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Elmer J-Fapp. 8月23日 8時41分 
guys... he isnt a male or female, vale confirmed it: 'this was also added as to the little nod that the pyro has no real gender'. so stop saying all your fucking game theory bullshit and GIRL bullshit and fuck off kindly.
Ai Cops not Bots 8月14日 23時17分 
Pyro is a male that Likes oher males Ever looked at the Fingers And Look at yours!!!! your ae long then you are a mans man
ZombieZMan 7月20日 12時57分 
guy it a gay male look up game theory
The SandMan 6月24日 21時09分 
TheBloodyViking 1月29日 20時13分 
Valve will not add this, maybe after they say WHAT pyro is...
★GeneralDonuts★ 1月25日 12時29分 
I think pyro isn't a human at all.
Rattius 2013年12月11日 14時26分 
lamar245 2013年11月23日 14時07分 
can someone make a download link for this?
Wolver 2013年11月14日 15時25分 
i Just think the pyro is insane.
Richard Cheese 2013年11月11日 15時45分 
the pyro is a trannie dude. so not a girl, just a homosexual.
Dr.Viktor Liechtenstein 2013年10月27日 12時50分 
Everybody who says pyro is a homosexual male, because Game teory said it, they are WRONG, IT'S JUST A THEORY. A GAME THEORY. Pyro is probably Abe Lincoln, people thought he was assasinated, but he just put a double on his seat. Personally i think pyro is Bill Cosby or a black, chubby, brittish male that killed the Queen ,because she stole his donut, And he replaced her with a robot.
Mustache Mann 2013年9月21日 10時38分 
really Johnny? a ghost, im not sure a ghost posessed this suit, but i do like where you are going with
Yakuza Merkitzi 2013年9月5日 0時09分 
@La Pyro,

Eww. Green and Pink Hair is Just Horrible. what about the mask was paintable instead?
Petey the pyro 2013年8月16日 9時41分 
Game theory proved pyro as a homo guy. in related news: MAKE THE HAIR PAINTABLE.
Shady Dr. Dementia 2013年8月5日 22時09分 
I kinda also thnk of pyro as a spirit that used this suit as it's body.
FlyingF1sh 2013年7月14日 21時37分 
how dare this man attempt to give pyro an identity
Johnnykun(cleaning friends list) 2013年7月7日 18時24分 
pyro is a ghost that posessed a suit
Atomic Spy Crab 2013年7月6日 13時40分 
Pyro is an Undead King from the 11th century
Sir JPM "Crocodile" Rocks 2013年7月3日 7時11分 
As long as Valve edits the head, I'm game.
Mr. Dr. Pyro 2013年6月30日 22時45分 
i like to keep the mystery to the pyro
Chainsaw Joe's discount surgery 2013年6月29日 22時05分 
i don't think they would ad this the mystery of whats behaind that mask is a key selling point, even if his face is not visible it ruins the mystery
Fifty_Bit 2013年6月29日 6時12分 
Trop cool !
Alucard Jensen 2013年6月25日 20時02分 
Scientifically, the Pyro is a homosexual male.
Has the stature of a male, like the shoulder to height ratio, and his index and ring fingers are the same length, a trait of female and homosexual males.
Seryoga 2013年6月23日 6時57分 
Author, can you take off the mask pyro in some style? This job want all players and i.
husarz2011 2013年6月21日 7時13分 
cool item
-{LAL}- Rayven71 2013年6月11日 14時07分 
The pyro isnt a guy or a girl....the pyros gender is "Pyro"
danger the demo pirate 2013年4月19日 14時01分 
you should do 2 style girl or boy because of those fags who says the pyro is a friggin woman
Floyd 2013年4月4日 21時02分 
It's considerably distrubing seeing the Pyro clean shaven and relatively unmarken somehow, side of the head sure, but still!
Seryoga 2013年3月26日 7時32分 
YEA!YES!This item is very very good because this is the secret of female o male pyro.This thing must use in TF2. Thanks author.
subata 2013年1月21日 20時52分 
needs a ponytail to make it ambiguous since both guys and girls can have ponytails.
Frosty :3 2013年1月12日 1時18分 
Valve accepts all of his workshop items, except for this. Well, Valve wanted to keep the pyro an
Nightstalker 2013年1月7日 5時44分 
Pyro is a girl! ( Rules? What's that word? )
kritops 2013年1月4日 19時49分 
Poopy joe thaths true true!
Poopy Joe 2013年1月2日 19時27分 
First oof all, valve would NOT add this because they want to keep the sercret of the pyro alive.
Tombstone Jack 2012年12月27日 22時40分 
we dont know if the pyro is human so I dont see this hat working to well
Vladimir H.M. Rasponov 2012年12月27日 2時44分 
@dorkara so? i got the same purse in my jacket but that doesn't make me a female und i sometimes like to listen to music like that song they played in meet the pyro, again, that doesn't make me a female now does it?
ike 2012年11月1日 23時16分 
dorkara, there have also been alot of hints to HIS masculitnity. the whiskered gentleman, because what female wants facial hair? and you'd think all that asbestos exposure would make him goe insane and allucinate. and who ever said the pyro is YOUNG? first off that doesnt make sense, because anyone under 18 cant participate in warfare. the feminine references are a joke on you being dumbfucks thinking he's a girl. seriously, get the fuck out you fantasizing faggots.
Moonstrider 2012年10月13日 20時06分 
>Make a second girl style
>Everybody happy
Right behind you 2012年10月10日 11時27分 
@ [awesome guyz] xxdorkaraxx u failed u didnt hear scout right scout says he
Dorkara 2012年10月10日 8時46分 
OK, let us get aur story straight with Pyro, Male or Female? Well, let's start with somthing everyone can see! in some maps, there is like acoat hanger with some classes stuff, near the Pyro's stuff, is a small, pink, purse with a flower on it, now let's get to a hidden thing, if you go to the Meet The Pyro short, turn on the closed captions, go to the interview part, the Scout says "He's not here is she?" also, Valve makes all they're music, why would they add "Do You Belive In Magic?" because in the song it says "Do you belive in magic? In a YOUNG GIRL'S heart?" Just some suggestions that the pyro is a girl.
Stray Sheep 2012年10月7日 21時18分 
Considering the crossover with killing floor, and one of the insults that can actually be made out from Pyro's speech in TF2, he is most certainly a British Male. Hooray for being late to the party. :D
Blind Kung-Fu Master Slag 2012年10月4日 17時32分 
I hope this gets in the game.
subata 2012年9月23日 18時52分 
it's face is still covered... so it's gender would still not be known since women can have short hair too.
Grawgs 2012年9月15日 19時17分 
well, if they're going for ethnic backgrounds for the classes, maybe pyro IS mexican, or at least hispanic. Could explain his makeshift flamethrower... I don't think valve will ever declare pyro's gender, but this would be a cool addition.
Matt the Pyro 2012年9月14日 17時44分 
Holiday Hobo 2012年9月10日 19時13分 
=Ƥβ= LittleRawr 2012年9月9日 14時08分 
pyro is a girl almost positive
Freeman 1177 2012年8月24日 19時16分 
look goOd with helmet WANT NOW
R.D.C|Pyro|Soldat 2012年7月18日 16時48分 
Deaf Tomato 2012年7月13日 0時39分 
i think u shouldn't have part of the actual head cuz remember, the pyro is a mystery