Vanguard Armor
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Maybe a Pagan Crusader 11月22日 9時07分 
I invaded whiterun wearing this, it failed me, and I got shot by a butt load of arrows 10/10
Zeon 11月19日 6時41分 
how the fuck do i craft it?
Drunken monkeys 11月16日 13時41分 
Hothtrooper i have a speical request for you contact me when you have the time
here we go! 11月14日 12時30分 
would someone be able to give me the item ID?
Lakster 11月7日 5時21分 

Lakster 11月7日 5時20分 
I love this mod. It is the best armor mod so far I have ever seen
SEPTIMUS 11月1日 11時22分 
How much armor does it make?
CrazyAssCC 10月25日 23時53分 
I absolutely LOVE this. I downloaded it ages ago and I still have and use the heck out of this Armor. :3 <3 <3
dc stole batman fro me 10月16日 16時15分 
reminds me of sir bedevere
bigboi450 10月14日 8時34分 
is this only on nexus?
0perator 88 10月14日 4時04分 
Is this armor in the immersive armors mod on nexus?
General_Cheesie 10月12日 15時54分 
My game in the smithing menu and in my inventory it has the steel plate texture but when i put it on it's fine and the helmet has a health enchantment. Is this normal?
King Theodin 9月27日 17時02分 
Preety sure this music is from a flash game with a sick dubstep Drop
KillerwithSkillz 9月20日 0時43分 
Whats the song, it's sick!
glasskvinnan 9月16日 9時06分 
tescopotato 9月14日 9時24分 
is there any way to get it so that you allways have the mask down?
The Dovahnater 8月29日 16時24分 
is there any way you can bring your follower mod "Hoth" to the steam workshop
Skyrim4Life420 8月14日 17時48分 
it's not working for me
badgerking777 8月11日 14時47分 
I get the fact that it requires "Advanced armor" but where is it? I can't find the armor under smithing anywhere. I have the perk, but I don't know what category it's under. No one is giving anyone else who has this problem any answers.
LupisVolk 8月6日 21時37分 
I can't seem to find the armor in my crafting. I'm using this smothign redesign mod, would it affect this mod?
joshjarrell200 7月15日 22時19分 
Totally love this mod its one of my favorites.
Link 7月15日 17時31分 
The armor set requires the "Advanced Armors" perk to craft, and has equivalent crafting material requirements to Steel Plate armor.
look a little above the my request section
Yu 7月10日 12時04分 
That mod is impressive, too bad there aren't more mod like yours ; I really want a ranger with a long coat and all :p
mineguypete 7月7日 15時43分 
i think this is gonna be my new favoriute armor, very cool looking, visor is awesome, and not over powered. well done!
Spooder 7月1日 18時10分 
i have the advanced armor perk yet still nothing
xerxes33333675 7月1日 17時14分 
about 7th section down

The armor set requires the "Advanced Armors" perk to craft, and has equivalent crafting material requirements to Steel Plate armor.
enilno[ITA] 7月1日 5時29分 
Druz is right
AOD_Druzbez 6月30日 12時07分 
@Nuustik No, it does not say that anywhere in the description. I have read it over 4 times.
♒Nuustik♒ 6月28日 8時00分 
@Druzbez. Read the whole thing you moron!!! The armor set requires the "Advanced Armors" perk to craft, and has equivalent crafting material requirements to Steel Plate armor.
AOD_Druzbez 6月26日 19時16分 
How do you GET THE ARMOR INGAME!? Seriously, a billion people have asked this same questions in these comments, receiving no answer.
MealyDucard 6月21日 6時15分 
These look excellent.
Onyxbrent117 6月15日 13時12分 
the vanguard helemt closed eveytime i put it on it goes to the canguard helmet none closed fix it
RadioPump 6月12日 17時43分 
the helmets are both invisable when i put them on my hair disappears and no helmet appears. It is there, it says it is equipped and it gives me the armor and health increase, but i can't see it. The rest of the armor works fine.
-Guss- 5月17日 1時35分 
how to get it I ?!
WARpaint Hammer 5月15日 20時56分 
should really add where it is in your packs
Mr. Platinum 5月13日 15時54分 
i have downloaded the armor but where do i find it in the crafting menu?
JromeNickelback 4月24日 18時34分 
nvm, but is there a way to keep it closed without have to get into combat stance?
JromeNickelback 4月24日 18時30分 
why does my closed version of the helmet open?
Cry-OF-FeaR 4月21日 22時03分 
can u plz make a cape mod or a mod were u use pelts for capes plz cause i got a dwarf playable race mod and dwarfs look awesome with capes
oli.t678 4月21日 16時09分 
the armor and helmet look the same as steel plate helmet and armor in inventory
VC | KROSIS 4月17日 12時31分 
Does the helmet (closed) randomly switch to the open version for anyone else?
BeastlyCC 4月8日 15時26分 
I love the cool armor
Alpha_516 4月2日 17時14分 
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░
Doc Finkleton 3月9日 20時29分 
LouTheLoo 3月1日 11時50分 
Great modder, everything works great. Cool armors to add to the collection!
ElSteako 2月28日 20時22分 
i open skyrim and it just won't download this it sits there telling me it is downloading the vanguard armor but nothing happens
Red Spartan 2月19日 12時21分 
yaaaaaaaaaaaaay awsome armor
|₱₱| Snarken 2月9日 12時45分 
I hate when authors put so much work into putting every detail they can to create amazing armour mods... then they don't take the time to put in custom icons (not sure which word to use...). Kind of bummed me out that you didn't put them in, but it's still great armor.
Aerodores 2月7日 20時03分 
the armor seems to be a mixture of the studded armor chest part,banded iron shoulder pads and the fur armor top part the rest is custom made
Shy Guy(5) 2月4日 13時59分 
I know how to close the maske but how do I keep it closed, or does it not work like that.