24 
I can't find assorted buckles in the steel section.

I have the perk, still won't shot up.
Link The Princess jan. 7. @ du. 6:12 
Just buy it Liama
A Llama jan. 7. @ du. 5:48 
(This will most likely be ignored but) So, does this need dragonborn? Because I got dragonborn and I try to get mods that need dragonborn to work and it crashes, this does the same, so vinilla link? Please ;-;
Vidaren jan. 5. @ de. 8:54 
Thanks or answering, i just found that out as i started it up.
Cyrax  [készítő] jan. 5. @ de. 8:27 
Increased carry weight, just like the description says.
Vidaren jan. 4. @ du. 12:57 
I fell like this question will be ignored, but with these equipped, it will add to total carry wieght, or will it gives us "bags" that represent each peices inventory?
CloverHugo jan. 2. @ du. 9:31 
I love this mod it makes me look more like an adventurer...........who took an arrow to the knee :).
baden 2014. dec. 29. @ du. 8:55 
Exellent.Kill and carry all.Works for me
gorkafatalis 2014. dec. 26. @ de. 6:19 
bastante pupilote
factualdonkey6 2014. dec. 22. @ du. 1:50 
This mod' amazing AND well deserves its amount of downloads. Though (and this may be a rather unneeded question on this page), is that katana from another mod? looks amazing!