The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
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Offiicer Jebus Crust 20. marras 1.02 
There's a clipping problem when wearing Leather Large Bandolier on male glass armor.
Heal_or_Kill (DK) 17. marras 8.45 
Finally more space for quest items that i cant get rid of!
jdoooogoi 7. marras 4.32 
this mod is one of the best i have seen finally i can now carry those extra snowberries!
KaanS. 31. loka 0.28 
Best mod ever
Cyrax  [tekijä] 27. loka 7.59 
Thank you for your kind words, I am glad thay you are enjoying the mod.
XOrisisX 27. loka 7.44 
Thank you so much for the mod! It seems that you don't get enough of comments like these, so I decided to do ya' a solid. I really appreciate that you made this; goodness knows I left so many things behind in my new playthrough already.
I want to use the console to cheat it in
Steffan Clarke 21. loka 19.37 
no i mean is you can buy the lether strips and leather itself from smiths
BrigRat 21. loka 17.18 
o srry m8 i already figured it outz ;)
Cyrax  [tekijä] 21. loka 15.58 
Blacksmiths do not sell the items, only players can craft them.
BrigRat 20. loka 6.10 
i read discription every part k m8 ill reinstall it bcuz of what steffan said about the blacksmiths having it
Steffan Clarke 19. loka 12.34 
and btw @stylin you can jsut buy them of blacksmiths
Steffan Clarke 19. loka 12.34 
because some people are stupid
Cyrax  [tekijä] 19. loka 11.45 
Why can't you just read the description before writing silly things?
Stylin 19. loka 6.36 
good idea

but i have no idea where to find the items to craft these nor do i know how to craft.. so this is useless to me.

why cant you just put in a option to have them automatically?

for novices at skyrim this is absolutely useless.
BrigRat 18. loka 14.19 
i cant craft anything this mod sucks
Steffan Clarke 18. loka 12.04 
hold books?
angelodriscoll 15. loka 5.23 
what does the book holder do
GL gamer 13. loka 13.43 
cool mod
Indian Power Ranger 4 12. loka 21.50 
Would you ever consider making a backpack mod? say like adding a multitude of leather bags and whathaveyou to the game?
eric.farrell.14 11. loka 9.40 
what cape is on the first picture?
spiderlogan 9. loka 20.47 
You mean... I can continue to indulge my habit of never selling anything? And look more badass to boot? I... I don't... *Sniff* Anyways, on a more serious note, great work with this!
ThKunki67 4. loka 15.36 
good mod!
~Exile~ 4. loka 12.18 
Super Useful Mod, I absolutely love it. Going on my collection.
watermelon 28. syys 16.36 
@cyrax thanks M'8
Cyrax  [tekijä] 28. syys 15.13 
No, otherwise the description would have stated it.
watermelon 28. syys 13.36 
Does it require skse?....Im guessing not...But just making sure. My stupid computer wont download it if this does ...It's still awesome.
LittleKentucky 27. syys 4.55 
now make a skooma container
ok. 25. syys 19.36 
now i have more space to put my spoons.....
「Xylos」 25. syys 4.31 
「Xylos」 25. syys 4.30 
not work
Galvart 24. syys 19.09 
Best mod EVER ,Cyrax!!!
Coates 19. syys 20.53 
Really great.
i call hacks 19. syys 11.41 
i thought it was taken down as the steam workshop is second rate
i call hacks 19. syys 11.40 
sorry i was lazy
Cyrax  [tekijä] 19. syys 8.44 
@i call hacks
Of course, silly.
i call hacks 19. syys 6.18 
is this on the nexus
Schatten_Blitz 17. syys 6.47 
Awesome mod
papiwa 17. syys 6.03 
Compress this mod plz. I'd love it in my collection!
Pippin 16. syys 10.18 
This is a great Mod
Cocksucking Faggot 13. syys 13.29 
love it alot :3 especially since i recently discovered how much fun it is to make the game a bit more realistic with all this stuff and mods that add needs and weather that affects your character and stuff!

the only problem i have is that, if i equip an item for "front - right" slot... my lantern from "wearable lanterns" is somehow removed :c although its on the right back side...
Кефирчик 12. syys 12.45 
What's the mod which recolor dragon armor ? Sorry
Trepidation Expedition 12. syys 5.16 
@Omega If you want the buckles ID just bring up the consol and type this exactly
help "assorted buckles"
yes you include the speech marks
Omega 11. syys 0.54 
How do I get the Assorted buckles? Or what is the item ID of it?
daemon Painter 8. syys 2.55 
Big conflict I need to point out: front-right leather pouch causes Wearable Lantern mod to make lantern disappear (even if both items are equipped). Also, on lantern re-equip pouch disappears and lantern is lit.
Check it out, perhaps you would get in touch with Wearable Lantern team to figure this out, or at least test it out :)
Great mod, some models are great!
KittyCat0706 5. syys 14.20 
idk if anyone asked this already but when i start up the game it just shows the bethesda logo and crashes? idk what shall i do?
thecreepestcreeper 31. elo 18.04 
When I subscribe to the mod, it downloads it and says "ready to play", but when I open the launcher, it does not show up in the data files?
A|_EX-웃 31. elo 9.56 
i cant find the wearable lanterns mod.
Omega 26. elo 1.37 
thanks! :)
Cyrax  [tekijä] 25. elo 7.51 
Go to my profile and then under "workshop items"