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The Gas Basher
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Nasty Roasty Toasty Pyro 20 mar 2014 à 5h40 
stat idea : when an ennemy is hit he takes increased fire damage for the rest of his life and afterburn lasts longer on him with the weapon active you take triple damage
Arsenal (2Shibe) 8 fév 2014 à 13h42 
Arsenal (2Shibe) 8 fév 2014 à 13h42 

BearGamers 27 jan 2014 à 18h20 
───▄▄██▌█ Valve Add this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!▌
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ BECAUSE IT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!▌
Ed 22 jan 2014 à 16h16 
Ed 22 jan 2014 à 16h16 
Possible Stats: *If an enemy shoots or inflicts fire damage (I know Pyros dont burn but if your hit by say a flare gun) whilst equipped with this weapon,you will explode and everyone around you will be inflicted with mini-criting afterburn damage for 7 !
Venrez 1 jan 2014 à 7h31 
I would love to see this as a downloadable skin on fpsbanana or Great work.
I want brains 16 déc 2013 à 20h31 
also cover enemys in gasouline so they take mini crits from any weapon that causes afterburn
Hux Murray 15 déc 2013 à 19h52 
Could this have the same effect as the "Ulapool Caliber" (sorry I did not spell that correctly) for Demoman? That would make this even better than it already is! Thumbs Up!
Beesore 10 fév 2013 à 13h05 
this should explode, causing light damage and igniting anybody within the blast radius (similar to ullapool caber), but only if the target is on fire.
HerrSpray™ 4 déc 2012 à 17h45 
Why are people saying it puts OIL on you, they're GAS CANs you idiots,
Dragon Eating Pie 27 nov 2012 à 12h37 
I like it :D i think on hit it puts enemys in oil for 10 sec and takes mini crits on fire based weapons for the 10 sec.
- -10% damage
- No mini crits.
-10% faster weapon switch (To kill the enemy with oil faster)
Everune 25 nov 2012 à 20h12 
possibly this could have a similar effect to the ullapool caber?
Cheesellama 24 nov 2012 à 13h23 
-25% damage
Provides mini-crits for you and you only for ten seconds.
Savage Source 24 nov 2012 à 8h49 
My idea:

+On hit: Sprinkle enemies with oil
+Oiled enemies will receive +25% afterburn damage
-80% damage penalty
-High Explosive self damage when burned
FaggoyAllahdin 23 nov 2012 à 23h27 
im thinking more like ullapool caber but with fire
Eschaton Monk 23 nov 2012 à 22h57 
Increases burn time for those struck by it while on fire.
Dookie Mane 23 nov 2012 à 5h18 
- 25% damage
+ Every kill gives ammo to your flamethrower
Just an idea
Ame 22 nov 2012 à 23h01 
-Uses 100 fuel from flamethrower on hit
-Inflicts no damage on hit
-Oponent runs 75% faster after being hit
-Damage taken while out drains 25 ammo from flamethrower
+Covers foe in oil and gas
+When player covered in gas and oil is hit with fire they expolde violently, burning everyone around no matter the team.
Oil and gas can be removed with any thing that splashes wet by teammates
(-Just My Ideas-)
dab 22 nov 2012 à 15h08 
Level XX Duel Fuel Tank
+On Hit: Applies Oiled Effect, Causing player to take mini-crits from fire damage and +40% afterburn time
-10% damage
- No Random Crits
The Last Scrap Dragon 22 nov 2012 à 9h57 
re skin to Sharpened Volcano Fragment
GaelicMarauder 22 nov 2012 à 6h11 
taunt should detonate it, like the soldier's grenade
Mister Yadaization 21 nov 2012 à 17h45 
-%30 damage
explodes on burning players
must resupply after an explosion
+%15 afterburn weapon ammo
BIGnP 21 nov 2012 à 4h59 
i think it should have a simeler effect to jarate on hit but only works on fire dmg and adds somewhere between 15%-20% flamer ammo compacity (not applyed to non fule baced flamers like Phlogistinator)
>MFW Yuu Paru | +33 19 nov 2012 à 16h23 
+100% swing speed
targets hit will take 10-20% more fire damage
-100% damage
Jefferson Hayvis 18 nov 2012 à 19h31 
The plate should saw
"w m1
E-Arkham  [créateur] 18 nov 2012 à 15h59 
@ Goobli bloo - It's part of a set with the dual flamethrower. There are motorcycle parts in both (perhaps too subtle to be noticed, license not withstanding).
Goobli Bloo!!!!! =AOJ= 18 nov 2012 à 15h42 
How did the liscense plate end up on there?
Steak Fist 18 nov 2012 à 14h39 
lol i love MR. Scruff's idea its like a pyro caber
Perfect Confusion 18 nov 2012 à 13h13 
explodes on impact if person is on fire -25% damage +25% swinging speed
Mr.Green103$$$ 18 nov 2012 à 11h32 
sweet item e arkham rather have gas basher then axtinguisher
Lucky #7 18 nov 2012 à 10h26 
on hit explodes causing extra damage
adolf hitler 18 nov 2012 à 10h16 
70% damage penalty
on hit causes target to be daused in gasoline and all fire damage to be mini crits
fuel has to replenished by ammo packs
The Skinny One 17 nov 2012 à 21h12 
yeah pyro caber. and a big firey explosion!!!
Life 17 nov 2012 à 18h42 
My first thought when I saw this was that when you hit someone with it it should dowse them and everyone around them in a small aoe with gasoline and if they get ignited should cause minicrits/crits. Kinda like a reverse Axetinguisher. Anyhow, amazing model idea!
oh msh 17 nov 2012 à 16h43 
my immediate thought was also "this shit should explode into flames when it hits" when i saw it. glad to see i'm not alone
SimulatedSim 17 nov 2012 à 16h35 
@ Suddenly potatoes the caber breaks on the first hit and all other hits are only with the wooden stick with no explosions.
Peyton Manning did 9/11 17 nov 2012 à 15h23 
I agree with the people saying this should work like the caber.
Suddenly, Potatoes 17 nov 2012 à 14h11 
I love the idea of this being caber-esque. Hitting someone causes a small explosion, lights everyone in the area on fire, mayube does small damage on impact. 2 hits before broken like the caber.

[FP] Enzo 15 nov 2012 à 10h31 
Two thumbs up for you!! I like it!!
KarmaChicken 13 avr 2012 à 23h11 
it should act like the ullapool caber, making a fire around the area where it was swung into a wall, or light the enemy on fire if you hit them. it would have to slightly more nerfed than the ullapool caber snce it wouldnt hurt the user.
2nd Place Table 6 avr 2012 à 17h13 
+ Sets enemy on fire upon hit
+ Taunt makes all enemies near by 20% more vulnerable to fire for 5 seconds
Leaves a trail of gas behind which cand be set on fire by both teams
- Breaks after 5 swings. Missing counts.
-15% damage
game-freak 17 fév 2012 à 15h04 
power jack
Frostbite 14 fév 2012 à 19h17 
lol nice weapon id use it
D.A.R 12 fév 2012 à 2h39 
i have thought of this : pyro exsplodes in a huge blast of gasoline and fire when killed.
ttyt 10 fév 2012 à 17h35 
also have the enemy get drenched in gasoline on hit (like jarate) then if they come in contact with fire it deals crits
goosebumps 8 fév 2012 à 17h45 
Another PowerJack?
D.A.R 7 fév 2012 à 23h50 
=ACE= Not RainbowCrash
your idears plus it flots on water
Shot Caller 29 jan 2012 à 19h13 
Maybe it could be the opposite of the axestinguisher, like:
[+]On hit: enemy is coated in gas for 10 seconds. (the gas would be like the mad milk effect but black) Any fire damage the target takes during the gas effect has a 100% chance to crit.
[-] instead of a damage bonus, random crits double the gas effect's duration.
[-] 25-50% less damage done
and if it's OP you could add a decrease in firing speed.

Hope that made sense. :)
СЕКСИ ЧИКА 25 jan 2012 à 20h10 
cool !!