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meme | 29 май в 3:43 
how about no
The Goyim Know 6 февруари в 8:30 
Pyro is a male. It has been confirmed from the comics
MR. Camel butter 11 май 2016 в 3:05 
just so you know the point of pyro is to not to show hes/her/thats gender
Gecko 10 май 2016 в 19:22 
Thankfully, we all know that Valve would never accept this. So y'all can sleep easy knowing that this won't be accepted.
lazybeat | 10 май 2016 в 17:47 
would love this simply because it reminds me of paul grey
DangerousArmyGuy 10 май 2016 в 15:20 
Can you make an alt style based of the unmasked Pyro model if possible? Cause I think that would be nice to include that as well here. Here's the link to a good hex I found if you need references.
albert 10 май 2016 в 6:47 
Cool you have my sold.
Don't listen to those people who cry about pyro's mysterious side.
Valve did not made this item someone else envisioned how the pyro would look. not valve itself.
This has my steam wallet.
Saxtoni 10 май 2016 в 1:37 
Holy shit this is cool
No pun intended
Dominic 9 май 2016 в 15:11 
To be honest this is very good. I mean look at the look of the head behind the mask it looks like it could really be a character from team fortress 2. That or tim allen is behind that mask.
Doug the Subway Fugitive 9 май 2016 в 13:28 
monkeybut2020 9 май 2016 в 2:36 
yes add this
monkeybut2020 9 май 2016 в 2:36 
█▄░▄█░█▀▀░█▀▀▀░ █▀█
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█░ █▀█
█░ Valve ░░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ Me One ░░█'
monkeybut2020 9 май 2016 в 2:35 
yes add this
Count Succulus 8 май 2016 в 17:52 
I think part of pyro's appeal is the mystery of his character, having detail about the man behind the mask just doesn't fit IMO. Gotta say no on this one.
Buck 8 май 2016 в 17:42 
I dont give two shits if you think pyro's got a dick or not, but you have to admit that this is one of the finest pyro masks made on here. It bothers me that people are downvoting such a great item when theres alot more shitty garbage on this workshop. Just a thought.
MaskMaster 8 май 2016 в 6:33 
Perhaps longer hair to make it more ambiguous what the pyro's gender is.
jehperu 8 май 2016 в 5:26 
its cool but thats not gonna get in the game at all
Meta Breakers 8 май 2016 в 1:29 
Holy yes! Closure!
Testsubject276 7 май 2016 в 18:45 
@Nickle There's a lot of shit in the workshop that has never been taken down, maybe this will remain on the pile, who knows, only Gaben does.
snooZ 7 май 2016 в 17:16 
ya i agry with nickle it will never make it into the game
snooZ 7 май 2016 в 17:14 
its obvies this wont get added because it shows the pyros identety
Cold Porridge 7 май 2016 в 14:31 
B u d d y 7 май 2016 в 14:19 
@Nickle that makes no sense
Spinnzai 7 май 2016 в 14:07 
I recommend you take this off the workshop, not that its bad but because there isnt a chance this will get in the game.
HikoKuzu 7 май 2016 в 13:41 
Markus_McCloud 7 май 2016 в 13:28 
I doubt they'll release this... Valve seems pretty intent to keep the Pyro's gender ambiguous as long as possible.
Retro Rendition 7 май 2016 в 12:41 
Still see them as a male. Maybe they are a herm? Both Genders :D
Ankha 7 май 2016 в 11:55 
hey pootis, teufort invasion was a fan made map, and anyway there is way more evidence that pyro is a girl ;)
TheKingOfHyrule 7 май 2016 в 11:35 
there should be a second style where it gives him/her female hair
Nomiz 7 май 2016 в 11:20 
Please make it so that you can change between female and male head :D
Retro Rendition 7 май 2016 в 8:58 
It was already shown that Pyro is a male. In the tf2 teufort invasion map, there is an x-ray of his skull. I took the image, cross-referenced several x-rays of male skulls, then with female skulls, and found it to be a male's skull.
Itsuki 7 май 2016 в 8:44 
as well-made as this is, I don't think Valve will add this due to it removing the ambiguity of Pyro's identity
Nub1c 7 май 2016 в 6:30 
Would ruin the mystery of pyro,its really good,but no
moderndemon84 7 май 2016 в 3:17 
Justice Jiggler 7 май 2016 в 1:27 
NO this is not a good idea i can't stand this i never wanted to see pyros head at all i loved the mystery to him i don't want this besides no facial features made the pyro look cute? like a puppy not the cute person thing but anyway JUST NO i will be devastated if this was put in, we do get ones that are like scary monster themed things but those are just for fun this one will create a real personality to him and i can't have that. Good idea but too far sorry.
V@nkor 7 май 2016 в 0:49 
10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
twtch 7 май 2016 в 0:31 
why do people say pyro is a transgender? dream on also its voice is too deep to be female
Maximuffin2 6 май 2016 в 16:54 
I always thought of pyro as a Central American.
Maximuffin2 6 май 2016 в 16:53 
kindof ruins the imagination eh?
Yasuri 6 май 2016 в 12:17 
Its a good idea with the hair it goes well with the pyro but i think this should not added (sorry :/ )
but its a funny mystery what pyro is (maby a alien or a zombie ) so in my opinion we can´t add a cosmetic where we see something about pyros face.
YES. 9 февруари 2016 в 14:10 
Pyro is a male, valve is just a bunch a dicks that like to troll.
If i could go back in time, i would kill everyone who questioned pyro's gender, and see if valve would actually be sane.
HugglesGamerGirl IS A SPY! 5 февруари 2016 в 21:38 
if this is getting added i will feel all all meh female powers will slide out ;-;
TotallyGnarGnar 21 януари 2016 в 20:45 
Listen. This will never be added. Look at the comments. This will cause the ongoing argument of who the pyro is into a whole new level. Everytime this hat is worn, an arguement will start. Tf2 will become one massive caps lock festival of hate. This hat could titerally kill Tf2. Besieds, it looks like the sims.
Zer0_ 31 декември 2015 в 16:32 
all you people saying "pyro is a girl" this mask can be gender friendly have you never seen a girl with short hair before?
m_zzy 2 април 2015 в 17:10 
Pyro is a tranny.
FerretFerret 14 ноември 2014 в 14:09 
Commendable work on the hair.. unfortunately will prolly go unadded. Volvo pls
Folly Moon 11 ноември 2014 в 17:02 
This is never getting added

Your effort is in vain.
PyBroBot 10 ноември 2014 в 19:22 
Hey, P®OOf? Pyro is a girl. :D
DEWG Gaming 10 ноември 2014 в 8:39 
Are you my Mummy?
necromancy? you mean recycling 7 ноември 2014 в 15:04 
Make it a mod.