This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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Matth ♕ May 23 @ 5:39pm 
ótimo jogo, não vejo a hora de comprar !
M8Lordz May 1 @ 4:45am 
Akira Apr 10 @ 10:13am 
Apollo Apr 10 @ 9:08am 
Tio Grandpa Apr 9 @ 4:28pm 
HGI Apr 7 @ 9:38am 
Don't be silly
Sky Apr 4 @ 5:25pm 
:D good game
bigwil335 Apr 4 @ 5:15pm 
ChrisKris45 #F2P Geographic Mar 26 @ 11:13pm 
Dishwalla Mar 21 @ 5:00am 
CoRn3L25™ Mar 18 @ 1:21pm 
Fernando.Cupcake Mar 18 @ 4:35am 
Voted Yes
Mastermind Mar 9 @ 9:28am 
voted yes
IMGO Mar 3 @ 8:53am 
AssessedRacer94 Mar 2 @ 8:41pm 
voted yes
Alexvnder Mar 2 @ 7:49pm 
AnderPR Feb 26 @ 5:28pm 
Grignoute35 Feb 23 @ 5:15pm 
voted !
Save the Queen Feb 4 @ 12:47am 
Looks just like Call of Duty
±|Lσvêl¥ Ãriʧ|± Feb 1 @ 5:20am 
Keep it up
Papa Voodoo Jan 31 @ 6:43pm 
um... Stargates on sega. This not for pc.
Unexpected Jihad Jan 31 @ 5:17pm 
yet another mobile game coming to steam
VRSpro Jan 31 @ 4:28pm 
very nice!
Pugh Jan 31 @ 3:07pm 
There's about a 50/50 chance this will end up on Steam.

I hate everything about everything.
Тохаль Легенда Jan 31 @ 2:49pm 
Naemnik Jan 31 @ 11:28am 
Kenz Jan 31 @ 11:27am 
As a free mobile game, lmao
MENTALIST Jan 31 @ 11:21am 
Шавуха Jan 31 @ 10:48am 
ATDeluxe Jan 31 @ 9:57am 
Looks like a Flash-game
.mvtt Jan 31 @ 8:15am 
Energiz [G_S_T] Jan 31 @ 7:40am 
pas mal du tout
FanatikDreamz Jan 31 @ 6:46am 
JW$hA Jan 31 @ 6:13am 
I buy
BigJack Jan 31 @ 5:59am 
east Jan 31 @ 5:50am 
Diablo Jan 31 @ 5:43am 
norm game
[GPM] ravadiin Jan 31 @ 5:03am 
I think it's not good game, but i buy :D
Greg Ex Machina Jan 31 @ 4:50am 
Bad zombie platformer that has Mine in the title? Wth?
[NSE]Helix Jan 31 @ 3:27am 
DAT MENU THEME SONG! My ears are bleeding btw...
сеха Jan 31 @ 3:23am 
Мне по трейлеру даже понравилось)Классная игра)
Marbel Jan 31 @ 2:44am 
Сразу можно заметить что это не просто игра , а флеш игра . Почему флэш ? Потому что я могу различить это, и я много играл в флэш игры . Все эти сайты которые отображены на скриншоте говорит всё за себя. Ну а игра выглядит хорошо ( для флэшки) . Но вот сдесь много чего не хватает . Спецэффектов, врагов. Анимации смерти врагов . То есть игра выглядит вообще сырой.
Marbel Jan 31 @ 2:41am 
Immediately you will notice that this is not just a game but it is flash game. Why Flash? Because I can discern it. All these sites are displayed in the screenshot speaks for itself. Well, the game looks good (for flash). But sdes lot of things missing. Special effects, enemies. Animations death enemies. That is, the game looks even crude.So my friend the developer, if you want it to come to light to read my review, and I hope you do to be famous with his play (though a little bit but still)
D Ø E B A T Ø R Jan 31 @ 2:35am 
NikSor Jan 30 @ 11:52pm 
skull_trumpet.gif Jan 30 @ 6:52pm 
skull_trumpet.gif Jan 30 @ 6:52pm 
Jeyo Jan 30 @ 6:16pm 
Zombie vs humans :3
KFC for dinner tonight boys Jan 30 @ 5:23pm 
its jast looking cool for me